Chapter XIII

I walked along the streets, which were paved with a material that I could never quite figure out what it was. The Light that we see is what determines our reality or how we perceive reality. I never thought to question things like that. I never thought that the light was a group of people traveling the universe determining everything. Wouldn't the philosophers of Earth be surprised to learn the truth? The fucking truth was shining in their eyes, but the light blinded them. I laughed at their stupid debates, silly wars, curious longings, and thinking that they were great. Earth is a fucking cosmic joke. I guess the Light people will never destroy their fucking joke, for we treasure what makes us laugh and smile the most. I forgot to ask what life was like on Venus.

Lost in thought, I entered the house and found that everyone was a sleep. I could not believe my luck. I went into my bedroom and took off my female attire and went to sleep.

I closed my eyes and tried to dream. I found myself in the woods at the lake. I looked in the water and saw the image of a little boy staring back at me. The dream felt so real that I forgot about Mars, being an adult, and fears of summer vacation ending filled my soul.

"It's fun that Mom and Dad brings us here, Ralphie," spoke a young Mark.

"Yeah and it's almost dark do you think our grandfather really haunts this lake at night?" I asked always interested in ghosts.

"If we wait until dusk we might catch a glimpse of him. It would be cool to see a ghost walking around. Maybe, we could ask him questions."

"What would you ask him? Would you want to know the secret of the universe or which religion is true?"

"No. I would ask him where the G-spot is on a woman."

My fourteen-year-old mind found this quite funny and I started laughing.

"Mark, it's funny when you say dirty stuff. Say something else."

"You spend your first nine months trying to get out of a pussy and the rest of your life trying to get back into one. If you stroke your dick too much, it'll make your palms grow hair."

Mark continued to say every dirty thing he ever heard or read and we were on the ground laughing and giggling. I was on the ground holding my belly with tears falling from my eyes. I had never laughed so hard in my entire life.

"Get a grip, Ralph," spoke a familiar voice.

I opened my eyes and saw Johnny standing there. I walked to the lake and saw my life on Mars.

"I wish I was fourteen again, Johnny. You remember how fun life was then. Every dirty word was funny. You could pretend to be a hero and get the girl in the end."

"You will be getting the girl in the end."

"I am getting a blonde girl with blue eyes, a perfect figure, and one who enjoys being dominated by a man."

"Every boy's wet dream right?"

"Why did you tell me that you were my subconscious and not a ghost?"

"I am not a ghost. Ghosts are fragments of life that haunt places. I am a light. When we die we become apart of the Light that shines in the universe. Parts of us are instantly absorbed into the great light, but I was picked to help you."

"Is there a God?"

"You have lived your whole life and never once asked that question, why ask it now?"

"Could you answer the question?"

"When you and Kashawna get to where you are going ponder the question there. You will have a chance to build a new society. You will get to fashion this world any way you like. Ask this when you get there, do I have faith in an all-powerful being who exists in a place outside of all reality and yet controls reality?"

"What would you use as a foundation for the perfect society?"

"I would use work; it's the only thing that ever made sense to me."

"Nothing makes sense to me. Life is pretty fucked up."

"When you wake up put on the manly outfit that you always wear for Kashawna and go flaunt it to Nashawna, Pandora, and Elsworth. I will take over your entire mind and body."

"Don't we have to wait two weeks? I haven't even told Kashawna yet."

"Two weeks have passed. You have already told her the plan; Nashawna has abused you countless times, and Elsworth and Pandora laughed as you were abused. The Light people kept you by the lake as these events unfolded. When Mike told you that you had been here two years, how long had you thought you had been here?"

"Two months."

"Time is bullshit. It's just a way for the human mind to keep track of human events. It's just a system to allow us to make guesses as to when to plant crops and to go to bed. In the big picture there is no true time. Everything is just light and matter. Now wake-up."

I woke up with cold chills running down my spine. I got up, opened my dresser, and put on the flannel shirt, blue jeans, and work boots. I entered the living room laughing. Pandora stared at me with her mouth hung open. Nashawna's eyes grew wide, her face reddened.

"Get out of those clothes. Only women can dress like that."

Nashawna stood up and I felt so small and weak in her imposing presence.

"I am going to spank your ass until you bleed."

I felt myself starting to shake as she took off her leather belt. She intended to spank me with that belt.

"Johnny! Are you going to help me?" I asked within my mind.

"Yeah. Just relax and watch."

"Come on, bitch. If you think that belt scares me, you are fucking kidding yourself."

Nashawna charged me, only to be greeted by a punch between the eyes. Blood flew from her nose as she grabbed her face and fell to the ground.

"Please, Ralph. You can't hit me! What kind of gentleman hits a lady? This isn't fair. Men are not supposed to hit women."

The pain must have caused her mind to lose track of history. Her mind must have time traveled caused by the sudden shock brought on by the pain. She was back in the past where it was against some code to punch a woman. I walked over to her.

"So you are female after all." I spoke or Johnny spoke. I couldn't tell who was really doing all this.

Tears fell from her eyes and her harsh features melted into a feminine look. She stared up at me with her green eyes. My heart melted and strange emotions washed over me. I felt the need to protect her.

"Johnny, don't kill her!" I shouted within my mind.

"Why not? She mocked you and teased you. She harmed you. I will avenge you."

"You told me that I could build my society upon any foundation I wanted, right?"


"I want to build it on love and mercy. I want her, Pandora, and Elsworth spared."

"I am proud of you my brother."

"Stand up, Nashawna," I ordered.

She stood up and I wrapped my arms around her. We embraced as she cried on my shoulder.

"I will give you mercy," I spoke as I kissed her lips.

Pandora and Elsworth stood there shaking in fear, embracing one another.

I went to the medicine cabinet and got out three sleeping pills.

"I want each of you to swallow these and go to bed."

They did as they were told. I made sure they were a sleep and ran to the airport. I must have looked too much like a woman to be stopped by the guards or the light people blinded them.

I made it to the flying spaceship; it was round, shiny, and made of metal. It was just like those you would see in the movies. I ran up to it and the door opened. I climbed up the stairs and Kashawna, who was wearing a dress, greeted me.

"Did you kill our family?"

"No, Kashawna, and I do not want us to ever think about killing again. I don't want you to be my servant and I do not want to be yours. I want us to build the new world hand in hand as equals."

Kashawna smiled at me.

"I love you, Ralph."

"I love you too, Kashawna. Remember the love we have for each other, for we will build our society upon it."

The End