Tash is getting married today.

The day has come at last,

Tash will marry the love of her life

at the Botanic Gardens

with family and friends present at two.

Alas, the forecast is for rain and a possible thunderstorm.

The guests are all praying for the weather to hold for a little longer,

Has the minister spoken with his boss, for a little extra clout?

Those clouds just keep rolling in as the day progresses.

The men are assembled, the guests filter in

Eyes constantly looking skyward, a little extra prayer

Let it wait a little while longer. Tash is getting married today.

Its two o'clock the guests are watching the sky, fingers crossed,

Jeremy eagerly waits; no matter what he will marry Tash today.

The bridal party comes into view a small splatter hits his face,

She reaches him with a moment or two to spare

A lightning flash, then thunderous clap, followed by the rain,

The minister, attempting to conduct the ceremony, throughout.

The ceremony over, memories to cherish, what a story to tell

Tash got married, and got a thunderstorm as well.