Chapter I

It was early Friday night in the small town of Norville. The men from the lumber mill were rolling in and Rowena Douglas's feet were hurting already. She was a tall attractive woman in her early thirties. She had gained twenty pounds in the last two months and her white blouse was tight. She could no longer bear the tightness around her breasts, so she undone three buttons. Just when she thought she could breathe easier, Walden Lombard walked in with his two sidekicks, Curtis Evans and Tab Smith. Walden pointed to a table to the far right of the place that way Rowena would have to wait on him. She had been his girlfriend, but Walden grew tired of her and dumped her. Rowena let out a deep sigh and walked over to Walden's table.

"May I take your order, gentlemen?" asked Rowena.

"Three burgers, three fries, and three beers. Make it snappy, I don't want to wait all day," answered Walden.

Rowena looked at Walden, that dirty dog. How could she get even with him? He's cocky, good looking, all the women wanted him, and all the men wanted to be him.

Rowena wanted to say something; she wanted to do something to annoy Walden. So, she looked at his sidekicks and asked, "Does he speak for you two or are you man enough to speak for yourselves?"

"Just get the order, Rowena, and don't be a bitch about it."

Rowena gave Walden a dirty look and walked to the kitchen to get the order filled.

"See, boys, some women get pissed at me?"

"Why's that, Walden?" asked Curtis.

"Because, they all want my big snake and when I cut them off, they get pissed."

"Don't you think it's the shitty way you treat them," replied Curtis.

Walden got quiet for a few moments.

"Shut-up, Curtis! What does a virgin know about women or their needs? When you become a man, then you can speak with authority," snapped Walden.

Tab looked at Curtis and started to laugh at him. It was a big goofy laugh that caused Curtis's ears to turn red and burn.

"Can it, you goofy asshole," ordered Walden.

Curtis started to talk again.

"I am sorry, Walden. I want to thank-you for buying our meal."

"No problem. Just don't go being an authority on women. I have laid more little lasses than Norville has Stop signs."

Tab looked at Walden as one would in worship and awe.

"I wish I could get a woman. I haven't had a woman since high school. Hey, Walden, why don't you hook me up with your sister?"

"No, Tab. I don't want you to pop a bunch of retards out of my sister."

Rowena came back carrying three mugs of beer on a tray.

"Here's your drinks, gentlemen," said Rowena as she placed the beers in front of the three friends.

Walden took a sip of it and addressed Rowena. "Tell these boys what a great lover I am. Tell them how you miss me and how I light a fire between your legs."

"Must you always be so crude, Walden?" asked Rowena.

"Tell them, Rowena."

Rowena gave Walden a dirty look and turned away. She had tears in her eyes and she did not want Walden to see her cry. Damn him! She thought he was different. He spoke gentle and sweetly to her. He told her the things that she needed to hear. He told her she was an angel and that everyone in town was wrong to call her a slut. The relationship was going good. It was perfect, until the first time they had sex. Walden dumped her the next day. She could not believe that the sweetest talker she ever knew turned out to be the biggest jerk she ever met. Now, she was saving her money. When she had enough, she was going to leave Norville for good.

Walden was still boasting to his two companions about his adventures with women.

"I have banged every good looking woman in this town. I can't think of any of them that I have not put the root to."

"How about Priscilla Williams?"

"Bite your tongue, Curtis. She is fat, ugly, and a dog. Besides, her father is our boss."

"You're scared, Walden. You are afraid of old man Williams," laughed Tab.

"Me scared? Boys, there isn't a man I can't whip and there isn't a woman I can't have. I tell you, Priscilla is a bitch. She has ice in her veins."

"Fair enough, Walden."

"Thanks, Tab. You might be getting smarter already."

A big stupid grin came across Tab's face. He took a sip of beer. He was proud of himself, for Walden said that he was smart.

Rowena returned with the burgers and fries. She placed them on the table and left. The three men ate their food in silence. Another Friday night had been spent in Norville.