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Family Vacations are a Necessity

Life tends to get in the way of the things we need. Whether it be the car breaking down before a long week of school and tournaments, or the ever day demand of an office, life is constantly throwing punches that make the grind of everyday life a hassle. These problems can cause families to be so consumed with the present, so involved with a plate of daily to-do lists, that it leaves little room for quality time together as a family. In a world with so many constant distractions, people tend to drift apart. A solution would be to break free of the chains of daily life and travel as a family. Family vacations are necessary because they bring people together, create fond memories, and improve health.

Family vacations bring all members of the family together. The entire family piling into a car and driving for hours in a small space creates a forced shared experience. Shared experiences are essential for a close family. For example, last year my family drove to Tennessee to climb a waterfall. We all crammed into the car and sat together for hours and then when that was over, we slept in the same room, we hiked down the same cliff, climbed the same waterfall, and then trekked back up the cliff, climbed back into the car and spent the final night in the same room again. Through that, we relied on each other. I navigated us down the hill, my dad led us to the shallow sides of the river, my sister controlled our pace, and together we each did our part to achieve a common goal. When mom fell, dad caught her. When I slipped, my sister pushed me off, so I landed in the deep part of the water and didn't slam my face into the rocks. We knew we had to band together and trust each other. There were others around us, working for their own goals. Local families of a dozen or more traveled with pizza boxes and picnic baskets used to the rigorous climb, and sat out on the rocky beach, dining together. Other people, older couples, wore heavy duty travel equipment and traveled off the beaten paths. Less experienced families followed us, laughing as they slipped and crawled. All of us, families of different sizes and skill levels trudged to that waterfall, all on our own journeys. That experience was exclusive to us and now we have it forever. That experience brought us all together, and that is why family vacations are necessary.

Family vacations are more than elaborate trips for parents to torture their children, they're a chance to create memories together. While I may remember the grimy parts of family vacations, like how my mother got us involved in a scam in Jamaica or when my dad got drunk on a beach in the Bahamas and kept screaming our names as he ran out into the ocean, falling every time he was hit with a wave, so he could share the wonderful new alcohol he discovered, there are the sweet and tender moments too. There are the sing-alongs in the car, the life talks that I'll never forget, the excitement of feeling sand on my toes or even the way I felt when I first stepped on a glamorous cruise ship. The entire family remembers these things. These experiences were shared between us. We boarded the ship, all of us escaping the pressure of our everyday lives together. I'll never forget swimming with dolphins or my mom's weird announcements before bed. Because of these experiences, we'll have things to look back on when we have our own children. The positive experiences always find a way to outweigh the negative ones. Now I'll be able to tell them that the first time I met my best friend was in a sideways parking lot in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. And even though I cried when she had to leave, I'll never forget how we ran to each other and I spun her around in my arms. In addition, I always forget that we spent hundreds of dollars to get our picture taken with monkeys because, after the disappointment of the company losing our photos and not returning our money, we went down to the beach and got to play with two domestic monkeys, which totally blew the other experience away. Our family vacations are necessary because they create fond memories that we would never have had if not forced to spend time together.

Lastly, family vacations are necessary because they improve your health. A break from the everyday march of life is essential in maintaining a healthy life and lifestyle. "Traveling to a tranquil environment can gradually help your body filter out all the wastes and toxins, and leave you feeling healthy and reinvigorated. (Nichols)" Everyone needs a break and a chance to recharge. My dad works 40+ hours a week and when he finally gets to take his vacations, he takes the chance to relax and spend time with the people he loves the most, his family. We go to the beach and my father, who never drinks, lays out in the sun, and finally gives himself a chance to relax. Family vacations don't have to be sky diving or road trips around the United States. For us, they usually include long days at the beach, soaking in the sun, relaxing, and not worrying about the troubles we've left behind. For me, I usually bring a few books and read on the beach. Being in a new place sparks a new joy. I know that every time our cruise ship would dock in a new place, it was the chance for a new adventure in a place with my family. There's a therapy to being introduced to a new culture and experiencing a new way of life. It allows people to get a larger perspective of life and can make stepping away from work a more humbling experience. Yes, my father works 40+ hours a week, but then he's finally given the chance to be looked after for once. He finally gets the chance to sleep in and not have to worry about there being food on the table. For a few weeks out of the year, my dad gets to simply sit back and let life happen. And the health benefits attached to that are another reason why family vacations are necessary.

Family vacations are a way to escape from the merciless march of everyday life with the people you love most to create uncommon, unique experiences that will last a lifetime. You don't have to go to Disney land, but you do have to spend time together. Not everyone has the time of day to get to know their children but detaching from society together gives them all a chance to communicate. A break from the struggle of everyday life is necessary for everyone, no matter how young or old. A new experience brings joy and allows for a more exciting and relaxing vacation. Family vacations bring people together in the most exciting way possible and allow for a pleasant and relaxing time surrounded by family. Family vacations are necessary because without them, families would have little shared experiences, and in order to be a close family, you have to have shared experiences.

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