Author's Note:

Hey guys! Thank you for the couple of reviews and follows, they really mean a lot to me. :')

On to what I'm really here to say: I'll be doing a slight overhaul of Playing With Fire. I started the story on whim without much of an actual plot in mind, nor a proper structure, so this will be my little pet project for 2014 as I attempt to write it again. This time round I'll probably make a few minor structural changes as well - it will most likely be only in April's POV, and also in the present tense.

In the meanwhile, I'll be writing a couple of oneshots over December, seeing as I have quite a bit of spare time before school starts back up again. If possible, I'd like to post 2-3 oneshots and a chapter of PWF every 1-2 weeks starting in end of 2013/start of 2014. Please leave your feedback and feel free to talk to me, even if it's not about my writing. I don't bite.

- Lin