Meet sassy Cinderella Evans: she was living every little girl dreams- a princess with a gorgeous prince boyfriend and a huge castle. After her years of hell with her evil stepmother and stepsisters, she definitely deserved it more than anyone. Her life was perfect, but then why wasn't she feeling satisfied? And why does she keep thinking about that arrogant pig, Kyle Langland?
Prince Charming, aka Charles Remington the III. He seems to be perfect on the outside, but he has a secret. With his oldest rival living in close quarters with him as his servant, Charles has to be very careful where he steps. One wrong move, and BOOM! Someone might find out something not made for their ears.
Enter Kyle Langland- After pulling a prank gone wrong, his parents decide that it is about time he learns humility and ships him off to another kingdom, where he's demoted to the insignificant job of servant to the Royal Family of Ever After. He has to wait on the prince, who also happens to be his mortal enemy. For three months, he lives his miserable life quietly, so that he can go home sooner. Everything is going fine until he meets the prince's girlfriend. Cinderella Evans is the quirkiest, most irritating girl he has ever met, but why does her face keep plaguing his thoughts?

Three Months Earlier...

"OH SHIT! RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!" Five pairs of footsteps pound on the pavement, escaping from the scene.

After fifteen minutes of sprinting, the boys stop to catch their breath. They look at each other and burst into laughter, reminiscing over their newest and most risqué prank ever. Loud wheezing sounds are heard in between the bouts of their loud chuckling.

"Man, that was CRAZY!" Julian yells.

"Dude we are SO gonnna get in trouble. I'm totally going to jail! OH MY GOD WHAT DID WE DO!?" Arthur exclaims frantically.

"Calm down, A" I say calmly. "It doesn't matter, I mean really they can't actually do anything to us. Our parents just have to throw some money at whatever and we'll be fine." A tinge of bitterness creeps into my voice as I say this, and all the boys seem to notive it too, because suddenly the atomsphere doesn't feel as exuberant as it was before.

"Hey guys, let's just take a moment and appreciate the look on the dickhead's face though! Really, it was SO worth it. Best idea yet!" Alec cheers, trying to lighten the mood. "

"Hey, he deserved it. The assface should just be happy that we didn't attack him or anything." Bruce comments casually.

My friends and I are pretty much the bane of our parents' existence- from getting kicked out of schools, torching some places, graffiti-ing places everywhere, I guess you could call us the "troublemakers." The regularitey and normality of our privileged lifestyles bored all of us, and we had to do these pranks to save ourselvves from going insane. Let me introduce my friends, and I think you'll get a better idea of what I mean.

Well there's brother from another mother, Julian Harving. Son of a wealthy business man, Julian and I have been best friends since second grade, when I helped him win over his little crush. Yep, Julian was the ladies' man

Then there was Matteo, our brute force. He was built like a freight train, with unswerving loyalty to our group. He'd gladly beat up anyone who messed with him, his family or his friends. Son of the military general, he had plenty of resources and knowledge on how to inflict the most pain without killing someone.

Matteo's younger brother, Arthur, was the runt of our group. He was small and skinny compared to the rest of us, but he was the kindest and most down to earth. He would bring us back to reality whenever our schemes got too crazy or wild. He was also gay, but Mateo was ready to attack any person who had something mean to say about his li'l bro.

The goofy one was Alec. He was always cracking jokes and making us laugh. With Alec around, we were guaranteed a fun time. His parents both worked but he was pretty well off.

Finally, there's me. Not gonna lie, I pretty much have it all: My looks cause girls to swarm me effortlessly, my natural charisma just generally makes people like me, and my fantastic leadership skills allow me to create this unbreakable bond between my friends and I and we're pretty much brothers. Ok, I know I sound pretty arrogant, but it's the truth. The fact that I'm the crown prince of Masalia probably doesn't hurt 's only been one time where I've been challenged for my position as the undisputed chief, but we've dealt with it.

Speaking of royalty, my phone rings and the Queen's name flashes across the screen.

"'Sup, Mom?" I greet her casually.

"Kyle Andrew Brandon Horacio Langley! GET YOUR SKINNY JEAN CLAD BUTT HOME RIGHT NOW! YOU ARE IN SOO MUCH TROUBLE! How could you do that? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH DAMAGE CONTROL-" She continues to scream at me. I wince and hold the phone away from my ears.

I look up into the sympathetic faces of my friends.

"The Queen?" They ask understandingly

"The Queen. " I respond with a grimace on my face. I put the phone back up to my ear.

"-our reputation is RUINED, you hear?" My mom is still ranting before I cut in and say, " Got it, I'm coming, I'm coming!" When I hang up the phone, she's still yelling at me. I bid my friends goodbye, jump into my Maserati, and put the pedal to the medal. Hopefully the old woman will forgive me easier if I get there quicker.

When I arrive at the palace, I sprint up to the door. Gerard, our butler and Head of Household, answers the door.l ask, "How is she, G? " His expression says it all, and my stomach sinks. Resigned, I make my way to the Great Hall, where I know she will most likely be.

Upon hearing my footsteps, she whirls around and freezes me in place with her Death Glare.

"HOW COULD YOU? Do you REALIZE what you have DONE? You, my impulsive, dense, son have completely RUINED our country's relationship with Ever After! What to do, what to do?" She mutters as she paces the room worriedly. I try to use her distractedness to my advantage and creep out of the room. Fast as lightning, her arm whips out and graps me by the collar, and her steel grip holds me in place.

Ouch, I think, I bet she was a WWF superwrestler in a past life.

Standing there, awaiting my punishment like a guilty convict, makes me wish the ground would just open up and swallow me whole. Anything is better than lifting my head and seeing the anger blazing through my mother's eyes, coupled with the disappointment of her failure of a son.

"It's time you learned humility, and your father and I have decided that you must go apologize to poor Charlie and his car that you rudely defaced with your crude drawings of male genitalia everywhere."

Well, that doesn't sound so bad. I again attempt to sneak out while she's taking a breath.

"NOT SO FAST MISTER SNEAKY VANDAL GRAFFITI ARTIST PYRO PANTS! You're not getting off that easy this time! After apologizing, we've also decided to send you to work in the Palace of Ever After, and you are to be Charlie's servant, available at his every beck and call. "

I stare at her dumbly for a few seconds, uncomprehending. Me? Work? The most labor I've ever done was thinking up ways to piss of people and how to get girls. I don't even know how to boil water! I wait for her to crack up, telling me it was just a joke, but nope, her face is completely straight and serious as ever.

"You want me," I point to myself, "To work as a servant for the one person I hate more than anyone in this entire universe, until I 'learn humility'? Can't I do ANYTHING ELSE? I'd rather lick the bottom of my foot, or even drink the dirty cleaning water that the maids leave from their cleaning."

The Queen's expression remains firm and stoic.

Oh shit... I think.

And that, my friends, was how my previously fabulous life ended and how I found myself being the slave to my mortal enemy, Charles Remington the III.