The Kidnapping of Elizabeth Greene

Elizabeth Greene was walking home from school; she took a short cut through the woods to save some time. A fellow schoolmate was following her home; he was frightened of the forest so he departed Elizabeth's company. Hours passed, and at the Greene's home, Elizabeth's mother looked impatiently at the clock. Elizabeth was three hours late, three long hours. Violet could not stand it any longer, so she called Sheriff Danny Finn. Danny was a pale skinny man, who suffered from a stomach condition that had totally baffled the doctors. He swallowed some stomach medicine as the phone rang. His deputy had a broken leg so it was just him running the office.

"Danny, my daughter is three hours late. This is so totally unlike her. I'm worried. Could you send your deputy out to look for her?"

Damn! Violet Greene had once been Danny's girlfriend. That was long ago. She had been his old high school sweetheart. She dumped him to marry Robert Greene, the high school football star, who grew up to be an alcoholic bum. He spent his days beating Violet and his nights drinking at the local bar. It was rumored that Robert had another woman. She was the one who kept Bob in drinking money. Dan had been supporting Violet for many years now. Finally, Bob left and no one in the town has seen him since.

The official policy is to wait twenty-four hours before a lawman went looking for someone. This was different though. Violet was Danny's one true love and he could not tell her no; even though she had turned him down. But that was a long time ago and they were just kids then.

"Lloyd has a broken leg, but I'll walk the route that Beth always takes home."

"Thank-you, Danny."

Click! She hung up the phone and with that Danny placed his coat on. In no time at all, he was walking through the woods that Elizabeth often used as a short cut. He walked the main trail and he found a few broken limbs along the path.

Suddenly, he felt dizzy so he sat on the ground to rest. Damn, his health was growing weaker. Too much stress, he really did need to take things easier. Just as he was starting to get up from the ground, he felt a knockout blow to the back of his head. About nightfall Danny woke-up. Someone had pinned a note to his shirt. He unpinned the note and stuck it in his pocket. He took the flashlight off his uniform and used it to light his path.

Back at his office, he pulled the note out of his pocket and read it.

It said: "You are a weak little man. If you enter the woods again, you will be killed. Drop this matter at once." Signed, The Family of Moebow

Halloween time always did draw out the weirdoes, thought Danny. And what the hell was this Family of Moebow? Did they have Elizabeth? Had they killed her? That was what Danny planned to find out. He decided he would need some help, so he called the federal and state law enforcement agencies. Basically, they gave him the run around and hung up on him. His deputy was hurt and he knew he could not handle the investigation alone. So, he called his cousin from the big city.

Edward Finn was lifting weights, when Benjamin walked down to the basement to tell Ed that Danny was on the phone. Dan gave Ed the complete details concerning the case.

"Well, Danny, I can send Benny to investigate the case. Bart and I have a few loose ends to tie up here and then we shall join him. I'll talk to David Wilmot. He specializes in fighting cults and the supernatural. He should know about this Family of Moebow."

"Thanks, Ed. I knew that I could count on you."

Ed hung up the phone and explained the details of the case to Benjamin.

"Do you think we are dealing with the supernatural here?" asked Ben.

"No. I think we are dealing with a cult of nut balls. They always make an appearance at Halloween season."

"I shall drive to the country. It has been along time since I have seen Danny. I can't believe that he still has a hang up about Violet. Doesn't he know what she is?"

"Some guys are just that way, Benny. Go figure."

"I never try to figure that sort of thing. Well, good luck with David Wilmot."

"Thanks, I'll get Bartholomew. He'll be thrilled to be doing a freebie for Danny," said Ed sarcastically.

Benny smiled and left. Ed called his brother, Bartholomew, and told him what was going down. The two of them went to David Wilmot's office. David was an average built billionaire. He had made a lot of his money in real estate and in selling computer software, so he decided to give something back to world. He did this by fighting the evil supernatural forces. This is a thankless job, as a lot of people don't believe in these forces. Edward and Bartholomew Finn were two such men, but they knew David was an expert on the occults. In fact, he was the only expert they knew. David was in his personal library reading an ancient looking book and writing on a legal pad. He was deeply engrossed with this project, which caused him to be startled at the presence of the two brothers.

"I knew you two brothers were coming, but I got so wrapped up in my project that you surprised me."

"What are you working on?" asked Bart.

"I would rather not say."

"Fair enough."

"What can I do for you boys?"

Ed cleared his throat and laid out the entire case in great detail to Wilmot.

"I have heard of the Family of Moebow. The Moebow is a powerful demon. One such as myself exiled him into a dark dimension. But, he can be freed if a father offers his child's heart to the creature. This ceremony must take place on the pagan's grandest holiday, Halloween. And it must be performed at midnight. Not twelve a.m. on the clock, but the true midnight when it is halfway between night and day."

Ed thought for a moment and asked, "Why would there be a way for him to return?"

"It is complex, but a simple explanation is to keep a balance between the forces of good and evil."

Ed extended his hand and Wilmot shook it. "Do be careful, Ed, the Moebow is quite powerful if freed. If it is freed give me a call."

"Thanks, David. I will keep in mind what you said."

Ed and Bart left the office of Wilmot. They each wondered if any of this was true. One thing was certain, Elizabeth had been kidnapped by a dangerous cult and it was certain that her deadbeat father was involved.

At the small town, Ben started investigating Elizabeth's disappearance. He questioned the boy who had last seen Elizabeth. He learned nothing from the boy, so he decided to question the last adult who had seen Elizabeth.

Ronda Davis was sitting at her desk grading papers, when Benjamin Finn walked in. Ronda had long blond hair; she was wearing a suit jacket with a short skirt. She had a curvy figure with legs so smooth that it was unnecessary for her to wear stockings. Ben smiled at her and spoke, "My name is Benjamin Finn. I am investigating the kidnapping of Elizabeth Greene. I figured you being the last adult to see her before she disappeared that you might be able to help me."

With an unpleasant tone in her voice, she answered, "I don't see how I could help."

"I see. What kind of student was Elizabeth?"

"Average, nothing special. She was an outgoing child."

"What do you know about the cult activity in this town?"

Ronda kept looking at her papers, avoiding eye contact with Ben. She grew silent and didn't answer his question. It was plain to Ben this dame knew something. "Have you ever heard of the family of Moebow?"

Ronda looked Ben in the eye and in a pissed off voice said, "Look, Mr. Finn...I am a very busy woman. I don't have time for your bullshit questions."

Her answer told him what he wanted to know. He figured to push her buttons, so he asked her a few more questions.

"You don't seem to like your students. Most teachers care for the kids they teach."

"Well, I am not most teachers."

"I can tell that. Why did you become a school teacher in the first place."

"I needed a job. Now get the fuck out of my classroom. That should be plain enough English for you."

"Quite plain. Good-bye, Miss Davis."

Ben returned to Danny's office. He found Ed, Danny, and Bart discussing the case.

"Learn anything, Ben?" asked Danny.

"Yeah. The schoolteacher in this town is a bitch. I have a gut feeling that she is involved in this somehow."

Bart stood up and started pacing back and forth.

"I have it. Today is Halloween. Halfway between night and day this Family of Moebow will sacrifice the child. We know her father is a member of this cult, now we know that the school teacher is a member too."

"How do you know that Bob Greene and Ronda Davis are involved?" asked Danny.

"Simple. Wilmot told us that the Moebow had to have a father give him a sacrifice. How could a drunk ever learn of a Moebow? He isn't smart enough to research a cult on his own. He would need an educated person to guide him. At midnight tonight Elizabeth will be killed."

Danny grabbed a bottle of stomach medicine and swallowed a mouthful of it. Ed had been listening quietly, as Ben and Bart gave their theories to Danny. Ed broke into the conversation. "Danny, we need a list of every deserted building in this town."

"That's easy, Ed, there are only two. One is a cabin in the woods and the other is a warehouse across town."

"Ok, you and me shall check the cabin in the woods, while Bart and Ben checks out the warehouse."

Ed and Danny walked in the woods to the cabin. They had no choice, but to go on foot, because the trail was too rugged for a car to drive on. It was a small cabin with the windows busted out. They entered the cabin and found it empty.

"Damn, this isn't the place. It must be the warehouse," shouted Ed.

Dan swallowed some stomach medicine and said, "It is up to Bart and Ben now."

"Yeah, let's get back to your office. We'll get your patrol car and head to the warehouse."

Bart and Ben were looking in the warehouse through an old window. They saw a little girl tied and gagged to a chair with two people dressed in druid like costumes complete with hoods pulled over their faces. There was a table prepared for the sacrificing of the child.

"What's the plan, Bart?"

Bart whispered the plan to Ben.

Inside the warehouse, the two wicked people were talking. "It is perfect, five hours we shall have the power of the Moebow."

"Yes and we shall need it too. There is a young detective helping Danny. It seems that Danny has asked for help. The kid seems pretty smart too. He isn't a weakling like Danny."

"Don't worry about that kid, soon we shall be invincible. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Bob walked over to the window and looked out of it. Suddenly a crashing sound was heard as Bart jumped through the window. Bob was too out of shape to put up much of a fight against Bart. When Ronda saw Bob on the ground defeated, she charged Bart with a crowbar in hand. Luckily, Ben had entered the building and intercepted Ronda.

Elizabeth was returned to her mother and the kidnappers were sent to prison.