So I've been pretty busy with my fanfiction account and getting the next chapter of The Audox to sound good. What better way to use my time them writing nonsense poems with too many Os in them?

O phoenix, sing your ballad of life

Bring from darkness, temporary strife

The hope, the joy of days afar

Reveal the door that stands now ajar

On angel wings, phoenix flies

Bereft of terrestrial greed and lies

Phoenix, of yonder fires that burn

Phoenix, seal our fate of heart

Burn, O phoenix

Die, descend

O bird of sparks and ancient descent

O devil of fire, O king of the heavens

Let worlds where peace has already arrived

Let worlds where hopers still must strive

O phoenix burn with fires of Hell

For demons dance in your wake

And as we die, O phoenix, wait

And take us to a land we know not

Leave this dusking mortal world to rot

Phoenix! Sing to us your glorious song

We pass so sweetly, knowing not of your wrongs