It goes so fast,

The day and night,

Fast and yet faster

In hurtling flight.

We wake and breathe

To our deepest place,

Imagine tomorrow

In our silent space.

Friendship stirs

and we nurture the flame,

Abandon caution

and pursue the fame.

There is a time

When everything is right,

They love us,

They hate us, with private spite.

We deal with ideals,

Lost in our dreams,

One day those curtains

Are ripped at the seams.

It's sudden, it's tragic,

The pain is deep,

We crave the comfort

of senseless sleep.

Time moves on

Even if you aren't ready,

It grabs you so tight,

The future is heady.

It lures you with vows

Of love and illusion,

So you welcome and

Grab hold of the intrusion.

The chains drag you forward

Your feet drag behind,

But then you stand straight

And face the tests, blind.

Blind at the hands

and Blind at the heart,

There comes someone who you

Have known from the start.

They support your highs,

And stand at the back,

They applaud, they salute,

They hide in the black.

Always there, yet unnoticed,

Like an everlasting light,

They are Comfort, and Home

and Protection at night.

But when they go, it is fast,

You don't know how

It started and ended from

the start up till now.

And you never recover,

Not really, not ever,

From that grieving silence

That seems to stretch on forever.

And then you age,

And life takes a gradual fall,

The hole has been dug,

There is no reason to stall.

Time keeps trickling

Away from your grasp,

Perhaps you will be free,

Perhaps... At last.