MZ7 Mutant Matings

By Joanna Sears

Dated: 2013

(C) Copy write The Monster Zoo

Be Warned This Story is a little bit Steam Punk.

Chapter Three

Unseen Mitch and David slid back into the show tent and found some seats towards the back. No one noticed them.

For which David was glad. His arm ached a bit but not enough for him, to display any outward signs of discomfort.

Frank's stint as Judge was over for the day so he was able to join Jason and Sue for a tour of the grooming and exercise

areas. Sue was amazed at just how much work was involved in preparing the dogs for the show ring. Their handlers

were continuously brushing, powdering and fussing over their charges. Jason raised his eyes to heaven as his girlfriend

once again enthused over the elegant Pekinese. Frank was inwardly groaning and wishing he hadn't chose to walk so

blatantly through the Grooming Zone. A dozen women had spotted him and recognised, that he was one of the senior

judges. Within seconds he was surrounded by several, all clamouring for him to look at their 'Precious Pooches.'

Frank wasn't stupid he knew that most were trying to influence him, into favouring their dogs later on. He tried to make

his excuses and get away from him. Then another woman grabbed his arm and insisted on buying him lunch. Jason figured

it was probably up to him to rescue his brother before he was totally over powered. He calmly waded into the melee and barking "Security!" and dragged Frank clear. Frank was intensely relieved when they finally managed to escape the hordes and reach the relative safety of the outside. He sighed and then to Jason said.

"Thanks Bro." Jason chuckled

"Never thought I'd see the day, when my brother was unable to handle the ladies."

"Me either," Frank grinned back. "But I think that ravening horde of 'Crazies' are more dangerous than a pack of Dire Wolves." Suddenly! A piercing scream rent the air.

"That came from behind us," Jason said looking round. Frank was already dashing back towards the Marquee. The others returned with him to the Grooming area, only to be confronted with pandemonium.

"A Skunk!" A portly woman of fifty shrieked "There's a Skunk loose in here." She shoved her normally pampered pet

aside and climbed onto it's grooming table. It was not designed to take the weight of someone of her advanced bulk.

It's legs buckled and folded. She tumbled to the ground still screeching. She wasn't the only one howling. A lot of other equally obese matrons were now panicking. Some thought to protect their dogs But most were concerned for themselves.

"Oh God! Please don't let it be what I think it is ," Frank muttered a desperate prayer. But knew it was futile. There was

only one skunk in the zoo and if that was loose? A terrified spaniel fled past Jason. Sue lunged forward and succeeded in,

grabbing it's collar. A security guard helped her get it into a locking transport case. More dogs were starting to react to the unusual and frightening atmosphere. Fights broke out! Two expensively dressed gentlemen managed to remove their animal

from the escalating chaos.

The small Skunk had wriggled under a tarpaulin into the Grooming Zone in search of food. But the thundering of running feet and screaming was unnerving him. He scuttled under a table. Yells and high pitched screeches followed A huge shaggy

animal barked a harsh sound in his face and bared it's teeth. The Skunk veered left. Another even bigger animal appeared in front of him. Terrified beyond reason the little creature reacted to the threat with the only defence it had at it's disposal. It

turned, raised it's tail and let loose a long stream of noxious liquid. The Mastiff howled in shock and backed away.

The Skunk continued spraying it's foul discharge filled the air. The running and shoving people passing through it caused drafts that spread it further. The fights turned into something else. Frank tried to separate a Husky and Saluki but found himself suddenly hampered by the somewhat amorous attentions of a blonde thirty something. He tried to extricate himself from her arms but she tightened the embrace and began plastering kisses all over his face and neck. Then aid came in the form of a second woman.

"Get your claws off him hussey!" she snarled "He is mine!"

"I saw him first!" The thirty something ceased her kissing and turned to scratch at her rival. Frank backed away leaving the two women to descend into a bitch slapping, insult hurling, slanging match. He sensed a third and stepped sideways, allowing the lady's own momentum to send her crashing into the other two. Who promptly forgot their quarrel, joined forces and attacked the third.

"Strewth!" Jason spoke at his shoulder. "Let's get out of here before Sue sees the four after me." Frank glanced around. "Actually I think you might need to grab her before he does." He pointed one of the Zoo's own handlers had clearly been caught in the spray mist and was making a bee line for Jason's girlfriend. He moved and sweeping her off her feet carried her bodily from the tent. Unfortunately she'd also been caught in the spray and was suddenly overcome. Normally Jason would have enjoyed her fawning. But today he knew it wasn't a real emotion. He turned his face away to avoid her lips She pouted

and began undoing his shirt buttons. Jason suppressed the thrill that travelled up his spine as she licked his chest. He pushed

her head back. Undeterred Sue slid her hand down the front of his Pants. Frank saw his brother blush crimson then Jason

inhaling hard against the rush of desire, carried Sue straight over to the ornamental fountain and dumped her in the freezing water. "Urgh!" Almost instantly the effects faded and she came to her senses. She stood up dripping and decidedly red faced. Jason desperately struggled to cover his amusement. Poor Sue, she was mortified. She climbed out of the fountain soaked from head to toe. Then with as much dignity as she could muster sloshed away. Jason and Frank exchanged relieved glances.

But things were about to get a lot worse.

The now petrified rodent still disgorging it's pheromone, ran straight down the tunnel and into the show arena itself. It was followed by two collies fleeing in terror from a pack of sex enraged males As the group barged into the main show ring?

The chasing males sensing other females, turned their attention to the sedate females currently being put through their paces.

All around the seating area people began standing puzzlement registering on their faces. Then someone saw the skunk and

initiated another round of screaming. But the alarm of the audience was nothing compared to the spectacle taking place in the ring. Owners struggled to separate males and females before they were faced with either tainted litters or ruined dogs as the males that weren't mating, were fighting to do so. Director Rackton backed away as a strange bedraggled woman with smudged make up and a torn dress, reached out her arms to him. It suddenly dawned on him who the female was. It was Kate Selby his Chief Vet. She simpered and tried to stroke his thigh. But Mike was also rescued. His wife punched

Kate squarely on the chin causing her to stagger back then sit down hard. Mrs Rackton then swung another right hook at a man trying to get overly friendly with her.

At the rear of the tent high up and virtually invisible Mitch and David looked at each other

"Oh God! We didn't shut the window!" David murmured. Mitch was pale and shaking. Hurriedly he pulled out his camera

and deleted all the photos he'd snapped inside the lockers erasing any evidence of their part in the affair. Then he and David slid quietly away and made for the unicorn stables.

The head groom was surprised when the boys turned up and volunteered for stall cleaning duty but readily accepted their help. He was short staffed as everyone wanted to go watch the dog show. He had no idea the boys were attempting to establish an alibi for later. So over worked was he, the head Groom didn't even look up to note the time. He was just grateful for their assistance and decided to clock the boys in for whole the morning Ensuring they got an extra allowance for their help.

Which was what they had hoped he'd do.

Meanwhile in the main Marquee the skunk was still fleeing. Dodging left and right desperate to escape the manic scene. Everywhere he turned hairy monsters snapped and barked at him. The up walkers were running around disorientating him. Several times he felt his fur grabbed but somehow managed to evade all attempts by any one to catch him. Suddenly an image flashed into his mind. An image of a quiet, safe place, with plenty of food and soft straw. A glimmer of light appeared ahead

the Skunk sensed it signified escape and ran for it. A moment later he was under the tarpaulin and free. The noise behind him kept him running. Somehow against all the odds he caught a scent. It was his own. He'd found a bush he'd brushed against earlier - another attracted him Following his own outward path the clever little chap soon found himself back at the broken window. His tiny mind knew this was the last obstacle between him and the dark safe place he'd come to know as home.

He scrabbled at the cracked and splintered wood. Digging his way through, but at the same time unwittingly obliterating any lingering finger prints the boys had left. It took him several seconds of clawing and scratching but at last he pulled the frame open. Not waiting for any further encouragement. He wriggled into the hole and down. Half jumping - half falling back to

the floor. He was close now He could smell the safety of his pen. The door was still ajar. Within seconds he was safely

snuggling down and inhaling the aroma of all that was familiar. His terrifying adventure began to fade but not completely

It would always be there, at the back of his mind. Telling him never to leave this sanctuary again .

Frank observed the riot in the show tent, action was needed. He'd noted Jason's method of curing Sue and followed it. Finding four unaffected Zoo security guards and two Handlers. He got them to help him unroll the fire hoses. A minute later

he turned them on. The amorous howls and screams of women began to fade Frank didn't let up. He soaked everyone and everything. Gradually peace descended and then the Chaos of the previous hour became apparent. The dog show was ruined. Embarrassed handlers disentangled themselves from rivals and lovers and made attempts to secure their animals. Medics began moving in to patch up injuries. Mike Rackton surveyed the devastation and groaned. His zoo's reputation was shot

and he wondered how many Lawsuits he'd be facing. He put his head in his hands.

"I'm ruined!" he groaned. But strangely he was wrong. Yes the Kennel Club was furious at the destruction of their prestigious event. But Kate Selby although nursing a very bruised Jaw was able to pass out morning after pills to all the women and owners of female dogs. Thus preventing any unwanted cross breed litters. As to the males dogs only one actually needed stitches. The rest were mostly just miffed that they didn't get to fully mate. Even still Mike gave a relieved sigh as the last pod departed. A day later it became apparent that far from ruining the Zoo's reputation, the debacle had enhanced it.

Normally the dog show was a minority item tucked away at the end of the new's broadcasts This year the hilarious events

made headlines across the world. Bookings for the summer tripled and the Zoo's coffers swelled enabling the building of new habitats. Including the upgrading of the Lockers. Andrew Jacralie and Frank found the Miscreant responsible for the catastrophe safely back in his pen. Frank examined the lock on his cage.

"This is rusty. It's clear it came undone and the rodent seized his chance.."

"And that's how the little b*gger got out." Jacralie pointed to the damaged window."

"I'll have maintenance wall it up." Frank promised. He looked down at the serenely sleeping Skunk. "He looks so innocent. It's hard to believe that so small a critter could cause such chaos." Andrew shook his head

"But I'm betting the panic is what scared him straight back here."

"That and the dogs."

"So what are we going to do about the Director's request? To have him moved to a public place? As a lot of people want to come and see him."

"We're going to get an ordinary skunk. After all most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference. He's black and white like the normal ones. His markings are different but most people haven't ever seen a real skunk, so no one will know."

"Probably safest." Frank suddenly laughed "What?"

"A condom firm want to use him as a mascot for their product." Andrew laughed too. The little Skunk that had caused havoc and ruined a multi-million dollar National Event was going to get corporate sponsorship.