To what ends will Bipasha go to eradicate the feelings of loneliness she has been plagued with since she started puberty?

Neerav is tired of meeting the wrong girls and has always refused help from Auntie. Will Neerav finally get over his ego and entrust Auntie to find the right girl for him?

What if Auntie already has a girl in mind? Will she be the right one for him?

Read my story to find out. Readers are strongly encouraged to practice discretion. Mature themes may be visited further in my story.

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Author's Note: Hello! I have decided to take part in NaNoWriMo 2013. This is my story for it. I hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 1 – Introduction

She didn't know whether what she was doing was right or wrong but she trusted Auntie to make the right decision for her. All Bipasha wanted to do was to get away from her current life. She needed a break from the incessant nagging of her mother; the unrelenting disturbance from her father and her sister and also; the loneliness that was engulfing her every fucking day. Bipasha may be outgoing, friendly and cheerful but she has always felt lonely and out of place. She never felt like she belonged anywhere. They was never a person she felt comfortable enough with to come out of her shell. Was that her fault? Maybe, maybe not. It's just that she has been brought up with the mind-set that no one can really be trusted. So why was she trusting Auntie now?


Neerav paced the hallway from his bedroom to the living room. Did he really want this? It wasn't that he was doubting Auntie's intentions but was this right for him?

Auntie has never been wrong about things like these, Neerav.

Neerav stopped pacing long enough to grab his smartphone off the mantle on the wall outside his room. Was he sure about this? Should he really do this? Neerav resumed pacing.

Let's just do this. After all, nothing can go wrong right?

If things didn't work out, he could always return to his life here. But Auntie was asking too much.

Three months is a lot of time to dedicate to a stranger…

Taking a deep breath, Neerav dragged his thumb from left to right across Auntie's contact to make the call.

Exhaling hardly, Neerav spoke, "Yeah, hi Auntie. I've thought about it and…I will do it."

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Author's Note: Yes, this is a short chapter. But it is more of an introduction. Please leave some reviews. I need the encouragement.

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