Swollen Balls


I was moving in for the kill when I looked up at you with puppy dog eyes. "Can I bite them, baby?" I flutter my eyelashes at you. "Just a little bit, please."


I can't help but moan a little as I see your look. Unable to resist, I soon say, "Ok. Just for you, my sexy woman."


"Damn, you make me feel so hot," I murmur. I assure you, "You won't regret this. They probably have been waiting for my touch all this time. Look at them tighten." I get up from beside you. I move some distance away from you and perform a strip-tease. I gyrate my hips in figures of eight, moving up and down a non-existent pole. I start by unbuttoning my denim shorts. With the pop of each button downwards, the lace of my celery-green panties is revealed. I see your breathing quicken. I blow you a kiss before asking, "How am I doing? Are you feeling hot?"

-Insert line here-

Author's Note: The rest of this story is under another story name – Titillating One-shots. You can find it on my profile in case the following link does not work:


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