*Chapter 33*

"This creature stood me down as if he was such a big shot. Lucky for me my Lord, this human didn't stand a chance against your Earl. Him or his Sky-Titans. This Son of Alpha was no threat to you, or as I thought. His aura rose significantly fast. Faster than his Father your rival did, Mopy whenever he powered up with the Badge. Humans are so strange and primitive. It's a wonder on how they survived for millions of years.

"This Child I'm afraid has potential, my King. And in this report, in this letter I am writing to you, all I could describe was an atmosphere of hatred. I saw murder in his eyes as I held his carcass sibling. This animal who dared to lay a hand on me dared to have me on the ground. Not if I send him there first.

"I could feel his anger.

"His hatred.

"His hostility.

"It was red hot like the blade of a knife sitting on a heated coil. I could see speckles of matter lift from the ground around him. Blue gas spewed from his aura; his eyes leaked yellow smoke. All the others I suspected tried to calm him down. I observed this creature as his emotions riled up. I expected this. I wanted to see the true power of this Alpha.

"Droplets of matter that rose up from the ground earlier soon became globs of ruined batter populated by floating corpses. This power was terrifying; and at the hands of an animal, chaos would rain.

"I have tried warning of the consequences of having me to give me the Badge. He didn't listen. As always with these humans, they always choose the hard way instead of what's being told. Countless of their empires lay wasted because of their primitive actions. As for I, I must leave and regroup to escape from this wrath this human would likely to inflict.

"I am proud to say that this mission was not a failure. It was only the beginning, to say the least. I have found the Sky-Titans, their location, the Son of Alpha and their little pet I had to put down. Clearly, this human lacked knowledge of the repercussions on possessing a powerful Badge such as the Alpha. His friends warned him to calm down. But their pleas were too much too little to tame the human. His power rose exponentially to dangerous levels.

"'Michael, calm down! You're going to kill yourself if you release too much power!' I heard one green female.

"'Michael, come on! Come on buddy!' His power slightly fanned them, pushing them away a little bit minute by minute. I stood and I watched. I wanted to see how far this human can sustain this much power. As I held the human female higher, his anger exploded. He pushed his friends further out. His sanity slipped.

"'You're dead,' he said in an echo, two voices dominated this time in unison, 'You've killed an innocent. Now it's time for you to pay.'

"'I killed her?' I asked, confused, 'Catch me if I'm wrong but had I warn you on the implications of what would happen? Funny how..."

"'SHUT UP!" he roared. Large quantities of blue flames explode from his aura. He levitated, a thick trail of blue flames swirling around him. Yellow charges sparked, striking the walls. The Sky-Titans below took cover. I shielded my eyes from the bright light.

"Then from the light came a roar that echoed darkness. Walking in the air from the cloud of blue flames stood a muscular lion with a thick blue mane, yellow face, wearing armor coated in glowing yellow and blue paint steel. The Faceplate bore the Badge's insignia. It's flames...the yellow flames spilled in the air, some trailed to the back of its head. It gave me a murderous look. For the first time, I have felt what many felt. My hair froze in place, my skin peeled off, dying in a massacre. I held the corpse tightly in my arms, knowing that this body is what this creature is after.

"'You killed many. Ruined nations. Invaded villages. You do not deserve to live," it spoke with a soft booming tone in its voice. It pulled out its giant, flaming golden battle-ax; it swung the blade following the trail of blue flames. It tightly held its raven-blue hilt: it had three golden rings evenly spread apart. Each glowing brightly than the other.

"The Alpha got on its kata; I prepared my escape. I jumped off the ridge just when the lion shot a powerful, blue concussion beam at my wake. A pterodactyl caught me just before I landed in the ocean of bread. I flew low avoiding the blasts from this monster. We flew through the cracks and out of the collapsing palace. I looked back and the place blew up before my eyes, a straight blue trail painted the black skies. My army from the back fought this creature as much as they could.

"They were all annihilated. The Alpha shot a series of large, blue concussion beams at them trying to strike me. In the air, it spun around as it roared. In front of me, a T-Rex ran towards the blue light as the rider on the said beast shot at the lion floating in the air.

"This only angered it.

"It was at this moment on why I joined your service my Liege. One of my leading qualms would be the annihilation of our proud race. This child possessed a powerful Badge that could end us, and for what I witnessed was a preview of what would happen if we do not stop him.

"He finished off nearly most of my army. They didn't stand a chance. They were just dominoes to this demon! My pterodactyl flew high to escape the rampage.

"The creature spotted me.

"It drew close.

"The lion powered up to dangerous levels. Levels that I nor anyone had ever seen before. It was something I would never forget.

"The power the Alpha generated lit up the night sky. Whole stars vanished. With a single gasp of breath, the creature screamed: "ALPHA!"

"A large concussion beam was fired from the soul of the creature; the Earth violently shook. At an instant, half of my pterodactyl, as well as my arm, were caught in the blast. I barely made it. The beam was so hot that I didn't feel anything but the sting of losing a limb. From what I could remember, I fell headfirst to the ground drowning in the dead the monster massacred.

"My sight was gone at that moment, but from what I could be garnered from the moment before my eyes shut was that when the stars returned. I didn't see the lion again, but the Son of the enemy holding a weapon that could destroy us.

"This was no boy; this was a threat. From what your records had told us. Mopy was the threat. His son made it so that Mopy was no threat, but an annoyance. His son bore no civility. No justice. Only vengeance. More like I am. I was humiliated. My whole armies I was gifted with, my authority: challenged. All by a boy. I gave him orders and he completely disobeyed them! How dare he? My title is everything! My authority over the humans should be absolute!

"I won many battles! Won many wars! Not one that was as pathetic, and as abysmal as this sorry boy! He took my arm! He took my army! He took my soul! For I, King Mungfalme, your loyal servant, I wish that you grant me the strength to annihilate the humans once and for all! They are a parasite! A cancer to this world. Mopy's son was just the beginning.

"This Son of Alpha would soon be nothing but rotten flesh and bones underneath the ground of a graveyard. I want my revenge and I want it now.


"Holy shit. I never thought I would see the day I get to see the Alpha transformation again. However, I would have to say that Michael's sudden transformation was dangerous. Even for my liking at best. It had been a few days since the fight. We were underground, deep inside of The Base waiting for our ship to arrive. I was in the back having a smoke outside the room where Michael was recuperating. The young lady in there, I believe her name was Sam? Funny, her name sounded familiar. I wasn't sure what exactly.

"The Base was an underground airport, well it was anything but an airport since it was underground. It was more like something you would see in a post-apocalyptic setting really. You know all them shits. There were earth pillars here and there. It had a river that flowed here, pretty clean to drink off of since it was fertilized by a facility out yonder. The people here looked more like Gilded Age factory workers. Everyone was getting their things packed for some kind of war. Arms and missiles were packed. I'm guessing it was a war against the Neomen.

"It was dirty and noisy, much like the typical airport, but with more of it.

"I was in the back having a smoke outside the room where Michael was recuperating. The young lady in there, I believe her name was Sam? Funny, her name sounded familiar. I wasn't sure what exactly.


"Some Duke came up, standing right next to me. Jullian was back in the other room fetching some supplies for our trip while others just sat around doing shit.

"'Are you enjoying the weather, Pappy?' he asked.

"'Who are you?' I asked bluntly.

"'I'm the Duke of Washington, I am the Duke of the...'

"'Yeah, yeah, you're the pretty black boy that invited Michael and Nya in the first place. And look how that turned out?' I puffed.

"'One: I did not invite them it was Mr. Dalton's idea; Two: Aren't you black yourself?' he asked.

"I glared, 'Now hear me, sir,' I began, 'I happen to have a prestigious European lineage despite my beautiful dark-brown skin from the country of Shut-The-Fuck-Up Land!'

"'Look, whatever happened it wasn;t because of me. I tried warning Mr. Dalton...'

"'But yet you let it happen,' I said with a smile, 'YOU let it happen. Instead of growing another set of balls, you grabbed those scissors, held them tightly with your blue rubber gloves, snipped them, and sold it to Michael in the mail. Gee, how ballsy of you of NOT telling Michael.'

"'Oh here we go with this...'

"'Oh here we go with what? With me telling the truth? The guy lost his only family member and here you are asking about how the weather is in a goddamn cave! I'll tell you how the weather is. It's shit! SHIT! It's raining shit. Rainbowing shit! Why? Shit happens!'

"The Duke took a deep breath before he spoke, 'You're right, I should have warned him and there is no excuse.'

"'Damn right.'

"'Even if they were in the Mansion or not, the Neomen would find them anyway,' he stated.

"'Go on.'

"'Just days before we invited them to our place, we saw a large fleet of warships heading directly towards them. The Neomen were close to them. I was against it at first because them coming to the Palace runs a greater risk of them being found.'

"'It would have been smart to leave them in that Farmhouse,' I concluded.

"'So you're saying it would've been smart for another Lyca to come and get them? Who knows?'

"'I told him that he could join the Sky-Titans. He said no,' I said.

"'I think at this point he would join.'

"'Forn the wrong reasons.'

"'You joined for the wrong reasons but yet you did a lot of good.'

"'I joined for pussy and cracking skulls, not revenge.'

"'That's a lie.'

"Before I retorted, Jullian tapped on my shoulders from behind me wearing her Iota garb: a green one-piece and boots complete with a white cape and belt around her waist, 'The ship has arrived. Bring Michael onboard now!'

"'Where are we going?' I asked.

"'You'll know when we get there! Captain's orders!'

"'I'll get him,' The Duke said heading into the room to get our comatose friend.

"As the Ship docked, the blimp deflated as many of its crew boarded the ship. The Nibiru, the Ship that arrived was a sailing ship with a large dirty, brown blimp and some rockets to help propel from the back. The Ship, well more of an old ocean liner that was pretty big. It wasn't a typical ship with a blimp, it was the Titanic of Ships. It had four orange chimneys that puffed black smoke in the air. It had light gray coat under the bronze. It was armed with rockets, heat-seeking missiles, and laser cannons.

"This baby was packed. This old ass ship was packed!

"'Jesus Christ,' I said.

"'The Duke of Washington carried Michael to the ship. Sam and I followed. I grabbed my bags and approached this mammoth ship.

"Today was going to be a goddamn good day.


"My King Mungfalme, the highest King of Kings. I am proud to announce that after days of recuperating in your superior care, I would be leading a charge of a millenary of men! I want to make this right to you my King. I have failed in capturing the Alpha Badge. My failure almost jeopardized our race. I've lost a battle that I could have won. I've had multiple surgeries on my arm, now planted by a nice metal arm that encased where my limb you to be as well as a large chunk of my chest. I thought I was done for my Master. I thought I was. But I demanded that I should fight these humans to the better end. Let me prove to you that I am capable of leading an army to advance the Kingdom of Antarctica. The Kingdom was one of 10 of the human's last line of military defense. I've heard from sources that they were the best. I've heard they were competent.

"In my view, they're not. They are not a civilization of men, but of apes. I had prepared an almighty Armada under your command, my Master: 1,700 ships ready for deployment; 2,700 pterodactyls ready to fly; 10,000 ground troops ready to storm the icy shores. It was a grand army standing by your shores preparing for war.

"These humans had tested us. These humans had challenged us. No more as of this day, any human colony, family, or single that stand in my way will be crushed. No prisoners. No mercy. All there would be left would be ruin, left for nature to finish what we started.

"As for the boy, I have a nice little treat for him. A little taste of familiarity. As for the time, I must prepare for this long journey.

"May the Gods guide us on our warpath to victory.