MZ7 Mutant Matings

By Joanna Sears

Dated: 2013

(C) Copy write The Monster Zoo

Be Warned This Story is Steam punk.


The Monster Zoo is a large animal preserve. It is home to dozens of endangered species. Not just conventional ones,

like Tigers or Whales. But also those strange mythical beasts that everyone's heard of yet few have seen. Dragons

and Unicorns live side by side with horses and Crocodiles. Giant Saber Toothed Cats sunbathe alongside their smaller

cousins. Mammoths and Elephants brush trunks and shoulders.

The Zoo is owned and run By Director Rackton. A brilliant scientist, who has discovered a way to create a Bubble

Universe within our own Timeline. It is within this bubble, that he has created his animal haven. No poacher or

unscrupulous hunter can ever enter it. The zoo has but one entrance. Which can only be opened by using an Entropic Displacement Chronomitor. Also known as a Portable Portal Generator. Rackton is ably assisted by a team of hand

picked specialists. Not least of all is the Renowned Crypto-Zoologist Frank Corvin.

Chapter One:

The Lockers are an unmentioned part of the zoo. Never open to the public and with access restricted to a very select few,

they are used to house those animals that pose a dangerous risk either to humans or to themselves.

Frank delivered the squirming rodent to the Sector's Head himself. Andrew Jacralie regarded the sealed crate. It was

a lot smaller than the ones he normally received.

"So Frank what manner of beastie have you bought me this time?"

"It's a Skunk!" Andrew blinked somewhat surprised.

"A Skunk?" Jacralie raised his eyebrows. "Okay the stench from one of those little demons can clear a room in under ten seconds. But I would not call that a good enough reason for imprisoning the little chap in here."

"This one's a little bit different."

"Oh? In what way?"

"When he gets excited and sprays he releases a Pheromone that is extremely potent."

"All Skunk spray is! How else would they gain the attention of the ladies?""

"But in this case the chemical isn't just attractive to Lady Skunks, one drop from this fellow can send any animal into a heightened Mating Frenzy and I mean any animal."

"Including humans?"

"Yes! Even humans." A grin ghosted across Jacralie's face. "Seriously Jac! Don't put him anywhere near your other

inmates and warn his handler to always wear a protective suit." Andrew Jacralie was sensible enough to heed the

instructions and took pains to ensure his staff also understood the danger.

Director Rackton disconnected the Inter-dimensional Communication Relay then leaned back in his chair. A broad smile

spread across his face. The proposition he had just received was really going to raise the profile of his Zoo. Although!

He frowned slightly He would have to speak to the Weather Control Station's Operation's Chief and have him adjust their Biospheric Computer Controls. Mike wanted to be certain that the Zoo could guarantee at least three fine days It was not

something he generally did. Rackton preferred to allow his Bubble Universe to experience normal weather patterns. But

just this once it wouldn't matter if they were tampered with. After all it was a great coup to be asked to host such a high

profile event. Unable to keep the good news to himself any longer Mike had his PA set up a meeting of the Senior

Personnel for that afternoon. There was a lot of planning and organizing to do.

All things considered Rackton felt his team took the news rather well. The only real objector was in fact the Chief Vet.

Kate scowled.

"You know I don't approve of all that nonsense Mike. It's not as if the animals enjoy it and don't even get me started on Breed Standards and Conformation." Frank was quietly of the same opinion but he recognized that the publicity would be

good for the Monster Zoo, also he'd actually been offered a position as an Honorary Judge. He knew it was an appeal to

his ego but a large part of him was already looking forward to the day. Not that he'd admit it out loud. Across the room

his brother was grinning like a Hyena. Mike took a deep breath and addressed Kate Selby's concerns.

"Kathryn you will naturally be acting as Senior Veterinarian if you think you see an abuse along those lines It is your duty to report it to the Kennel Club and have the respective contestant disqualified." His words seemed to mollify her and talk

turned to the actual organizing of the event. Which included rearranging a lot of the Zoo's main reception quadrangle.

Plus of course extra transports would be needed. This was Liam's task. He and his team would have sole responsibility for making sure all the participants and their hangers on made it to the venue on time. Pete Slater sighed as he imagined just

how much disruption staging the National Dog Show of America, was going to cause. For a start all of the contestants would need accommodation, specialist grooming areas, and god alone knew what else the puffed up owners were going to demand. That was even before he contemplated kenneling over five hundred dogs and keeping them separate to avoid fights and squabbles. He wasn't the only person groaning at the amount of extra work they were going to going to be lumbered with.

Reserve staff had to be drafted in from several earth based off shoot zoos.

It took a full month but four days before the start of the competition all was ready. The entrants began arriving by Pod that afternoon. Jason and Sue stood at the edge of the welcoming concourse and watched as the first six disembarked.

The Pod could normally carry twenty people but these four had enough luggage between them to make it impossible for

any others to be loaded aboard. Chirrup was sitting on Jason's shoulder. He squawked in alarm as a huge Great Dane

bounded across the quadrangle. It didn't get even close as it's owner yanked on it's lead.

"Down! Prince Arthur down! She ordered. Sue eyed the woman then mentally telepathed to Jason.

"Prince Arthur? What a dumb name and what did she use to apply all that make up - a trowel?"

"More likely a shovel," he quietly replied. The pair inwardly sniggering decided they had other things to be doing. After all they were not part of the Official Welcoming Committee.

Frank saw them sneak away and wished now he'd refused the post of Honorary Judge. His arm was already aching from shaking so many hands and the cacophony of barking dogs was starting to really get on his nerves.

It took the best part of two days to get everyone ferried to the zoo and another day for the resultant complaints about accommodation, walking areas and grooming spaces to be settled. Several television companies had also been portalled across the Abyss They also expected to be given equal space and air time. Finally though at the specified time, on the

designated day the competition got underway.

Director Rackton's son Mitch and Pete Slater's boy David had quickly grown bored of all the bally hoo over the dog show.

But now they were eyeing it as a diversion that would distract attention away from them. Meaning they finally had a chance to put into operation a little scheme they'd been cooking up for a while. Namely the chance to break into the Lockers and actually have a peek at some of the elusive creatures hidden away in there. Nearly every child living in the Monster Zoo

longed to get a look inside the Forbidden Zone. A week earlier David had discovered a broken basement window in the

wall of the Locker's main building. He and Mitch now planned to slide in through it and hopefully get to take some photos

of what was inside. They had to have pictures or the other kids wouldn't believe they'd really got in. The boys waited until their respective parents had taken seats over looking the main showing arena, then they quietly crept away. Everyone's attention was on the first class being shown. Both Mitch and David knew they wouldn't be missed. They had at least three hours to accomplish their mission.

Skunks are by their very nature relatively smart little creatures and the mutant one doubly so. He'd been at the Zoo for well over a month and had learned to recognize his Handlers and their routine. But today he sensed something was different. It wasn't his feeding time or that period when he was forced out into a small run while his enclosure was cleaned. These

newcomers were smaller than the people he was used to. The Skunk's beady little eyes narrowed as he beheld the unusual

Up Walkers. A plan began to ferment in his mind Now he saw the possibility of freedom looming.