The sun shining and birds singing would be what most people would love to experience. However, this is not the case now. Dark storm clouds hang ominously overhead with the random flashing of lightning soon followed by the booming of thunder. The ground would reverberate down below from the loud blasts of thunder causing many a person to jump slightly where they stood. Rain pelted down and soaked everything it fell on. If one did not have anything to protect themselves from the wet weather then they were shortly soaked through.

Down in a street a single lamp burned a dull white light trying to illuminate the darkness surrounding it. An eerie silence permeated the area as a strong wind blew through between the houses and trees. A young boy stood before a house under the jittering white light. Despite the cold weather he stood still and was not shivering. A lone mongrel limped down the street as it tried to find refuge from the storm. It shivered from the icy cold raindrops. It disappeared into a dark hole amidst a collection of cardboard boxes.

The boy stood staring at his feet. Only one of them had a shoe on with undone laces. Water streamed down his soaked body as he stood in the rain. Small smudges of grime and other markings covered his body completely unaffected by the rain. His eyes slowly went to the door before him and he squinted. Several seconds passed as he continued to stare. He started walking forward, half limping as he went along. Clearly there was a reason why he limped, but he showed no pain sign of discomfort.

He made it to the door and put his hand towards a dull looking bronze handle. The wood of the door was cracked and weathered, indicating a lack of maintenance. There was no varnish to speak of and piece of wood were falling out due to the moisture that had seeped in. The door swung open with an eerie creak as his hand was about to touch the handle.

The boy leaned forward to try and get a better idea of the inside of the house. It was very dark within, even darker than outside. He was about to call out when a huge crashing of thunder tore through the air and, without a second though, he ran in. The door creaked closed again, on un-oiled hinges, and shut out the dim amount of light that was coming into the room.

Blinking a few times, he waited for his eyes to adjust. Strangely enough, his sight didn't seem to get any better. He wondered at this and decided to have a look around. As he was about to take a step he stopped as his eyes fell on a dark spot in front of him. Closer inspection showed that it was a puddle of something. It slowly oozed forward. Lightning flashed and illuminated the room. He jumped back in horror as he realized that he was actually staring at a pool of blood!

'What on earth is going on here?' he thought and realized that the blood had to come from somewhere.

'Someone must be pretty badly hurt if they have lost so much blood. Maybe they need help.'

It was then that he realized that there was a small trail of blood leading off from the main pool. Cautiously he walked forward and followed the trail. It led to an old bathroom. The walls had an old yellow linoleum colour and, just like the door, seemed in dire need of attention and repair. Somebody had left the light on. Going in he saw that there were dark blood smears around a chipped medicine cabinet. Various bottles lay strewn about.

It was then that he noticed that the blood drops had stopped and a small pooling had occurred. Evidently whoever was bleeding had stopped and rummaged in the medicine cabinet. No doubt to find some way to stop or fix their injuries. He looked around the bathroom briefly and noted that the place was filthy. Dirt and grime were found between the grouting of the floor tiles. A dark and sticky patch of liquid lay next to an old toilet without a seat.

While taking the scene in he noticed that there was another trail of blood that lead out of the room. He cocked his head in surprise and wondered why he hadn't noticed it earlier. With a shrug, he continued his investigation. He battled to control his emotions. He didn't know if he should be scared or not, as he knew that somebody was hurt, seriously by the look of things, and yet, at the same time, he was excited at the fact that something so extraordinary was happening to him.

Increasing his pace, he followed the trail of blood and saw that it led to a small door that was slowly swinging open and closed. He squinted and felt a sense of familiarity about the area suddenly. Going closer he noticed that there was a small bloody hand print on the door. Whoever it belonged to had evidently struggled to open the door, as the hand had left blood impressions all of the area around the handle.

'Nothing ventured nothing gained. Maybe I can help.' He thought and walked into the room as the door swung open once more.

A grisly scene met his eyes. He saw that he was in a small and sparsely furnished bedroom. A single window was wide open and the strong wind from the storm blew in. This caused the door to slam shut with a bang. A small bed stood against a wall close to the window. Going closer he saw that the blood trail led to the other side of the bed. He was taken aback as he saw the two small, pale and white feet where sticking out from the side of the bed.

Rushing forward he gasped at what he saw. A small boy was lying in a pool of blood. An old brown teddy bear was clutched against his body. It had one missing eye and stared blankly into space. The limp body of the teddy matched that of his owner. The boy wanted to start crying at what he saw. He realized, looking at the beaten and bruised face, that he was staring at his own body…