Chapter 3

Nigel scowled, then quickly replaced it with a tight-lipped smile. "Look, kid. Here's the deal. I am your new science teacher for this year. Have you met the principal yet?"

"No", Scarlett replied. "I don't think so".

"Well then, you should go and meet the principal", Nigel said. "Obviously", he muttered.

Nigel led Scarlett down a set of doors and hallways to get to the principal's office. Supposedly.

"Are we there yet?", Scarlett moaned tiredly.

"Now we are", and Nigel cackled and cackled, and then, coughed and hacked. And then spit out a hairball.

"A-he-e-e-em. Pardon me. Sorry. Aaanyway, this is the principal's office. Just go in. And you'll never come out…Bye-bye now".

"Wait, what do you mean, "you'll never come out"?", but just as Scarlett barely got the words out of her mouth, Nigel seemed to disappear into thin air.

"Ah, well". Scarlett sighed, took a deep breath, and went in.

"Hello Scarlett, I've been expecting you..."