Count on my fingers

Count on you

My misery lingers

Martyr a fool

Bet on humanity

(Or just one human)

I'm losing my sanity

Character unproven

Down to the bone

It pulses and aches

Perched on a throne

Smile so fake

Cheeks flushed

Teeth parting the lips

Our time so rushed

Melancholy quips

My desire mislaid

A trembling pain

My heart measured and weighed

A terrible game

With a handshake and hug

The glass breaks

My hand throbs with blood

My essence quakes

Cold now

Blood dripping thin

Wondering how

Corrupted with sin

My only recourse

Swallow my fear

Only One without remorse

Intentions so clear

As in the Cask

Buried alive

Stripped of his mask

Difficult to connive

Wander away

The mind miles gone

Now without delay

Rush, rush alone