Chapter XIX: The Greatest Magic

(Told in the third person)

Sheriff Oliver Grant was looking down at the hundredth headless victim, a vampire this time. That was one thing the newly elected sheriff was grateful for. A vampire had no rights under American law; therefore, he wouldn't have that much paperwork to do.

"What should we do about this one," asked a pimple-faced deputy.

The sheriff walked over to the headless body and kicked it.

"Throw this piece of shit in the wagon and take it to the crematorium."

"Yes, sir. It gives me the creeps to think that there's a monster out there that can bite the heads off vampires and drink their corpses dry. And it has attacked humans too. Can't we do anything about it, sir?"

"We can pray. I'll be damned if I can think of anything else."

Peter Race was working against the clock. He saw the monster again. It was flying over his skyline and it almost broke through his force field. He had been in countless dimensions gathering the necessary materials to create a magic wand. It was the only chance he had at protecting his new wife and daughter. Peter was pouring the gold into the hickory stick when he heard a voice. "Damn, Pete, you look like shit."

Peter kept working and replied, "Thanks, Dash. You'll just in time to help me finish this wand."

"What are going to use it for, Pete?"

"For a sex toy, dipshit."

"Funny, Pete. You crack wise when the world is being threatened."

"My world now, chum. The monster has been gathering strength to break through my force field so it can set up base here. Once in, she'll be able to change my totem poles and make a force field that even the Master won't be able to break."

"Damn, Pete, you fuck around with magic that no mortal should. That monster is a product of Dagon and if we fail to kill it, then our world is gone."

"You're partly right, Dash. The monster is a product of the dark magic of Atlantis. At one time she was a beautiful woman named Gail Mansfield. She studied occult history and founded a cult to rebuild Old Atlantis. It was the cult's mission to build an army and destroy the New Atlantis. But when she read the Atlantean magic book, she decided to conquer the world for herself. Well, enough of that shit. Hand me my herb bag and say the incantation with me. You know the words to seal magic in a wand?"

"Yeah, Pete, I went to school too."


The two wizards began to speak the enchanted words, but a crash interrupted their work.

"What the hell was that?"

"Start the words over, Dash. Seal the magic in the wand. The enemy has broken through."

Peter Race drew his short sword, containing the killing magic, and ran outside. The monster was there and Peter Race raised his sword. "You won't find Peter Race so easy to kill. Come and get it, bitch."

The monster charged Peter, but he teleported behind her. He rammed the sword straight through her heart. The great beast let out a scream and fell to the ground. Peter ran up to her body and pulled the short sword out of her chest. He grabbed the she-demon by the horns and hacked off its head. He walked away from the corpse. It would take a few moments before it would come back to life. If Dash didn't hurry up, Peter Race would be dead.

The corpse started twitching and a small growth formed where the head had been.

Peter Race felt his heart pounding in his chest. He was exhausted; it had taken all of his strength to mount an attack on such a creature. The monster's head was back and she was standing up. Peter swallowed hard. It was over. He had no more strength left. The she-demon showed her fangs and licked her lips.


It was hard for the creature to utter human words. She started flapping her wings and into the air she soared. She started her descent on Peter Race. Suddenly, a yellow light engulfed her. She came crashing to the ground. Peter barely rolled out of her way in time.

Dash was wielding the wand and in a thunderous voice he said, "By the powers of earth, wind, and sky, I banish thee to the realm of chaos forthwith."

The she-demon's body started glow with the yellow light and it exploded.

Peter Race smiled and jumped to his feet.

"It's about time you got here. Shitfire, I figured that bitch would kill me before you came. Now, hand me my wand. I made it and it is mine by right."

Dashiell gripped the wand tightly and said, "I sealed the magic into it and that makes it mine."

Peter Race started laughing. "I won't be cheated this time. I am apart of The Society too. My source has told me that you are in love, but you can't even kiss your girl."

Dashiell hung his head in shame. Peter walked over to his old friend and yanked the wand from his hand.

"Dash, you saved my life, but this wand is mine. Have you ever wondered why you were repulsed by sex? You wished it. You wanted it. And it is still the greatest magic I ever worked."

Dash looked puzzled and confused.

"I don't understand, Pete."

"You don't remember it. When we were in school together, you thought that I was a womanizer and that sex would one day be my downfall. I don't want to be like King David or King Solomon, you said. It is true that sex has ruined many good men and empires. Our legends are filled with it. But sex is, also, the ultimate expression of love. I told you that then, but you said I was a hopeless romantic at heart and that if you were freed from the sexual impulse you would become the greatest living wizard. Free to study magic with an unclouded mind, you added.

"So you asked me to cast a spell on you to remove this awful infliction, as you termed it. A hard spell it was too. But, I, Peter Race, being the great wizard that I am was able to change a man's will and block out his natural appetites. What do think of that, old chum?"

Dashiell hung his head in shame.

"I admit I was wrong to play with nature in such a prideful way, can you reverse it?"

A sly smile came across Peter Race's face.

"I speak these words, you are free."

Dashiell laughed with joy and returned to the wizard's realm, while Peter walked in his workshop and gazed into his crystal ball.

He saw Dashiell and Shyla embracing each other with their lips locked together.

Peter started laughing hard and said, aloud, "I'll be damned. Wouldn't he be pissed if he ever learned that I never placed a spell on him!"