Chapter 1

Thump, thump, thump

Everything is starting to blur, and I'm only able to hear the soft, slow beating of my heart. It's cold, and I don't know where I am. I can't think, I can't see, I can't hear.

It feels like I'm sinking into an icy body of water, carelessly, and it feels good to let go and let the soothing tide take me.

The blissful feeling doesn't last long and suddenly there's white surrounding me. Only white. And now I'm afraid. 'What the hell is this? Where am I?'

Where am I, indeed. This is a weird place. There's no end nor beginning. The air is still and there's no sound. I can't even see my body. It's just a vast space of pure achromatic lightness. I'm no where, I don't exist.

But, as fast as the colorless expanse came, it disappeared; plunging me into a thick dark abyss. 'Goddamn, where the fuck am I now?'

"Oh my god, are you okay?!" the piercing, high-pitched shrill of a woman, laced with shock and worry, suddenly pulls me out of my trance, but not enough for me to make any sense of the situation I'm in. I faintly feel her shaking me.

"Shit!" I hear another voice, this one deep and husky, clearly belonging to a man, "I'll bring the car around."

"What's happening?" I try to voice out, but I think I was only able to grunt. I manage to get a hazy glimpse at the woman's silhouette before I'm sucked back into the dusky void.

Darkness, vague motion, indistinct figures, darkness again. Muffled whispering, bright light, black cloudiness.

Instant whiteness once more and then some.

At first I only hear a song, it's slow and peaceful and happy. It soothes my very being.

Then an open are comes into view. Ahead of me, green pastures run for miles littered with a variety of vegetation; large, moss-covered trees, assortments of small and tall flowers, berry-filled shrubs. Up above, the sky is a bright cerulean blue with white, fluffy nimbus clouds floating abnormally fast past the warm sun, shading the land accordingly.

The wind is flowing, but I can't feel it. There are animals grazing, but they can't see me. The melody is still drifting, and I can't speak. I'm at peace.

Thump, thump, thump

It's dark again and that's all I hear.

A/N: I'm trying out a new medium of art which is very foreign to me, and that is (you guessed it) writing! I've never really written anything besides school essays and well those not only do not count, but also very much sucked. So why am I writing? Who knows... I know this chapter (if you could even call it that) doesn't give off much of anything, so I'm sorry. I'm still a newb, after all. I'll put my utmost effort to update this story, no promises.