Considering where we've been

This will be the end.

Chapter XVIII

Two weeks have passed since Cort Evans and James Williams returned from the meeting of the Order Of Light. Curtis and Betty Lou are now engaged. Likewise, Walden and Rowena are engaged. Once Priscilla learned that Cort was going to live in Norville, she accepted his proposal of marriage. Now, three of the four leading couples are engaged. Only Tab is unengaged. Friday morning Tab was sitting at the breakfast table with his mother.

"You aren't eating your breakfast, son? You should eat, you need your strength."

"I know, but we aren't working today. Tomorrow, Mr. Williams is having the biggest ball this town has ever seen. So he gave us the day off."

"You should eat anyway," spoke Cathy.

"I am too nervous. Today, Wendy is going to choose me or Jerry Dixon to be her steady boyfriend. I am not for sure she will pick me, after all, Jerry is the better man."

"That's bullshit. You're the better man and Wendy is a fool if she doesn't pick you."

Tab didn't answer his mother, but only let out a deep sigh.

A few hours passed and Tab walked to Wendy's house. She still lived with her parents and their house was large. Tab saw Jerry get into his car and leave the Lombard household. Did this mean that Wendy had rejected him or they could have left together? Tab didn't see who was in the car. With a heavy heart, Tab knocked on the door. To his surprise, Wendy answered the door.

"Hello, Tab. If you will come with me to my bedroom, I have something to talk over with you."

"What about your parents?"

"Oh, they are not home. Come in."

Wendy led Tab through the hallways, to the upstairs, a left turn, a few more steps, and into her bedroom.

It was a nice room decorated in a girly manner with stuff toys, a white bed, and pink walls. Wendy was wearing a white tee shirt with cut off jeans. She sat on the bed and she motioned for Tab to sit on the floor beside the bed.

"I have made up my mind that Jerry Dixon isn't the man for me."

Tab smiled. The victory was his. This took a great weight off his shoulders.

"Then you have picked me."

"Not entirely. If you want to be my man, you must be willing to please me in anyway I desire."

"Of course, I am willing to do anything that brings you pleasure."

"Well, Tab, a lot of guys say that, but when push comes to shove they aren't so willing." As Wendy said this, she reached over to her nightstand and grabbed a bottle of chocolate syrup.

"Here take this bottle of chocolate syrup and squirt it on my toes."

Without thinking Tab done as he was told. He squeezed the plastic bottle hard and half of its contents flowed out of bottle landing on Wendy's toes and the floor. This seemed pretty strange to Tab. Here he was sitting at her feet and he had just covered them with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup. Wendy looked down at Tab and smiled.

"Well, Tab, if you want to win my heart all you have to do is lick this syrup off my feet."

Tab's eyes widened. Jerry must have been unable to perform this service for Wendy. It was kind of shocking that Wendy would be into fetishism. Tab looked at Wendy's feet. They were cute enough and they did look clean. It was true that Hershey's Syrup wasn't equal to NesQuick, but what the hell? Tab lowered his face to Wendy's feet and started to lick the syrup off. It had the taste of chocolate and salt. After a few awkward moments, Tab really got into it and he licked and sucked all the chocolate off her toes.

Wendy let out a small laugh.

"Any man, who is willing to lick chocolate off a woman's foot, is proof of a man's absolute love for that woman. Oh, Tab, I will be your steady girlfriend. I am willing to marry you, bear your children, and be your wife forever."

And so, Tab won Wendy's mind, body, and soul.

The big night had arrived at last and James greeted the people as they entered the ballroom. The people were dressed in their best clothes, James had provided the best live band in the state, and the freshest food was serviced.

James watched the couples dance a slow dance. There were four couples that had caught his eye. First, there was Cort and Priscilla. They made a fine pair. Cort had a muscular build and Priscilla had an hourglass figure. Cort held Priscilla close and whispered in her ear, "I will take care of you and be by your side, no matter what happens."

Priscilla embraced Cort and the couple shared a deep passionate kiss on the dance floor.

The second couple that caught James's eye was Curtis and Betty Lou.

They were the living personification of young love. The look they had in each other's eyes needed no words.

The third couple that caught James's eye was Walden and Rowena. Rowena had gained some weight, which had given her a chubby appearance, but she still looked good. Their love was a special kind of love. Ultimately, they were able to overlook each other's shortcomings and they found out that forgiveness was only possible with true love.

The fourth couple was Wendy and Tab. Tab was considerably taller than Wendy, which made them look odd together on the dance floor. Indeed, they shared an odd love, but it was a special kind of love nonetheless.

James smiled and walked out into his moonlit garden. The plants were sleeping and things looked peaceful. James took his pipe and pouch out of his pocket. He filled the pipe with non-aromatic tobacco, lit it, and started smoking. The garden was a special spot for James; he had built it for his dead wife, Julia. She had been the love of his life. They had shared many happy moments together before her death. She had given him a daughter, her body, and most importantly her love. James pulled out his pocket watch, opened it, and stared at the picture beside the clock face. Julia's lovely green eyes stared back at James. James took a puff off his pipe and smiled at Julia. Then, he pulled out the small coin that his brother had given him. The coin had a shovel and a hammer on it. In the moon light James read the inscription, "Work is the Light".

The philosophy of the order summed up in four words, a philosophy that was practical and was probably the best for the material world. James puffed on his pipe and blew out of his mouth a cloud of smoke. He saw Julia's image in that smoke. For long moments, he stared at it. It brought a smile to his face. A light wind came along and blew the smoke away. A tear fell from James's cheek as he spoke, "Work is the important thing for the material world, but material things pass away. Love is the important thing for the spirit and the spirit is eternal."

The End