...kryptonite gypsy...
( green )


she moved from a quiet town
to a loud city,
enchanted by all the bright lights
that was now her
brand new definition
of pretty

she was probably tipsy
from too much
cotton candy
and when she had her
first taste
of kryptonite martini,
he was like a shinigami prince
from one of her
ridiculous daydreams

they danced
and kissed
in the middle of a bar
and like a twisted fantasy,
she was suddenly
inside his car

too drunk and too
wasted, no one
could hear
her screams

sex and cigarettes
were addicting
and with just a hint
of acid paper,
her world wouldn't
stop spinning
and in the morning,
she couldn't remember
what happened at
the backseat of
his chrysler

she was living in
a silent apocalypse,
a snakebit gypsy
with green lips
excommunicated by
her sins
like a
renegade moon
running away
from its
own eclipse


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