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Some Time Later

"I suggest you come if you wanna see your little boyfriend alive... you should come out of hiding and save him... if you can get here in time!" the hunter sneered over the phone.

I was close to crushing the mobile in my hand, "You'll give him back or you'll regret it! I will come after you! I will wipe you out with no mercy for this!" I screamed and shut the phone.

Sliding onto the ground, I held my face in my hands. I knew that letting Liam get so close to me would put him in danger... I don't even know how Liam let that hunter take him! All I know is that I woke up one day and a video cassette with a note taped to it was what was lying on our door step... When I had listened to it... I was brought to tears. Liam had left the house, without my knowing, and he had gotten taken by a hunter who was on my tail... a lot closer than I thought. The cassette was full of Liam begging me to find him and save him... and then screaming... just screaming...

I couldn't take it and I crushed the tape. Yesterday, after listening to the tape, I had gone out when the sun was nearly down. I hid in the shadows and searched. When night finally fell, I widened my search... but I couldn't find him... I couldn't find him at all... there was no trace of him. No one had seen him or noticed anyone getting kidnapped...

But... there was one place I could think of... I'd have to go back to the place where everything began...

Today... after this call... my thoughts were correct. The hunter took him back to the run down building that Liam had lived in before... why he would choose there of all places I never really found out...

I walked towards the deteriorated building... it looked worse than the first time I ever saw it 18 years ago... Inside, I picked up on the heavy scent of blood and felt my fangs elongating. I followed the scent and it led me all the way towards the top. I climbed and jumped and reached the top floor in a huffing pissed off mood. When I saw Liam lying on the ground, all bloody and bruised I was furious. I ran over to him, cradling his broken body in my arms. His breathing was shallow and his heart was beating slowly... he was so cold... barely alive... "Liam... oh Liam..."

"Well, well, look what I've got here... a lonely little vampire and her human toy."

The hunter approached me and I instantly pulled back, keeping Liam a good distance away, "Stay away from us!"

The hunter smirked and raised a gun, aiming it at my head, "Time to send you back to the fiery pits of Hell you devil..."

"You call me the devil..." I growled, looking right into the barrel of the gun, "But I can't carry out your self-destruction..."

The hunter snorted, "Say goodbye..."

"A bullet to my head won't kill me..." I seethed.

"But it will give me a damn good enough time to carry you back to my home."

When I was thinking at the time, I realized that if I allowed myself to be taken, Liam would have a chance at survival... If I could, I would definitely escape, but if I couldn't, at least Liam could live out his life... My time has extended for far too long so... what have I got to lose...?

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, "Shoot me... and leave Liam forever... Swear on the Hunter's oath you will leave him... and I'll allow you to do whatever you want to me... just leave him alone..."

The smirk left the hunter's face for a moment before he responded with, "On the Hunter's oath... You have my word, Vampire..." and then the gun fired, but neither of us was expecting the outcome... I don't know how Liam even had the strength to move, let alone be conscious at the time, but somehow he pushed me back so that I fell onto the ground on my back, causing the bullet to miss me. When I pushed myself up again, Liam was tilting back into me. I let out a strangled cry when he fell into my arms.

The hunter had a look of utter surprise plastered onto his face and when he saw the pure rage on my face, he couldn't obtain all the time in the world to face my wrath head on. I quickly lowered Liam to the ground and jumped the hunter. I made sure to let him feel his bones shattering under my assault before I went for his neck. My fangs ripped through the tender flesh. I couldn't bring myself to drink from the wretched man though, so instead, I threw his broken body away from me... he would suffer for a minute or two before death would reap him... I'll let him boil in his own pain... but even that wouldn't be enough to satisfy my rage...

I put my anger on hold though, for Liam needed me. When I approached him, I had a sick feeling of déjà vu. The bullet had pierced his lung and Liam was gasping for much needed breath. The last time I remembered this... I was in his place... and Calador—

"Somanee..." Liam gasped.

I pulled Liam onto my lap and cradled his body, "Stupid, stupid, stupid! How could I let this happen?" I cried.

"D-don't c-c-cry..."

My tears were falling down my face and onto his cheek, "Why Liam, why did you do this to me?!"

"Y-you... were in d-dang-ger... Y-you w-w-would have b-been... ki-killed..." he choked out. The same reason I gave to Calador...

I gapped at him, "So you take the fall instead? What kind of logic is that?!" I cried out angrily... this was how Calador must have felt when I took that bullet for him so long ago... My tears flowed faster and I began to sob, the memories of my previous lover invading my thoughts... memories of how alone I used to feel causing my heart to throb even more, "Don't die Liam... just please don't die... don't leave me alone... I don't want to be alone again..."

I felt Liam's hand rest against my cheek and I placed my own hand over his. He coughed up a mouthful of blood before panting out, "I... I will al-uhk-always love y-you... E-et-ternally... I will... always be... with you..."

I love you, but I can never steal your heart

I continued to sob as I held him close and rocked our bodies back and forth... how fitting it is that we should part in the very place we vowed to stay together? I could hear Liam's heart slowing down until it stopped beating all together... That beautiful heart no longer beat... the beautiful heart beat that I had grown so accustomed to... forever gone... I finally screamed in rage and sorrow, "DON'T LEAVE ME!"

... But Liam was already on his way...

I lower the curtain

To hold back the desire in my blood

I saw the eternal darkness that lay ahead

"Hey, hey Sekushina, wake up!"

A heavy shake to my shoulder had me shooting upright with a harsh gasp. I looked around until my eyes fell upon Angel of Afterlife's form. My breathing was harsh and ragged, the memories from my dream still swimming through my head. My heart was still throbbing but I dare not show it in front of one of my new companions. Angel of Afterlife looked down at me where I sat on the rectangle-like sofa, a worried glint in her brown eyes.

I knew she was worried about my wellbeing. I had been having nightmares about my lost loves and it was causing me to lose a lot of sleep... It didn't really worry me, for it had been happening for so long; I had grown used to only sleeping for three hours... it really didn't faze me. But Angel of Afterlife and Werewolf Queen were both worried for my health; they have been worrying for the eight years I've grown to know them. I don't know why though, it's not like I'm going to die... none of us are going to die... We are all the same like that... but we are still different.

"Sekushina Banpaia," I winced at the name... so much like Liam... I couldn't give up my true name... never again... "Are you going to be okay?"

I grunted and ran a hand through my very long black hair. The same response I always gave.

We both looked up when Werewolf Queen walked over, her tail swishing behind her, ears perked up, "You don't sound like you'll be alright. That was the loudest I've ever heard you crying... in all the time we've known you..."

I tilted my head back with a sigh. When I looked back at the two, my lips turned up in a smirk, "I'll never truly be okay," I quickly stood up and gave the two a warm smile, "I just need to feed... I'll be alright though... I have two good friends with me now..." When both returned my warm smile, I winked, my ruby red eyes glowing with life, and held up the peace sign, "I'll go gorge myself on some blood and be back before the sun rises again."

I walked out of our mansion and glanced up at the night sky full of glittering stars and a full moon. I have lived two lives... and my third... I have a feeling it won't be as painfully heartbreaking as the first two... My heart... has grown so cold and hard and bulletproof by now... but I can honestly say I'm happy... and that's a good thing. Calador and Liam... they will always remain in my heart, but I'll keep on going for it's not as painful as before.

Reborn my love afire

I want to meet you once again

I gently held the red tinted vial around my neck full of Calador's ashes with my left hand and upon the ring finger of the same hand was the ruby studded wedding band that Liam had bought for me on our tenth year anniversary. The only things left I had of the two men I had fallen so deeply in love with... these were the only possessions I had left. And it is what has represented my love for them. My memories, they go so far back, and yet, I sometimes fear that at some point in time, they will grow hazy and I will soon begin to forget... but although eternity is a very long time, nothing truly lasts forever... I won't truly last forever... something will come and I will finally die... and I plan to make sure that I leave this world with all of my memories intact... I do not plan to forget anything... When my time comes, I'll dance with Calador and Liam again... we'll be together once again...

To watch our lives expire

Old with you a wonderful death

For now though, I think I need to go find a criminal or two to drink from... As I walked forward, I almost felt like I could feel two hands on my shoulder. As quickly as I felt them they were gone and I smiled. My fangs glinted in the moonlight, "Eternally... you'll both be with me... and soon enough, I'll see you two again... watch over me for now though... I've grown quite reckless over the years..." and I was off on my hunt.

I can't cage you in darkness

My desire, trap you forever

I must not let my love free

It's destiny of the vampire

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