Author's Note: So I was looking through my old writing and found this piece which I thought was decent. If you are confused by this, well, this is an experiment in abstractness and arbitrariness. So, does this story actually mean anything? Well, do you want it to mean anything?

Red dress. Black shoes. I always remember her when I see those objects. Either one causes my tears to run. Both of them put together destroys me. Why must I mourn her here? I do not know. The lines have been drawn and the tables have turned… forever. But somehow…

Her golden hair shone like the very sun. Her smile painted my heart into a tangled bloody mess. Leaves were falling from the trees. The day was quickly turning into a dreamy nightmare. The blood-stained ground where our enemies lay was burning with an intense hatred. Her red dress. The sun was dead. The wind was howling. The murderous black clouds boiled and churned, promising acidic burning rain.

"Who are you?"

"Julia. Do you not know me?"

Julia. Her name was Julia. She was the key to my darkest heart. I said that I did not.

"Julia the Black Death. Do you not know me?"

The faintest hint of fear. The wind was screaming for me to flee. My mind was frozen. My heart was dead. I smiled. She opened her mouth.

"I like the way you all scream."

The darkness gathered around her and enshrouded her in its blackened folds. The colour drained from her hair as the shadows swirled and danced and howled. Her black shoes. The rain started pouring. It felt warm to the touch. My smile did not falter.

"Scream for me."

The shadows could not touch me. I laughed. The caress of the darkness was ecstatic. My heart was one with the darkness. Her eyes grew wide with disbelief. I howled with laughter.

"Scream with me, Julia."

And the greater darkness embraced both of us, plunging us both into the seas of agony. I laughed inside the pain. Julia screamed. I screamed. I loved to hear her scream. Forlorn, lost to the wailing sirens. Dashed against the rocks of loneliness. Sunk into the sea of nothingness.

"That which does not kill makes you stronger, Julia."

Her eyes closed. I laughed. She was not dead, I knew. She will never die. Not when I'm here with her.

We first made love beneath a black sky. The dreams of a thousand dead souls lay shattered beneath our bodies as she took my lips onto her own. She called me the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. The darkness playfully caressed our skin as the wind howled.

"I want all this to end, Julia."

"We can never leave here."

"They are not real."

"Are you real?"

Was I real? I could not answer. This is my world. This is my reality. I am goddess here. No, this is not real. Neither am I. Nothing matters. Nothing is real.

"Where are you from, Julia?"

The blackened landscape disappeared to be replaced by an endless barren field, as if in answer. The ground flooded with water as we floated above and landed on a glass bridge in the azureness of the endless horizon.

"You are the keeper of the Grand Denial." she said.

"Who are you, Julia?"

Her lips were on mine. I could not change her with my thoughts. No, I thought, she is real. I am merely a daemon.

"Do you have a mirror, sweetheart?" she said.

One appeared before us, and I gasped.

"Who am I, Julia?"

"Julia." she said.

And in my vision there were two Julias.

"I am the part of you that you've always denied, Julia." she said.

I did not understand, so I silenced her with my lips.

The days became weeks and the weeks into eternities of war and adventure and degradation and my endless screams as we gave ourselves completely to the void beyond, buying a single one-way-ticket. A thousand regrets, but only one Julia.

"Only one of us can leave, Julia." she said.

"I don't want to leave."

"I must leave, either way." she said.

"Scream for me, Julia." I said.

"No, scream for me, Julia." she replied.

And so she silenced me with her lips. Then she silenced me with her hands. I laid still and let her take the breath from my body. I smiled. Red dress. Black shoes.

I let my eyes drift close.

"Live for me, Julia." she sobbed, as she cried tears of sorrow and bliss.

I love you. You love me. I love me. You love you.

I nodded.