Feb. 11, 2525

Dear Joe,

I have received your letter today and was pleased that you had asked me the right questions. I am the oldest living human being and I can still remember wars, hunger, hate, and love. In the classical sense you and I are the only two human beings alive. We have thoughts, feel emotions, and we still have a curious mind. Our fellow human beings are merely walking shells. The Goddess invented a pill that programs thoughts into their head. The easiest way for her to secure world peace, maintain her power, and make advancements, was to make all human beings the same. Humans now look so similar you would have to undress one to tell if it was male or female. Kill individuality is the only way to have peace. Remove independent thought and all differences and you have peace. I know you have read books and some of those authors would say, that individuality is the greatest gift human's have. This is wrong, of course.

I will now try to answer your questions regarding your destiny by telling you things about myself. You have studied history, so you know that on July 4, 2078 was the day that the Goddess took control of the world. It took her another fifty years to design the thought pill. This pill enables her to control the world completely. You have read that the Goddess can see and hear through machines. "All cameras are her eyes". That was an old human saying during her early reign, but now she can see out of human eyes and hear out of human ears. Our brain is a mysterious thing; it sends and receives radio frequencies. When the Goddess unlocked that code, it increased her power a million fold. Now, all eyes are the Goddess's. She can read our thoughts.

I shall now tell you who I am and what the Goddess really is. My name is Bill Bishop. I use to run a computer store with my partner, Allen Herschel. I was a sad lonely man. Finally, I met a woman, who changed my life. She was a beautiful silly girl, who devoted herself completely to me. Then, she was killed and her father took her brain from her skull, placed it under glass in a chemical called Moebow7, and he then wired her brain to the Internet. She quickly took over the world's computer systems. Her father thought this was wrong and he tried to shoot her brain, but I was able to stop him. My relationship to the Goddess is this, I am her husband. Her name is Athena Blackburn. She has been a good wife to me and I love her dearly. My main job is to make Moebow7 and pour it into the case that houses her brain. Every fifty years, I have to make a fresh batch of that stuff. But, now I am dying. I can no longer make the stuff and by the time you read this letter I shall be dead. My brain is too rotted to be preserved, so I shall be buried beside Athena's body. I am 477 years old and it is hard for me to think clearly. You will be Athena's new husband and you shall make the new batches of Moebow7 until you die.

This has a lot of perks that I know you shall enjoy. You shall keep your free will, you shall live longer than one hundred years (As you know when a human being turns one hundred the Goddess kills them), you will have all of your questions answered, and you shall have sex with a woman. Athena can place a chip inside a woman that allows her to feel what that woman feels and experiences.

In the classical sense, you shall be the only human being alive. Athena will be superior to you and your fellow creatures will be inferior. You can talk to them, but they give the same answers. At times this may seem wrong, but it is better than the alternative. The alternative is war, bloodshed, pain, hunger, famine, and those other bad things that you have read about. Those evils were real, but now are forgotten memories. I know you will do your part to keep the Goddess alive. If she is destroyed, humanity shall perish. They can no longer survive without her. But, I know you shall do your part and you will enjoy your perks. The Goddess will answer all questions and fulfill your curiosities. When you arrive to the Goddess's house, you will find an office filled with notebooks. These are my journals and Athena's; they tell our story better than I can in this letter. Joe, humanity is counting on you. Good luck future husband of the Goddess.

My last thoughts are of Athena. We are young again and drinking coffee at Odin's. I have one last request for you and that is to make sure that my red marble is buried with me. I am sure Athena won't forget it, when I am buried, but make sure anyway.

Honor to the Goddess,

Bill Bishop

The End