Jan. 17, 2525

Dear Bill,

Greetings from afar. I look forward to meeting you. As you know I have been living alone on an island since my childhood. Unlike other human beings, I have not ever been given a thought pill. I have often asked myself why? The Goddess has told me that I am to be your replacement. She has taught me to read, write, and she sends books to my island. Other than you, I am the only human being alive who has ever read a book. I have been commanded by the Goddess to write you a letter. I do have some questions that I want to ask you. Why are we the only two people on Earth with free will? If the Goddess is so powerful, why is there a need to have two people such as us?

I know from books that there were wars, hunger, love, hate, and other things that takes a lot of mental effort for me to think of. I am not sure if I will ever be able to understand those things. It is strange for me to see my fellow human beings. They just perform certain tasks. They don't talk, they don't think. They just take pills, eat food, and jog for thirty minutes a day. The Goddess builds the houses, raises the food, grows the children in tubes, and anything else that requires skill or thought. Why does she even bother to keep people? What is your relationship to her? What is my purpose? Please explain things to me. Hope to hear from you soon.

Honor to the Goddess,

Joe Henry