*Chapter 32*

The Earl and I charged at each other; my Badge exploded in blue light, my fists were engulfed in flame shone blue. I felt the pressure in the air harden; I pulled back my fist rearing my head away from his strike. And just when we finally met, we were introduced to a sonic boom. I was pushed back by this tremendous force through a few rooms to the back. My back splashed into the wall drowning me in a large, red velvet, master bedroom. I landed on the floor, my head bashed on the footboard. The Earl flew and landed on a dresser, crouching like a frog in a pond.

The Earl's injuries were slightly visible. He was burned a little bit on his cheek, but nothing too serious. He sneered, exposing his razor sharp teeth. I was on the floor in pain. Blood seeped from my side. The pain, the pain it was unbearable. The cut on my side felt like a thousand bees stinging me all at once. My limbs shivered like as if I stood in the death of winter with only but shorts and socks. I've never experienced this level of pain and The Earl was giggling at it.

Blood exerted from my throat, "Dammit!" I coughed.

"Oh, you have never experienced pain before. Unlike the records, your father has pain tolerance. But you? You are an interesting breed indeed," he said. I struggled to get up. I wiped the blood dripping from my mouth, my eyes locked on him like an enraged dog wanting to pounce.

"Shut up," I said.

"The Badge of Alpha is never for an amateur. Your body is rejecting its power. Give it to me boy!" The Earl said.

"How about you eat shit," I tried to stand, "How's that?"

"Oh, that was a poor choice, son. Very poor choice!" He jumped off the counter about to hammer me with his feet. I rolled out of the way. I grabbed my Badge and shot a blue energy ball at him to which he barely dodged. He jumped on top of the pole of the bed, much like a demon, he leaped from column to column gaining speed. He lunged at me from the bed. I pulled back my fist, now glowing in a deep shade of blue and smashed his face through the air in a spectacular explosion. The house shook for a brief minute. The minute I hit him, a trail of blue flames followed. I flew after him; finally caught up I smashed my fists into his body. I knocked him into the jaw sending him flying into the sky. He stopped midway and smacked me downward like how a hammer does to a nail. I could feel the air waving around me. The initial shock blew a few building back, blowing windows off from their frames, and bricks from their cups. I crashed to the ground and leaped back into the air. My arms started to burn, my anger reached its peak. My Badge glowed blue hot. I pulled back my arm, gathering the energy around me and shouted...

"ALPHA BLAST!" A powerful, blue concussion beam exploded from my Badge stampeded in the sky, freckled with yellow electrical charged particles swinging around the beam rushed towards the Earl. He barely dodged the attack. He free fell at a high distance using his head as a missile before he used his body's velocity upon impact to gain speed, using his legs as a buzzsaw.

I flew over towards him to counterattack but instead, he wrapped his legs around my neck, dragging me down to the Billard Room where both our bodies splashed on the pool table.

He roped his hands on my neck; I tried to gasp for air.

"How does it feel, human?" he asked, "How does it feel to feel pain? Does it feel nice? Does it feel exquisite? Does it feel divine? That Badge you're holding is killing you, boy! Hand it over and all of this will be over!"

"And why should I trust you?"

"Because I own you," he said in my ear, "And like it or not once I get that Badge from your hands, the only thing you'll be seeing is an iron box. And as for your sister, she will belong to me too. Everything you own. Everything you care about will belong to me you understand that?" he tightened his grip, "Give me the Badge boy, or you will die."

"Go. To. Hell!" I blasted him off me. He slid on the floor. I got up and popped my neck. I got in my kata with my glowing Badge at hand. I was not gonna let him hurt me, my sister, or anyone else.

"You're making a mistake, human!" he spat, "My patience is wearing thin. Talking to you isn't going through your head. So in lieu of that, I might as well beat it out of you."

"I'm waiting," I said. Enraged, he roared, charging at me with enough energy he had. Whence he came, I countered for a short while until he caught up. Eventually, my arm twisted at an odd angle, I was slammed to the wall then soon smashed through it while getting pecked mercilessly by this inhuman garbage. I tried defending myself, but there was no use. My left arm was of no use.

I was a literal punching bag.


"I hung on for dear life. My God, how my face echoed the screams from my enemy's hands. I didn't see it coming and here I was watching them confront each other from a hanging glass panel across from me. Samantha, as what she was named was knocked out. She lied on a panel above me. It cracked, but it stood in one piece. I tried to get up, try to calm Michael down. Try to educate him on how to defeat such a fellow.

"To be honest, I've had never met or seen such a being in all my life. And the knowledge of King Mungfalme's return makes me petrified for me to see further out into the future, for it remained bleak. A monster such as this Earl creature, loyal and devout servant to this tyrant is nothing new but fanatical. He was a Reptilian nationalist leading a horde of zombies no less, preying more than just their empire, but their lust for power and greed. A mindset belonging to those of Ghengis Khan. Those with the conquest mind behave like Barbarians on a boring day.

"King Mungfalme, a demagogue, has returned to us. This is an evil not met since Satan fell from Heaven and created the Kingdom of Hell since foretold in the Bible. Maybe this was Satan reincarnated onto the Earth to spread his evil.

"I was no religious man. God heavens no. But when I see evil, there was no comparison that I could ever match. Dictators like Hitler and Stalin were mere cartoon villains compared to this monster's atrocities.

"I was slipping through the glass; my heart raced, 'Oh dear.' I tried to grab hold but the glass tore my sweat-drenched skin allowing for the blood to slowly drip from my wounds.

"Just above me, Samantha was waking up. I hadn't paid her any mind. I was trying to cling to the glass, but my weight was causing the glass to sing with crease.

"'Oh dear God,' I prayed, 'Hold on Dalton. Hold on.' Just when I thought my life flashed before my eyes, Samantha woke up. Her eyes widened in horror at my predicament. My hands slipped and immediately she thrust into action. Like a rock, I fell and crashed through several glass panels. I heard my bones shattered upon impact. Samantha landed and dropped off falling panels all headed straight for me.

"Our distanced lengthened apart the faster I had fallen in the air. Samantha gained speed as a familiar white flame engulfed her. She slid on one of the panels, ducking her neck from an upcoming shard shot directly at her neck. As my body spun around in the air as I neared the ground, I saw Samantha transform in a bright white light. Her grew bigger. Stronger. Her skin erupted in dark gray fur. She formed a muzzle and white flaming eyes. Armour generated within this power.

"I recognized this power. I recognized this! This was the Zeta! The same form his mother possessed whilst holding the Zeta Badge! I thought they were extinct! Gone from existence and yet one is risking her life to save mine.

"As the Zeta got closer, it punched through one glass panel in the way, opened its arms, wrapped me around them as we splashed into my Root Cellar down below. The glass easily plugged the hole in the roof, but some breached in. She held on tight and generated a white energy dome around us, protecting us from the hail of glass.

"When it was over, I opened my eyes to see Samantha on me sleeping, 'Jesus Christ.' I crawled away and hugged my knees.

"'I did good? Yes?' she asked.

"I nodded, 'Yes you did.'

"'Help the Alpha?' she asked.

"I nodded, 'Yes. Let's.' I said struggling to get up; Samantha pulled me up from the floor.

"'Follow me,' I said leading her to the door. I just hope that Michael fares well against this monster. I have to warn Pappy. King Mungfalme's back.


I tried to defend myself against this tyrant. He was...he was too strong! I dodged most of his hits, but every time I tried to use my Badge against him, he would try to counter to prevent me from using it.

He kicked me in the stomach forcing air to blow out of my lungs; I flew out to the Balcony where he continued to deliver me a dreadful kick to the face and multiple jabs to the face. I tried blocking his attacks with my right arm, but seemed to be more than a challenge. It was impossible. With the final blow, he kicked me off the Balcony into the pool of warring species. I splashed into the ocean of wet cake batter. I tried to swim, but I couldn't. A Neoman carrying a Spear was on top of a surface ready to throw it until it was shot by a stranger. A stranger name Pappy.

"You looked fucked up!" Pappy yelled.

I wanted to smile until I heard a scream. I saw this creep fly from Chandelier to Chandelier. He landed where...where Nya was at!

"Oh my God!" I panicked, "Pappy!"

"I see it! I got it! You stay right there!" Pappy instructed. He was about to turn around until a woman pointed a gun at him, "And wherrre do you zink you'rrre going?"

"Not now doll! I gotta kid to save!" Pappy disarmed her but their hands were hooked together. They were fighting on top of a solid surface. I tried to swim to higher ground to catch up to the Earl before he does something to my sister.

"Michael! Help!" My eyes were tidally locked on them both. Susie and Jullian were knocked out. Everyone were flying over towards him; His army held them back trying to slow them down to stop the Earl from doing what I am thinking what he was going to do. He had her picked up by the hair. He had a knife pointed to her neck! I had to hurry! I just had to hurry!

"Nya! Hold on Nya I'm coming!" I hurriedly tried to swim, trying to ignore my broken arm.

"This is what happens when offspring of terrorists become heroes!" the Earl announced, "I hope you are watching Son of Alpha, this is the revenge MY PEOPLE and I have been hungry for! The moment of decadence of our race will decline! Because if you won't give us the Badge, Son of Alpha, then you'll give us what you care most!"

I froze in place when he did what he did. He took his knife and dug into my sister's back. My skin grown cold. My felt my heart stop; my limbs shook. I had no idea how to respond. He broke the blade from the hilt.

Watching this freak hold my sister's cold body sent a mix of emotions racing to my mind.






"The soul of the heart," he said.

My body went up in flames from all the rage I felt from inside. He was going to die.