Every now and then, a soul is given the chance of rebirth. But first, It will be evaluated to see if it deserves to be given that chance.

Three trials it must go through.

The Fate of Birth tests the importance of touch. A form of creature shall be rewarded.

The Fate of Life tests the importance of death. Fear of the Grim will be given.

The Fate of Death tests the importance of life. The will to keep it will be craved.

When a soul passes all three trials, a promise is forged.

One you should not try to defy:

When birth arrives, do not resist.

When life walks by, do bit resist.

When the Grim Reaper knocks on your door, you must not resist.

Nevertheless, when a soul is given life, it wants more. It desires everything: money, power, live, and Greed itself.

The mere emotion then causes conflicts and wars.

That one emotion that all bows before.

Of which even the immortals fall to prey too.

Cursed to live to path chosen by Fate.

The angels weep and the devils sing

for the little girl under the weeping willow tree.