Chapter I: My Fairy Prisoner

"Let me out of this cage, asshole," spoke my little prisoner.

"I haven't decided if I should keep you or just flush you down the shiter. But, callin' me asshole makes me lean towards the latter."

A frown came across her cute little pixie face. She figured I met business. I had her in a cage that was magic proof, thanks to my magical arts that I call Raceism – a clever word play with my last name. Hell, everything I do is clever.

Everyone thinks that fairies are sweet loving creatures and are a helpmate to human beings. This misconception is only half true. Fairies, by nature, are nymphomaniacs and develop strong infatuations for human males. If a male accepts the fairy's advances, she'll do anything for him. If he rejects her, she'll kill him with poisonous arrows.

It happened this way. I was sitting on my brand new leather reclining chair, drinking beer, and smoking a fine Cuban cigar when I get a phone call from Oliver, my friend in the police force.

"Pete, I think we have a woman that has been murdered by a fairy. The markings on her neck suggest a poison arrow that could only be made by a fairy's arrow."

"No shit, Ollie. Nothing in the universe leaves a marking like a fairy's arrow," I replied.

"Pete, this is serious the woman was the daughter of a state senator. I have her son here and he is rambling like a moron. Get your ass down here and give us a hand. You do value your license, don't you?"

"Yes, give me the address. Hell's bells, I can watch TV anytime."

Oliver gave me the address and I was on my way uptown, where the rich and powerful assholes live. Those bastards think they can control and manipulate everything. To a point they can. Those bureaucratic assholes definitely could revoke my license to hunt and kill supernatural creatures. The problem was these fools think they can manipulate and control the supernatural the same way that they control everything else. It takes an expert to deal with supernatural beings. You have to spend years reading and researching through esoteric books and lore. You have to talk to masters and learn their secrets. I have read the best and been taught by the best. I've been in every corner of the world and off planet to learn what I know. And still a vampire or a fairy might kick your ass. Fairies are the worse, for they are cute and harmless in appearance. But, like the old saying goes don't judge a book by its cover. Fairies are mean little bitches and they desire an inexhaustible supply of young male flesh. They need men to reproduce.

Many young men will learn the fairy chant, so they can use a fairy's magic to advance in society. It is true that if a fairy falls in love with a male they'll use all their power to aid a man. Any man can have nearly all their desires fulfilled by a fairy, for a price. And it's a price that most men can't pay. Not many men can spend their lives being monogamous, especially with a female that they can't brag about. If you stray or reject a fairy's advances after you've said the chant your life won't be worth a damn. Some fairies will kill you outright and some will give you a second chance by giving you a warning, such as killing one of your loved ones.

I pulled my car in the driveway and saw a dead body being loaded into an ambulance. The woman was dead, but they wanted to take her the hospital to confirm it and allow the doctors to have their piece of the pie. Oliver ran up to me, puffing hard on a cigarette.

"About time you showed up. The shit has already hit the fan. The woman's name is Denise Bailey and her son was so scared when he found his mother body that he passed out."

"Who called 9-1-1?"

"The boy's girlfriend. We have the pair in protective custody. I want you to go with me to the station and work this matter out. And I just received word that none of the media is to get hold of this."

"Yeah? What was the woman's maiden name?"

"Chapman." Oliver replied without thinking.

I cracked a smile; good old Oliver was easy to pump information from.

"Motherfucker, I hate when you do that."

"Ollie, you're right to be nervous. Senator Ernie Chapman is a big shot in the state of Ohio. Hell, his whole family owns half the state. So the family wants me to dispose of the fairy quickly and quietly. That way the Chapman name won't be tarnished. It would be a big scandal even in this day and age. Think of the headlines: Senator's Grandson Plays With Fairies or Fairy Kills Senator's Daughter. It would be funny as hell, but it would cost you a badge and me my license. But, Ollie, you fucked up by sending the body to the hospital."

Oliver took a hit off his cigarette and tossed it to the ground.

"Not this time, Pete. The doctors will rule it an accidental overdose of sleeping pills. Mrs. Bailey was a crackpot and took a lot of medications, so it won't be questioned. The toxicology reports have already been written – Chapman is that quick."

"Well, let's go and see the little shit-ass that caused all this mess."

I rode behind Oliver and we made record time. That's the beauty of following a cop. We entered his office. There sat the two kids. The pair looked like your typical college kids. The long dyed hair, the nose rings, pieced eyebrows, and black lipstick – which they both wore. Oliver motioned the two uniforms out of his office, pulled the blinds down, and locked the door.

"Detective Grant," the boy started to say.

"Don't worry this is Peter Race. He's the best. If he can't handle your problem…well let's just say you won't have long to live to worry about it."