Cinderella Evans

Brown. That's all I could see after I lifted my head up.

I was paralyzed; those chocolate orbs held me in place and made me feel like I was melting. And when I saw the face and body connected to those eyes, I knew I was screwed.

Until he opened his stupid perfect mouth.

"Um, can you move? I've got things to see and people to do." He glanced down at me disgustedly, as if the fact that someone like me was staring at him was creeping him out.

I crinkled my brow in confusion.

"Don't you mean things to do, and people to see?" I corrected.

He simply smirked at me and said, "No, I meant what I said."

Flabbergasted, I could only gape at him.

"But yea, could you move? I'm busy, and your body is blocking my way. I know I'm gorgeous, but please save your staring for another time."

Hearing his arrogant pour out snapped me out of my shock.

"Don't you have any manners, you chauvinistic pig?" I retorted.

"Not really, and especially not to anyone as unimportant as you. You know, you're a little overdressed for a servant." He said, noting my appearance.

This daft asshole actually thought I worked here. As if I wasn't worthy enough to be dining with the King and Queen. As if the hard work I had put into looking like a princess was for nothing. To top the metaphorical crap sundae, he had to look so hot, even in his uniform, and looking like royalty.

Where is the fairness in this cruel world?

Right as I was about to retort with a scathing remark, my boyfriend came up behind me and rested his hand against my waist.

"Hey, is something going on here? Kyle, what did you do?"

I turned around and replied, "This asshole, Kyle, has absolutely zero manners. I recommend you get rid of him. Or make him work in the dungeons, or the toilets or something."

"HEY! I'm right here! You're no pleasure either, Miss Princess. I can't believe I have to be stuck breathing the same air as you. I hope I don't breathe in too much of your blondeness. Does stupidity spread?" Then, he turned to Charles, "'cause I think it's contagious. Why else would you date this airhead?"

At this point, I was reminded of how much a gentleman Charles really was.

"NO ONE insults her in front of me and gets away with it! She's perfect, beautiful, kind, funny and 100 times the person you'll ever be, Kyle."

Can I just say, squeeee! What girl wouldn't want to hear her handsome boyfriend standing up for her, while also paying her compliments?

"Whatever. Spare me the lecture of my flaws, would you? Cut the crap, you're not my mother, stop trying to talk to me about good character and politeness and shit." Kyle, or, as I'd just decided to call him, Satan's child, rolled his eyes and stalked away.

I turned towards Charles.

"No, seriously, can't you fire him?"

"Sorry, Cinderella, but Kyle's situation is a little bit more complicated than that."

Hmm….what was he hiding? I kept this tidbit of information tucked into the back of my mind. I knew that even if I pestered him forever, my honorable prince would never give up a secret, no matter whose secret it was.

"Well, then can you force him to plunge the toilets?" I grinned cheekily.

Kyle Langdon

What an annoying person. True, she's not exactly what I pictured, but she's still annoying.

Cute, but annoying.

I had a very important date with this super hot maid who I had been flirting with for the past few weeks. I knew Priscilla would get mad if I was late, and then I probably wouldn't get laid.

Ugh, this stupid new princess chick is ruining my life already.

I ran out the palace and caught a cab. As I was riding, I thought back to what just happened.

I can't believe I thought that girl was kinda cute too. That was a lapse of mental judgment on my part.

She was so annoying! All, "Hmph! Make him go clean the toilets!"

As if that would ever happen. Even though I was sent here on punishment, to make up for what I did to Charles' car, his family was so damn nice and careful about not further ruining the relationship between our two kingdoms.

Lucky for me, they didn't know my mom well enough to know that if they sentenced to some disgusting job, not only would she be okay with it, but she would probably also be encouraging them. Scratch that, I know she would be the one to make the mess even bigger.

Just as I was thinking about messes, my phone buzzed and I saw the name "Priscilla" printed across the screen. Great, now I had to clean up another one.

"Hey baby," I greeted her happily, while thinking about ways to calm down the volcano that I knew was about to erupt.

"DON'T YOU 'hey baby' ME! YOU ARE 15 MINUTES LATE! I get all dolled up, waiting for you at the restaurant, and now I look like such a loser! The waitress actually asked me, 'Are you sure you need a table for two?' YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE IN THE NEXT TWO SECONDS OR WE'RE DONE!" She screamed.

I actually wouldn't really mind breaking up with the drama queen. Yeah, she was hot, but the girl had more issues than Vogue. But if I did break up with her, then I wouldn't get laid. Well, actually, I probably could find some random chick in a bar, but that would take effort and I was feeling pretty lazy.

I get the irony, really, I do.

"Yea, I know, I'm sorry. It's just that the prince's girlfriend came today, and you know how busy it was. Then I ran into a little trouble but it's fine. I swear I'll be there soon. Look, I can see the restaurant already."

I snapped my phone shut and spotted the she-witch- I mean, my hot and loving girlfriend- stand up and storm over to the entrance of the building.

Before she could say anything though, I flashed her one of my smiles. This one showed repentance for my deeply unforgivable actions and how it would never happen again.

It worked like a charm. I knew it would. Girls are attracted to me like fat kids are attracted to cake. It's simply a law of the universe.

Anyways, she melted under one quick grin, and although she tried to stay mad, she couldn't. Who could?

We had dinner, she told me about how her day was, how some bitchy girl was insulted her and called her "fake" or something, and blah blah blah.

I was paying attention! Honestly! Well, paying attention to her boobs. Those puppies were huge. I wondered whether or not that "bitchy" girl she was talking about was actually that far off the mark.

Told you I was paying attention.

Being the gentleman that I am, I paid for dinner and brought her back to my room, which also happened to be in the Palace. Priscilla knew I was a servant, but it seemed like nothing could deter her from getting to me. Really, what can I say? It's not my fault I was the winner of the gene pool and knew all the tricks to women.

Right before I pulled Priscilla into the room, I looked up and saw a familiar pair of shocked, ocean blue eyes staring across the hall. I glared at her, and focused all my attention on the desperate chick who was trying to suck my face off.

Right before I slipped in, however, I saw a familiar pair of piercing blue eyes, gazing at me in shock as I succumbed to a night of wild fantasy.

Charles Remington the III

As I walked you upstairs, he was all you were talking about. Well, I wasn't too worried because you were describing ways you wanted to choke him or how disgusted you were by his "manwhore" ways.

However, I did start to worry when, after walking for 15 minutes, you were still cursing him out.

"…That filthy does he think he is, the Queen? And then basically having sex with that girl? Men are so disgusting!"

"Then what am I?" I asked, somewhat offended, "Anyways, I think that what he does on his time is his own business. Why do you care so much?"

"Sweetie, I didn't mean you. I don't know why I care, I think it's just me being petty, hating everything he does. You're right, it really isn't any of my business. Since when did you get so smart?" You teased, immediately lightening the mood.

"It was always there, you just needed to spend more time with me. I'm like an onion, I have layers." I winked, thankful for the change in topic. You stared at me, wide-eyed.

"Did you just quote Shrek?" You asked incredulously, trying to keep a straight face.

I grinned, "Yep. Shrek was one of my favorite movies. See? You just uncovered another one of my layers."

By this time, we were at your door, and I was about to say goodnight.

We leaned towards each other, foreheads touching. Long kiss short, it was an amazing kiss.

When we were done, you whispered to me, "I can't wait to discover all these incredible layers, Onion Boy. You'd better not start smelling like one though, or else I'd have to stop kissing you."

I smiled, loving the way that you subtly promised you would stay with me for a while.

"Done. Good night, my princess. Sweet dreams." We kissed once more, and then you slipped inside and shut the door.

However, even as I walked down the corridor, replaying our conversation from before, I could not help but feel slightly unsettled when I thought about how long Kyle had been the topic.

Keira Hughes

I saw Cinderella come into her room.

"Well? How was it? How were the parents?" I asked even though I already knew the answer.

"They were so nice! They accepted me just like I was their family!" I tried to ignore the pang of jealousy that shot through me.

"Did he give you a goodnight kiss?" Am I purposefully trying to hurt myself?

"YES! Oh, it was so perfect! How is it possible for one person to be so happy?" She asked, her eyes bright with excitement.

"Oh, wait, no. I met someone extremely unpleasant today. Ignore what I just said, he's going to be the root of all my problems, the bane of my existence, and the enemy of my life!" She said dramatically, with more than a slight tinge of anger to her voice.

"Damn girl, who is this mysterious boy and more importantly, is he hot?" I said slyly, glad to change the topic.

Her face twisted.

"Ugh, his name is Kyle and he is a disgusting pig. He does have nice eyes, and a nice-okay, more than nice- outside, but he is rude, chauvinistic, and I can't even stand him. To top it off, I only met him for like ten minutes!"

I giggled. Even though she said she disliked him, I could tell that underneath all that anger was fiery passion. Not the bad kind, either.

Or that was just my wishful thinking.

However, something was nagging at me. I thought back to my best friend's sentence, and my eyes suddenly widened.

"Did you just say Kyle?" Please say no, please say no, I begged internally.

"Yea, why? Do you know him or something?" She looked at me suspiciously.

"Oh, never mind, it's nothing." I said airily, trying to brush it off while freaking out on the inside.

Cinderella shot me a weird look before she decided to drop it.

"Okay, well, I'm gonna go to bed now."

As she walked into the spacious bathroom, I had a panic attack.

It can be the same Kyle right? I mean, they hate each other! Why would he be living here? But then, how many Kyles does Charlie know anyways?

Cinderella walked back out, wiping her face on a towel. I immediately rearranged my face into a straight expression so that she wouldn't be able to guess what I was thinking.

She turned off the lights, slipped into her covers, and fell asleep within a matter of minutes.

I, being already dead, didn't have to sleep, so I stayed up, pondering over these new upsetting pieces of information I had just learned.

Three children chased each other happily in the backyard.

"Tag! You're it!" The blond haired boy yelled as he almost tackled the young girl. Even in her early years, it was obvious that she would be a stunner when she grew older. Her glossy auburn mane reflected the light of the sun.

She pouted, widening her jade green eyes.

"No fair! You cheated!" She cried, stomping her foot.

The third child, a dark haired boy, ran over to join his male companion.

"NO! Girls are just weaker, and babies, too! Go back to playing with your dolls and princesses! You don't belong here!" He jeered at her.

Her wide eyes filled up with tears. She turned around and fled back into the house, where she sobbed into her mother's warm embrace.

"The boys are being mean again!" She cried. She looked up and saw two other familiar and caring faces peering back at her.

"BOYSSS!" the women yelled, commanding their sons to go back inside. When they arrived, they looked down at the floor in shame.

"What do you have to say to your best friend, boys?"

Ever the rude one, Kyle lifted his chin up defiantly and stated, "She's not my friend; she's a girl! She has cooties!"

Shocked, his mother demanded, "Apologize at once! Your cousin does not have cooties!"

However, while Kyle stubbornly refused, his friend wasn't as rebellious.

"Sorry, Ar. We didn't mean to hurt your feelings," he said sincerely, looking into her eyes. She smiled at him and he blushed, surprised by the brilliance of that smile.

Sensing that he had lost his only comrade against the females, Kyle frowned and turned aroun..

"murghksgsorrysfg"He mumbled.

"What was that, Kyle?" His mother asked, frowning.

"I'm sorry." He spat out.

Hearing the anger in her cousin's voice wiped Ari's smile off her face. Yet, she knew that the crappy apology was the best she was going to get from her hardheaded cousin, so she graciously accepted it.

Within minutes, all three children were running around each other again, their screams of joy filling the air and the spat already forgotten.

Quietly, I left the room with a lingering feeling of nostalgia for days long gone.

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