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Don't say the secret in my heart

Don't stray I must never go there

I choked on my blood when my body was lifted slightly in order for someone to cradle it. Tears fell onto my face as the person holding my dying form close began to quietly cry. A bloodstained hand rested on my cheek and gently turned my face upwards so that I was staring into the mahogany eyes of my lover. He looked so broken... so lost, as he quietly wept, "How could I let this happen?"

My breaths were shallow and harsh as I laid my hand on the bullet hole in my side... the bullet had definitely punctured my lung. I knew I was dying. There was no way Calador could get me to a hospital quick enough to save a punctured lung. I should have been trying to save the breath that I had left, but I still tried to talk to my love, "D-don't c-c-cry..."

Calador placed a hand over my hand that was resting on my wound. He added some pressure, trying to stop the bleeding, "Why Somanee, why did you do this to me?!"

I shut my dark brown eyes and spit up some blood; I heard Calador choke on a sob, "Y-you... were in d-dang-ger... Y-you w-w-would have b-been... ki-killed..." I was fighting to stay conscious now.

"So you take the fall instead? What kind of logic is that?!" Calador pulled me against his chest and continually thread his hand through my medium length midnight black hair, "... Don't die Somanee... just please don't die..." he groaned.

I didn't have the energy or the breath to speak anymore. I was dying and it was time for me to say goodbye to my love... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry Calador... but I'd rather you live a full and happy life... When your time is up, we'll see each other again though, right? Or maybe in another life, where the both of us might be able to live a more fortunate lifestyle?

I opened my eyes for what would be my last time, attempting to tell Calador that my love for him would be eternal... but all I could do was shake and gurgle around the blood forcing its way up my throat... Calador's embrace tightened and he buried his nose in my hair. Before death could curl its cold fingers around my throat, I heard Calador scream, "DON'T LEAVE ME!"

... However, I was already on my way...

My eyes shot open, confusion fogging up my mind. It was dark, but I could make out the bed I was currently resting on, as well as the furniture that littered the large room. I gingerly sat up, feeling dizzy and nauseous from the action, "W... where am I? What's going on?" The blankets fell away from my body, revealing that I had nothing on for a shirt but medical gauze and a pair of guy boxers was substituting for pants... where were my clothes? I noticed a lamp sitting on a nightstand by the bed and I slowly leaned towards it. I fumbled around slightly until I found the cord and gave it a small yank. A gentle light illuminated the room... or I think it was supposed to be gentle. The light suddenly seemed very blinding, as if I were staring at the sun. I covered my eyes with a hiss and jerked back, falling off of the bed completely. When I fell down, I became aware of my surroundings... and all of my body's senses were aroused as well. Suddenly, everything was becoming deafening: The traffic outside, the ticking and chiming of a clock somewhere in the room, the creaking of the house, the rustle of drapes by an open window, the simple sound of the wind... and next came the overwhelming smells. My eyes watered and my nostrils burned with the intensity of the scents around me mixing together, creating an odor that had me gagging and coughing... the racking coughs caused my body to grind against the ground and the worst of all my heightened senses kicked in when I felt the floor and my makeshift clothes scraping against my sensitive skin. I finally lost it and cried out. It hurt but I curled into the fetal position, pulling my legs up close to my chest, squeezing my eyes shut and covering my ears with my hands. I started to weep... and those tears turned into full blown sobs. The sobs brought my attention to a burning sensation in my throat and my stomach began to twist into painful knots. I was getting scared... everything was so sensitive... it hurt... so much... I was so overwhelmed... and alone... That very thought caused my tears to fall faster and my sobs to grow harder... "I'm alone...?"

My sensitive hearing picked up on the heavy footfalls that were quickly approaching the room, but I was so disoriented that whoever it was, friend or foe, I wouldn't be able to lift a finger to protect myself if they attacked me... The door swung open and I flinched at the high pitched squeak of the door hinges. A loud voice boomed, "Somanee!" and I forced my eyes to squint open. Through the bright lights and tears, I made out Calador's form as he ran towards my cowering and trembling body. He knelt on the ground and pulled me into a gentle embrace. I ended up pushing him away when his clothes greatly irritated my bare skin, "I-it hurts!" I sobbed.

I heard a loud rip before I was pulled back into Calador's embrace once more. The short haired brunette had ripped his shirt away so that I'd only feel the smoothness of his skin. I awkwardly wrapped my arms around Calador's torso and pressed the side of my face into his chest, "What's happening to me Calador, what's happening to me?!" I sobbed.

"... I'm so sorry Somanee..." Calador whispered a sincere apology for whatever reason, mindful of my sensitive hearing.

It took a very long while for me to settle down, for my oversensitive body to calm down. When my sobs had turned into mere sniffles, I pulled back to eye Calador carefully; he flinched when our eyes locked and he looked away. That had me growing suspicious, "Calador... do you know... what is happening to me right now?"

Calador shook his head... but I knew he knew something... I reached out and placed my hand on the side of his face, forcefully making him look me in the eye, "What is happening to me? Please just tell me, Cal... Please just tell me what is wrong with me!" I pleaded.

Calador leaned into my touch with a heavy sigh. He reached up to hold my hand against his face, turning slightly to kiss the palm, "I never wanted to subject you to this life... ever..." he whispered.

I tilted my head to the side, giving Calador a strange look of confusion, "What are you getting at?"

Calador tightened his grasp on my hand, "... Do you believe in vampires my dear?"

I had to laugh at that, "Cal, don't joke with me."

The brunette trailed my hand to his mouth. Taking a finger he opened his mouth. I started to laugh, but the moment he put my finger in his mouth, my smile disappeared: I was positive that a human's canine tooth wasn't supposed to be that sharp... or extended. I backed up slightly and pushed myself up to my feet. I made my way to the bathroom on unsteady feet. The first thing I did when I made it to the bathroom was look at my reflection. I gasped in horror, this wasn't me: My skin was flawless, free of any blemishes, whether they were scars or simple marks from pimples or any of that embarrassing stuff that used to make me self-conscious. My eyes, originally chocolate brown, were now bright red, shining like rubies. My gums began to throb and I slowly lifted my lip to watch as, one by one, a set of fangs slid down, long, thin and sharp. I backed away slightly from my reflection in fear.

"This isn't possible... How did this happen...?" I thought long and hard, trying to uncover the truth from my muddled mind. Slowly but surely, memories began to pour out in front of me... I began to remember everything: I remember Calador stumbling down the street late at night, covered in blood. I remember fretting over him, thinking him to be seriously hurt. I remember him pushing me back slightly, a dazed look in his eye as he stumbled on... leaving me behind to trail along behind him like a lost puppy. I remember hearing the cock of a gun and turning around to see the bloodied form of a man standing behind us, aiming the gun at Calador's back. I remember shoving Calador out of the way and taking the slug to save his life... and falling down to the ground... and Calador suddenly moving faster than my human eye could make out, snapping the man's neck to appear right next to me in a moment's notice... our last moments together before I... I died... But I'm not dead...

I looked down at my wrapped up torso; slowly I peeled back the wraps to reveal myself. I searched for the bullet hole where I took the force of the slug... where the bullet pierced my lung... but nothing was there... just a smooth expanse of skin... No... No I should be dead... I shouldn't be here... but I am... I'm here as a vampire... a vampire... I was bit by a vampire?!

As if to answer me, I felt an area in the side of my neck begin to throb... it wasn't painful... but almost felt like a heartbeat... I approached the mirror again and moved my hair to the side to gaze at the only scar to tarnish my body: It was the unmistakable mark of a human bite, but where the canine teeth were, the indents were deeper... like something longer pierced the skin. I placed a hand over the teeth marks and turned my head when I heard Calador stop at the door. He averted his eyes when he noticed that I undressed the 'wound', leaving me in nothing but his boxers, but after an embarrassed grunt he approached me. Eyes still averted, he quietly mumbled, "Do you believe me now?"

I could only stare. When my voice could work again, I choked out, "You... how... are you...?"

"Yes... I'm... a vampire..."

I lowered my eyes; everything was clicking in my head now: The excuses about not being able to meet me for lunch unless it was cloudy or rainy out... the nights he would come to see me, covered in blood from head to toe and swaying where he stood with a drunken smile... The way he'd make himself scarce when I would cut myself...

"How... when... uh... So, I can't... I can't walk out into the sun anymore?"

Calador shook his head, "No, you can't."

"... Do I have to drink blood now?"

A nod, "Yes, you do."

"Will I ever be able to see the people I love ever again? My mother... my father... my sister and brother-in-law... my niece... can I ever see any of them again?"

Calador shook his head, a sad expression on his face, "Unfortunately not... Vampires are but a myth to the real world... we are fictitious blood-drinking nightwalkers... Humans do not believe in us... and if word of our existence were to get out, not only would the people you know and love be in danger, but we would be in the most danger... We are the enemies... and human kind would never accept us... We are feared and shall always remain the feared ones. No one understands us and they never will take the time to even try. I have lived like this for many years and have come to learn this the hard way. It wasn't until I met you that I had actually grown attached to someone..."

The thought of never getting to see the ones I loved ever again suddenly brought on a fresh onslaught of tears. Calador was quick to wrap his arms around me and attempt to soothe my cries. Having no one else to turn to for comfort, I wrapped my arms around Calador's waist and sobbed into his chest. I couldn't control my tears; I was crying for plenty a reason though: I was crying for the death of my human life... I was crying for the dark future of my new life... I was crying for my family, who I would never greet again... but I was also crying for Calador. For so many years, Calador must have been living so alone... aimlessly wandering around for all eternity... with nothing to live for... How could he have survived so long, living without a purpose but to feed and run? The thought of having to live such a life was already painful to think about.

Calador ran a hand through my hair and spoke over my sobs, "Somanee... please do not cry anymore. I cannot take to see your tears..."

For my love's sake I tried to stifle my sobs, but it wasn't working... I couldn't control myself... Calador seemed to realize this and he gently pushed me away and placed both of his hands on my shoulder, "Somanee, why don't you take a shower... it will calm you down... I'll be waiting in the living room, okay?"

I nodded with a sniffle, the tears still streaming down my face.

Calador offered me a sad smile before he stepped forward to place a tender kiss to my forehead, "Don't worry Somanee... it seems daunting at first, but I promise you and I... we'll live happily, despite this curse."

_ A few decades later_

The hunters were quickly picking up on our trail. Years of running and hiding, we were finally caught. It turns out that some people had the open mindedness to believe in vampires... and after stalking their targets for a while, had come to the surprising truth that they were around. The bodies, drained of blood with only the puncture wounds in the neck, were so well hidden, we thought. No one would find them and we'd be able to stay in the city for just a bit longer. Calador and I had never been so wrong...

I was running for dear life, Calador at my side. The raid didn't go as we planned at all and instead of gorging ourselves over the dead bodies that remained after the gang fight, we were yanked into a trap. Calador, the gods only know how much strength he has left, ended up getting shot once in the stomach and twice in his chest. I had only taken a bullet to my shoulder and, in my desperation to get us to safety, had carried Calador until he was able to regain consciousness and run for himself. So intrigued by the blood that we would be able to taste after so long without, left us vulnerable to the dangers we were so blinded by. And now we were paying for it.

The unfortunate part of our luck, not a single drop of blood made its way down either of our parched throats. I was dragging Calador into an alley way, out of the sun's hateful rays. We slumped against the wall and leaned on each other for support. I felt Calador's hand on my lap and I took the bloody hand into my own, squeezing it gently, "Are you okay Cal?" I only got ragged breathing as a response. I looked over to see Calador in his weakest state: His skin was pale, eyes sunken in, form trembling slightly... he looked... oh gods, "...Cal...?" I shook him slightly, "Calador answer me please?"

After a while Calador responded to my gentle shakes with a growl, "Somanee, cut it out, you'll make me puke."

I stopped shaking him, "Well, I'd rather that happen because I'd know you're still alive." I retorted. When he glared at me, I let out a sigh, "I'm worried Cal, can't I be?! Look at us now, don't I have a right?"

After a moment of glaring, Calador finally sighed, "I'm sorry..."

I grunted but I lifted our intertwined hands to my lips, "Stop apologizing, that's all I've heard for the past eight decades."

Calador let out a breathy chuckle, "Are you really that old now Somanee?"

I was about to say that he had no right to talk when we both picked up the sound of footsteps coming towards us. Calador immediately moved me behind him in a defensive manner. I dreaded the moment the hunters showed their faces at the mouth of the alley way. I knew Calador didn't have the strength to fight but when I nudged him, as if asking him to let me help, he let out a low growl of warning... I was to stay back... Under no circumstances was I to help or interfere or disobey Calador's wishes...

The hunters stepped into the shadows and addressed us, "We've found you at last! You didn't believe me at first did you, Sly?"

"No Connor... I thought we got rid of them a while back..." Sly answered.

Both of the hunters eyed us like pieces of candy just waiting to be snatched from the sales racks. When they took a step forward, Sly raising his sword and Connor his gun, Calador snarled and barred his teeth, "Stay back you filthy animals!"

Sly looked slightly appalled, "'Filthy animals'? We are nothing of the sort compared to you, monster!"

Calador stepped forward, "We don't kill each other for the sheer greed and joy of it! Not like so many of you humans! Now leave us be, or you'll regret it!"

Connor narrowed his eyes, "Oh yeah? Show me how we'll regret anything!" and he fired off his gun. The bullet whizzed past Calador and I'm pretty sure he would have smirked at the terrible aim, but he didn't have long to gloat when I let out a piercing cry and fell back. The bullet pierced my shoulder, most likely shattering the bone. What the hell kind of bullets were these?!

Hearing my cry of pain, Calador roared and raced forward, his intent to rip Connor apart, I'm sure. Sly however, had different plans and he interfered with Calador's attack. The two were going at it, Connor and I left to watch on the sidelines... well, not completely. While Sly and Calador ripped for each other's necks, Connor turned his attention to me, helplessly lying on the ground.

"You're pathetic." He raised the gun, "Enjoy your time in Hell!"

At the last moment, I dodged the bullet and tripped Connor up. He landed on his back on the ground with me on top of him, "I don't think so!" I bared my teeth and leaned forward, plunging them into the young man's neck. Connor screamed; he beat me with his fists and tried to pry me off. At some point he actually remembered he had a gun and aimed it at my gut. I didn't even feel the bullet enter me. I greedily drank in Connor's blood, accepting the strength and power that it lent me.

When Connor was drained, my head lifted up from my meal and my glazed eyes fell upon Calador and Sly. Sly's sword was in the air and my sharp blood red eyes could pick up the tiny drops of blood as they fell off the edge. I looked at Calador and saw that his chest was bleeding severely... and so was his neck... He fell to his knees and his mahogany gaze found my garnet ones. They were full of misery, pain, sorrow, apology, and... defeat. My eyes widened, "NO!" and I quickly pushed myself to my feet and dove forward but I was already too late. Sly smirked at me and shoved his sword right into Calador's chest, definitely piercing his heart, and pushed Calador into the rays of the sun, not too far off from where they were fighting. I screamed as Calador burst into flames. My creator... my friend... my partner... my love...

"CALADOR!" was all I could scream before I felt something lodge in my stomach. I looked down to see that Sly had produced a knife from his jacket and with an accurate throw, had planted it deep within my body... What Sly didn't know was, while he was busy taking the life of my lover... I had devoured his partner... Sly definitely noticed that I was stronger; his eyes shifted towards the ground when he noticed my mouth so stained with blood. I had human blood running through my veins and I could feel the anger and hurt swelling inside of me and all of this gave me the strength to race up to Sly and torture him until he wished he could die!

By the time I was done with Sly, he couldn't even be identified... but that did nothing to ease my fury and pain. When the sun had receded enough, I crawled over to where Calador's remains lay. The pile of ash before me made me feel so much worse... My Calador was gone... and never coming back again... I ripped a part of my shirt and gathered as much of Calador's ashes as I could. When my lover's remains were safely wrapped in my hands, I cried... screamed... shouted... clawed at the walls... banged my fists into the ground... but my heart continued to hurt... Nothing was helping... I was truly alone now, "Why did you leave me alone Calador?"

I really didn't understand... when I think about it... if Calador had just ducked away from the attack, I could have made it in time to save him, albeit a few more injuries... Why didn't he try to survive? Why did he leave me alone? Did he finally have enough of this damnable world? Have I had enough of this world?