Craiger sat staring out at the boy sitting in the hospital room. The one way mirror allowed him to observe the boy without being seen. He was looking around, as if confused. His head was still wrapped in heavy bandages.

Getting up from the hospital bed the boy walked over to the mirror, and began to stare at it. He stared and stared at his own reflection, as if trying to figure out exactly who he was.

"You are sure he remembers nothing?" Craiger asked the doctor standing next to him.

"We are positive. He has absolutely no memory of the first fourteen years of his life. He retains basic motor skills like walking and talking, but doesn't even know a pistol from a rifle."

"Will he ever regain his memory?" Craiger asked.

"We don't know, his case of amnesia is unique. Fitting with his training, things like weapons and basic combat skills should be as natural for him as walking and talking, therefore if he retains the ability to walk and talk, he should remember his combat training." The doctor said.

"But yet he does not, why?" Craiger asked.

"We have no clue. The brain is a vast desert of unknowns. We don't know the first thing about what really goes on in human brains. And there is no case to compare it to, because not many have tried this procedure before, and all others have failed."

"Is there anyway to bring his training back into his memory?" Craiger asked.

"I don't know anything for sure. He may even have wavering amnesia."

"What do you mean?" Craiger asked..

"He may remember something today, and then forget it tomorrow. So he may remember he was in this hospital today, but then tomorrow, or a week from now he may forget, and all he will be left with is a big blank spot in his past and he can't understand why."

"What would you recommend we do with this boy who has been our project for the last fourteen years?" Craiger asked.

"I can't guarantee anything."

"I don't care what guarantees you can give. We have a kid who we have devoted fourteen years and millions of dollars training, and now he doesn't remember a thing. I don't know anything about the brain, you tell me what my best course of action would be!" Craiger said, the stress of the moment getting the better of his temper.

"It is possible that if he were to continue training, his mind may remember in dire situations. Sort of like how a nursing mother is able to roll a car off her trapped child, a strength of the moment, so to speak."

"So your telling me that if we throw this kid into a dangerous situation, he may suddenly remember bits and pieces of his training to help him survive?" Craiger said, hopefully.

"That is a big maybe however. And you must also take into account his mental state."

"What do you mean?" Craiger asked, his hope deflating.

"You remember how fragile his mind became as a result of his training. It is possible that the shock of suddenly remembering his past may throw him into insanity, just like the training already almost did to him."

"So what is your personal recommendation?" Craiger asked, getting annoyed.

"Begin training him, but take it easy. Give him more pleasurable things than death. Make sure that you never tell him about his past until he comes and asks you. Even then you must judge weather you think he is ready to handle what you must tell him."

Craiger thought about this as he continued to watch the boy stare at his reflection in the mirror. 'So we have to somehow get the training out of him, but must be careful of his delicate mental state.' He thought to himself. 'Well I may just have an idea how we can knock his training out of him , and protect his mind along the way. We shall start the program over again. This time it will be a little bit different...

The Perfect Solider

One Year later:

1. The dawn of another day.

The alarm buzzed. I started to wake up, but I was very reluctant to get up. I pried one eye open, and glanced at my alarm clock. I couldn't believe it was six o'clock already, even though the alarm was buzzing in my ears.

I sat up, and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I could see my roommates in a similar situation. We were all dreary and worn out from yesterday.

I hopped down from the top bunk, and the first person I saw was Jack. He is about five ten in height, he has light brown hair, blue eyes, and thick glasses. He is also kind of a big kid, he sleeps on the bunk below me.

The next person I saw was Scott. He sleeps on the top bunk on the opposite side of the room. He is the same height as Jack, has black hair, thin small glasses, and brown hair. He is pretty skinny, and very wiry.

The person on the bunk below Scott is Rossi. His full name is James Rossi, but we all just call him Rossi. Even some of our instructors call him that. He is about an inch taller than me, so that would put him at five eight, he has black hair, blue eyes, and is a little sturdier build than me.

The two people The two people occupying the last set of bunk beds Are Matt and Davis. The same with Rossi, Davis's full name is Chris Davis, but we just call him Davis, although none of the instructors do. He is the tallest out of all of us, so that would put him at about six feet. He has reddish brown hair, and brown eyes.

Matt is my height, so that would put him at about five six, he has blonde hair, and green eyes. I am five seven, with short brown hair, and blue eyes. I'm incredibly skinny, and extremely fast.

Now that I've introduced every one in my squad, I better explain why we are all here. The government started this program, they got funding, a discrete location away from civilization, and the main focus of the program, young boys between the ages of fourteen and sixteen. They take us into this super secrete complex, and begin to train us.

We're trained how to fight, and kill. Some days, we go out into these fields that are similar to real places, like the village, a wooden village complete with parked cars, fire hydrants, and sidewalks. We engage in mock battles simulated with paintball guns. Then on other days, we go through furious martial arts and physical training. We are taught how to kill with knives and our bare hands, in martial art's class. And focus on increasing our physical strength, endurance, stamina, and lung capacity, using all this high tech equipment similar to the stuff the Russian used in Rocky four.

The we have what we like to call gun school. We sit down in a classroom, and learn all about the different guns we will encounter in our missions later in life. Weather we will be using them, or if we will be fighting against them, we learn every flaw, advantage, or mess up the gun has. Then we practice marksmanship with all the different guns in a shooting range.

So the long and the short of it is, we're taken in to this top secrete government building, and go through vigorous training to turn us into the perfect solider, the shock troops of third world countries. I guess they're training us to be this ultimate anti-terrorist team.

"Well lets get going guys, we don't want to get in trouble." Rossi said.

"Yea Rossi is right, we have to get going." I said

Matt yawned. "What have we got today?" He asked, in the middle of his yawn.

"Paintball." Jack answered, putting on his glasses.

"Again?" Scott complained, "That's the sixth time this week."

"I know, what do they think we are machines?" Matt said, "Any one know what field we are on?"

"The village." Jack answered, getting out of bed.

I got up as well, and walked over to the wall where the gear is stored. We were given a small room, sort of like a college dorm room. There are three sets of bunk beds, up against three of the walls, and the fourth wall, over by the door has all our gear on it.

I began pulling on my uniform, it's all black, I guess it's supposed to look like SWAT standard issues, but there isn't any body armor on it. I grabbed the ammo pods off their peg. Each pod holds about 100 to 200 paintballs. I strapped them onto my back, and grabbed my gun. It's a suped up spider. Every one has the same gun with the same modifications.

"Come on we're gonna be late." I urged, opening the door.

"Yea, Yea we're coming." Davis said, Grabbing his own gun, and following me out the door. Every one else was right behind us. We ran down the marble hallway to the stairs, and went down one flight to the ground floor.

Once out side in the chilly dawn, we jogged across the wide field toward the center of the village. The compound is divided into several different fields, buildings, woods, and structures. We left the dormitory, the offices were on our left as we walked out. The paint ball fields were in front of us, to the right, and off in the distance.

After a few minutes, because the compound is very large, and the village is some distance from the dormitories, we arrived at out destination. The rest of the units were already there. Each unit consists of six people, and including ours, there are four units total. So there are twenty-four people total playing today.

Soon after our arrival, Craiger, our combat instructor pulled up in his pickup truck. He, and the other instructor use the pickup truck to move around the compound fast, and also he had our air tanks, so it is easier for him to bring them in the back of the flatbed, than if he carried them.

He parked the pickup on the side of the street, and got out.

"Good mourning," He said to the crowd. "Today we will be running the streets scenario. So we want to get started as quickly as possible, and you all know what you're supposed to do, so with out further delay, come and get your air, and divide into teams."

We all went up to the back of the pickup, and grabbed the compressed air tanks in the back of the truck. Fitting them in, we tested to make sure to gun was functioning, then filled the hopper with ammo.

We divided into two teams of twelve, and walked to our respective ends of the field, and waited for the signal.

The scenario we're doing today is called the streets because it mostly takes place in the streets of the village, but we can go into the buildings if we wish. There are two teams, the police, and the terrorists . The terrorists start off in the bank, the biggest building in the village, and right in the center. All they have to do is get to the end of town with bags of rocks, supposed to represent money bags. We have to stop them, capture them if possible, but we are given permission to kill if necessary. If one escapes, we lose.

When the gunshot pierced the air, we started. The terrorists leave the bank at a pre-determined time, unknown to us. But we are free to move around the entire village after the gunshot. I guess the scenario is that the terrorists hold up a bank, but a teller managed to trip a silent alarm, alerting us police, who move in and make an ambush.

"All right guy's, we've done this before so we know the drill, "Scott said, "Jack and I will go up in this building here, and we will be able to snipe them from the upstairs window."

"Me and Matt will cover the rear just Incas they try and cover their escape." I said.

"That leaves me and Davis to cover the front." Rossi said.

"Yep, so lets go to it then." Scott said.

We divided into pairs and set off. Matt and I went into the alley behind the bank, also covering the construct a makeshift stockade. The other unit just went off on their own. Matt and I pulled a dumpster into the alley, and set it up against the alley wall on one side. We then piled up the various trash cans to complete the stockade. Getting behind it, we waited.

The bank is right in the center of the village. Off to the right is the building that Jack and Scott are in, and directly in front of it is the one story building that Davis and Rossi are hiding in, to gun down the terrorists as they run out of the bank. That left the back, where Matt and I built our stockade. The back is a twisted maze of alleys that after doing this scenario, and many others, we have mastered the area, and know all the short cuts, and each building by heart.

After about five minutes we heard the faint sound of gunfire. "Looks like it's started." I said.

"Yep, lets get ready." Matt said. After about thirty seconds of gunfire, we heard footsteps approaching our position. "Here they come." He whispered. I didn't answer.

A figure strafed the alley, and hurled a paint grenade at us. Like the real grenades, when you pull the pin, an small charge breaks open the cap, spraying paint in approximately the radius of a real grenade.

"Holy!" Matt screamed.

Damn it!" I yelled. We both turned and ran away from the incoming grenade, and dove on the ground. By sheer luck we managed to get out of the blast radius.

I leapt to my feet, Matt did the same. W were running for our lives as shots began to explode from behind our stockade. Reaching the end of the alley we stood on either side, and hid behind the wall. We fired back down the alley, but it was no use, our stockade was built to well.

Matt waved to get my attention. He pointed to himself then to the door on his left. I gave him a thumbsup. The door lead to building forming the alley, so he could get behind them very easily, and unnoticed.

I saw Matt's hand come out of a window behind the stockade about a minuet later. "Stick this up your pipe and smoke it!" He yelled, hurling a grenade, but he held it for a second after pulling the pin, so it went off just as it reached them, killing three men. "All clear!" Matt yelled to me. I joined him at the stockade, now covered in speckles of red paint.

"That was too close." I said.

"You know it." Matt said back.

"Wait a second, I just remembered, did that guy who threw the paint grenade have a bag?" I asked.

"Yea he did." Matt said, looking over the stockade at the three guys playing dead on the ground there. "There's no bag here." He said, then his eyes went wide as he caught on to what I was thinking.

"Then he must have kept going, and didn't stop to shoot at us, and that means that there is no one left to stop him from getting away." I said.

"Lets go!" Matt yelled, breaking into a run. I followed. Matt and I are the fastest runners in this program. I'm a little faster than he is, but he can out distance me any day. Right now however, adrenaline gave me the endurance to keep up my pace for as long as he could, and him the speed to keep up with me.

First we sprinted down a back alley for about 100 yards. Then we scaled a small wooden fence, jumped over a brick wall to a side street. We ran down the side street for about ten yards, and turned left onto the street the kid with the bag had taken.

"Can we make it in time?" Asked Matt.

"The bag might have slowed him down." I panted between breaths.

We were getting close to the end of the village, when a figure jumped out and shot at us. Luckily he missed, and we both dove on the ground, so we couldn't shoot back right away. I noticed he was one of the police,

"Hold your fire, we're friendlys!" I yelled, getting up.

We both walked over to him, and I said, "We're looking for a runaway terrorist with a bag, you seen him?"

"Yea we got him." He answered.

"So what are you guys doing, guarding the area the terrorists need to go to win?" Matt asked.

"Yep, our whole team is spread out just waiting for them." He answered.

"Well we better get back to the bank, lets go." I said to Matt.

"Yea sure." He answered. We set off at a jog. We hadn't gone far when the unmistakable sound of paintball shots met our ears.

"Oh no!" Matt said.

"Tell me about it." I said. A couple of terrorists carrying bags had climbed onto the top of the buildings, and snuck up on the guy we had just left. They had easily nailed him from their position right above him. "Come on, two can play that game." I said, running into the two story building right next to us.

We climbed up the stairs onto the second floor, and crawled out the already open window onto the roof. This must be the place where those guys climbed onto the roof from. I thought.

From the roof, we had a clear view of the two terrorists that had gunned down the police member we were just talking to, I think his name is Pat.

"I got the one on the right, you take the left." I said to Matt.

"Okay, but hurry, they're getting ready to jump down." Matt said back.

"Three, two one, fire!" I said, we let fly and pegged them. They never knew what hit them.

"What next?" Matt asked.

"Well we could stay here and watch the road, or we could go back and help out our comrades." I said.

"Lets go back, we don't want to be like the other unit, guarding the exit while we do the hard work." Matt said

"I know, lets hurry." I said, climbing back in the window, and heading down the stairs, and back into the street. We broke into a jog and soon made it back towards the bank.

I could hear lots of shots coming from the direction of the street in front of the bank. Matt and I flattened our selves against the wall, and edged closer. We got to the end, and were able to see what was going on. A full unit of terrorists was behind a parked car right in front of the bank, and they were hurling tons of paint at both Davis and Rossi, and Jack and Scott. The return fire from each place was very scattered, and not accurate at all.

From out position behind the terrorists we could get all of them easily, so I nodded at Matt, he nodded back, and we dove full into the street, firing all the way. Five of them were taken down before they knew they were under attack. The last one rolled over the hood of the car, and onto the other side to get away from Matt and I, but he forgot about Jack, Scott, Davis, and Rossi. So he got four rounds to the chest. That'll leave a mark. I thought

A gun shot signaled the end of the match. Every one who was dead at the far corners of the field heard the shot, got up and walked to the center. Craiger drove up in his truck again.

It was rumored that the entire playing field was covered in surveillance cameras, and that they were recording every move we made. The fact that Craiger went to the offices, but still knew what happened just reinforced these rumors.

"For the next game," Craiger said as he got out of the truck, "We will be doing something different. We're gonna have a three on one, so to speak. We will make the teams so there is three units against one.

When we divided up for the second game of the day, it ended up that we were the "one."

"Listen guy's," Scott said, "We're gonna have to be very smart to win this one. It's most likely that their gonna take up a position and guard it, because they were started near the center, where all the best building are, and I think the administration wants them to defend as well, so we will have to be careful."

"So even though the battle field has been chosen to their advantage, we need to pick the battles we fight." I finished.

"Right." Scott said.

"I get it," Davis said, "We take the battle inside the buildings they are holed up in."

"That's it, that's it exactly." Scott said.

"Lets go then, but stick to the back alleys." I said.

"That's reasonable." Jack said.

We walked down the back alleys in two lines. Scott, then Jack, then Rossi in one, and Me, Matt and Davis in the other. We walked slowly, and cautiously down each alley.

When we neared the center Scott held up his hand to stop every one, and beckoned me forward. I crept to the opening of the alley, and peered out with one eye, so to be as unnoticeable as possible. I surveyed the scene,.

The building where Scott and Jack set up in the last game was in front of us. I counted four gun barrels coming out of it, two in the upstairs windows, and two in the downstairs. There were two more sticking out of the bank windows, and two where Rossi and Davis set up. That's eight of the eighteen accounted for. I thought. I crawled away from the opening, and told the others what I saw.

"Listen I have an idea," I whispered, "The building where you two," I indicated Jack and Scott, "Seems to be their base of operations. Now it has no windows on the back side, but it has a door there. So we can get behind it unseen, and take control of the house." I finished.

"That's a good idea, but there's a problem," Rossi said, "If we all go there then they can send back up troops, and slaughter us from behind."

"Those are both valid ideas, so here's what we do," Scott said, "We send two people to double back behind the house, and take it over from the inside, but in order to distract them, every one else stays behind, and launches a diversionary attack on the front of the house."

"Right." Rossi said.

"Works for me." I said

"Every one else agree?" Scott asked. There was a murmur of consent. "All right then, Me and Lance go in from behind," I forgot to mention my name is Lance, "In two minutes you guys launch your attack, but be smart, and don't take any unnecessary risks, we need all of you to finish the game."

Scott and I set off, doubling back around behind the building, and approaching the back door with caution. We took up positions on either side of the door. Scott nodded to me, I reached down, and turned to knob, then I applied a little pressure to the door, it didn't budge. That mean that there was a person, or object holding the door closed.

I nodded to Scott, and he nodded back. We both took a step back, and He held up three fingers. He put one down, then the other, and then the last one. We both kicked the door, hard. It gave way, and there was a crash, and a cry of surprise. I guess it was a person holding it. I thought, as we rushed in the now open door.

I ran up the stairs that were directly in front of the back door, Scott went to the left of the stairs, he shot the kid who was holding the door as he lay stunned on the ground.

As I ascended the stairs, I shot the only person who was aware of my presence, he was crouching at one of the windows, but when he heard the commotion Scott and I just made, he was the only one who turned around. As I got closer to the top of the stairs I shot the other guy crouching at the window in the back.

I guessed that there would be at least one other guy upstairs in addition to the two snipers. As I stuck my head up a shot came from each side of the upstairs. The upstairs portion was one hallway, and in the corner there was a space just big enough for someone to hide in. And there was a person hiding in each spot.

A few more shots hit the stairs around me, but i knew they couldn't hit me. I popped up and fired at the person on the left, quickly retreating to the safety of my crouching position on the stairs. Then I repeated the process on the right, with the same results, we all missed.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement, and there was a flash of light as the door was opened. There was an enemy behind me, who had a clear shot at me, sitting wide open on the stairs. While the stairs had been adequate cover from the people upstairs, I was wide open to any newcomers, which is why Rossi first rejected my plan. I only had one dangerous option. The newcomer would use the door as a shield so I had to run, and the only way to run was up.

Breaking cover I ran as fast as I could strait for the window. I saw a flicker of moment to my right, I turned and fired one handed at the guy there, making him retreat momentarily. Reaching the window I leaned out, and grabbed onto the roof. Shots Slammed into the wall where I was just seconds before I pulled my self out of the window. The guy coming in the door was my only concern now, he was the only one who could shoot at me while I was hanging out the window like this.

I quickly pulled my self up onto the roof. Thinking that I was hanging like a dead turkey for the people on the out side to shoot, because I was now at the front of the house, and that's where allot of shooting was going on. Luckily for me Jack, Davis, Matt, and Rossi were shooting in my direction, and most of the terrorists were shooting outward.

But I still wasn't out of danger yet. One of the guys from the upstairs, I think he was the kid Pat from the last game leaned out the window and fired at me. I rolled away from his shots, and made it out of his line of fire. But there was another surprise in store for me. A paint grenade landed right next to me. Quickly I grabbed it, and rolled back to the edge of the roof. Before it went off in my hand I chucked it back in through the window. I heard the hiss as it sprayed paint in every direction.

Carefully I climbed back through the window, checking to see if every one was dead first, they were. I could still hear gunfire coming from downstairs, so I went to help Scott out.

I walked down the stairs, but as I started to go down them, the door opened. A figure, framed in the doorway, nothing more than a black outline in the light now streaming into the semi darkness of the building. for a second neither of us moved. It was just like a country western movie, all we needed was some tumble weed, and we had a shoot out.

We both acted at the same time. I was faster, I charged down the stairs, firing all the way, he grabbed the half open door and used it as a shield. He now could fire at me with little chance of me hitting him. I leapt forward into a superman, and fired the entire time I was soaring forward in my aerial acrobatics. I knew I had no chance of hitting him, but he had just as little chance of hitting me. He backed out of the door even further, and I curled into a somersault to avoid breaking my ribs on the stairs. Instead I slammed my back onto the stairs, but the damage was minimal because I rolled forward to kill the momentum of my fall. As I got to the bottom of the stairs, I slammed into the door as I finished my somersault down the stairs, and closed it with a bang.

Laying on my back, half of me on the stairs, I put my feet against the door to hold it shut. I felt the impact as the kid outside slammed into it, trying to get it open, but with my back against the bottom stair, and my legs against the door I held firm. Jumping to my feet, I stood next to the door, and waited. The kid slammed into the door again, but with out my weight against it, it flew open, and he came crashing into the room. He stumbled forward and tripped on the stairs, I shot him in the back from behind the door.

This was the first time I saw how much trouble Scott was in. The down stairs portion is one hallway that is a big square around the stairs. Scott was in the far left corner behind a small, overturned table. He had two people pinned down in the upper left corner behind a bigger table, one dead by the down stairs window, and another who kept floating around, shooting from either side of the stairs randomly.

I grabbed the gun out of the hand of the kid who just burst through the door, and used both his and mine to hurl tons and tons of paint at the pair in the corner. They ducked behind their table. Once again, I saw movement in the corner of my eye. I turned, and unloaded on the kid who kept floating around. He ducked back behind the stairs with out even firing a shot.

I gave chase, still hauling tons of paint at him from both guns. Every time I got him in view, he turned a corner and disappeared, but he would run out of space to run soon.

When I rounded the upper right corner, the kid his name is Bobby, was trapped between Scott's guns and mine. Even though he had no chance, he still fired at me. His shot went wide, and he took about eight rounds to the chest. Then I guess he was always a dramatic kid, he did a really impressive dyeing scene.

But I didn't have time to watch, the two kids Scott had pinned down in the corner made a last desperate move to get out. They both broke cover, and one shot at me, the other at Scott, to cover themselves as they went out into the open. I ducked behind the corner to get away from their shots, but came back out a second later, Scott did the same. We both came out to shoot at the same time, and we both had a surprise. There was a paint grenade flying at each of us.

Scott broke cover, ran and dove out the open door to dodge the blast. I did something more dramatic and impressive. I leapt backward into a bicycle kick, kicking the grenade while it was still in the air, I knocked it into the corner where it went off harmlessly out of range of me.

The two kids bolted around the corner while Scott was still out the door, and ran up the stairs. I climbed to my feet, and gave chase, Scott was right behind me. but we couldn't go much farther. The kids were on the top of the stairs, with the whole landing in their sights. Scott and I stood on either side of the stairs, and were shooting upward, but it was no use, we couldn't hit them, and they couldn't hit us.

I'm not a patient person, so naturally I was getting incredibly impatient at this waiting game. "Cover me!" I said, charging up the stairs, both my guns on the guy on the left, and Scott sprayed fire at the guy on the right.

I made it to the top of the stairs, the two guys turned to shoot at me, I dove forward, may arms crossed so a gun was pointing at each. We all fired at the same time, i fired as I went by them, point black range on a stationary target, I couldn't miss. They on the other hand were shooting at a moving target, and missed me, but hit each other.

"Nice Move!" Scott said.

"Thanks," I said, "but lets have a look out this window, and see if we can help the other guys."

"Yea." He said, joining me at the top of the stairs. We looked out the window. From there we could see over all the one story building around us.

"Look there's the others." Scott Said.

"Yea, and those three guys, they're trying to get behind them."

"Do you think we could hit them from here?" Scott asked.

"No the angle isn't right." I said, we'd be lucky to hit a building from here."

"We could jump from rooftop to rooftop?" Suggested Scott.

"Lets do it." I said. We climbed out he window, and onto the roof. Moving to the left we jumped down onto the adjacent building. It was only a single floor building, so we had a little bit of a drop, but it was nothing we couldn't handle.

From there we could just step onto the adjacent building, it was a snap. Soon we drew even with the guys trying to get behind the others.

"Fire on!" Scott said. We both opened up from an elevated position on three unsuspecting men. We ripped them to shreds, I kind got a little too excited, my first shots missed, luckily Scott was dead on in his shots. But my next three were right on as well, but it was three shots per person.

"I like having double guns, I'm gone have to look into this." I said. I could see by the faces of the guys I just shot that they wouldn't like me to have double guns full time.

We jumped off the roof and followed that road to right behind the others.

"Hi guys." I said. Ducking and running to where they were crouching behind a parked car.

"Report." Jack said.

"Well we took out nine guys in the house, and just saved your asses just now, three guys were sneaking up on your six." I said.

"Whose we, you killed eight of the guys in the house." Scott said.

"We can discuss our brilliance later, right now we've got work to do. We have three confirmed kills here." Jack said.

"And with what you just told us, that means there is at most... three guys in that house." Davis finished pointing to the building right in front of us.

"Well looks like they've come to meet their death head on!" Rossi said, as the three remaining men ran out of the building, and took cover behind various objects across the street from us.

"Lance, you put those double guns to good use, lay down enough cover fire, Jack you help him. I'll flank on the right, with Matt. Davis and Rossi, you guys flank on the left, but where Rossi stops, you go one more over. Do this right and we'll surrond them." Scott said.

"Right!" We all said together. I hopped up, and began firing madly, each gun like a machine-gun, blazing away. I put the double triggers to god use, but my fingers still got really, really tired. I tracked fire across each persons hiding place. They all ducked as my inaccurate, but intimidating fire swept over them.

After tons of blue, red, purple and white paint slammed into trash cans, banged into cars, and crashed into trees, the others were able to complete their flanking maneuver. The three remaining guys were all taken down easily, they couldn't hide from all sides.

Once again, the gun shot announced the end of the game. Every one assembled at the center. I walked up to the kid whose gun I borrowed. I recognized him as a kid named Guenther.

"Sorry, I just needed to borrow this for a little bit." I said, handing it back to him.

"That's all right, you were incredible, the whole superman down the stairs, and the bicycle kick with the grenade."

"Well, I try to be a crowd pleasure." I said I went back to the others as Craiger drove up in his pickup.

"This is your free hour. I suggest you either spend it in the cafe, or in your bunks catching up on some sleep. Dismissed, for one hour."

Every one started walking toward the cafe for breakfast, but Craiger held out a hand and stopped us.

"Hold it, General Moor would like to talk to you guys before you eat," He said, "This way, jump in the flatbed." We piled in.

"What do you think this is about?" Matt asked.

"Do you think we're in trouble?" Davis chimed in.

"Probably not, we didn't do anything wrong." Jack pointed out.

"I guess we'll just have to wait and see." Davis said.

"Works for me." Rossi piped up.

A few minutes later we arrived at the offices, and were admitted to General Moors office right away. General Moor is the administrator, he basically runs the whole compound. His office was spacious, and filled with lots of cushy chairs.

"Gentlemen, please be seated." General Moor said. We complied, and he continued, "I will get right to the point, I do not approve of long speeches that waste valuable time. I have been observing your unit very closely for some time now. I must admit you have surprised even me, you have surpassed our expectations for this stage in your training. To be frank, we did not expect you to win today with three to one odds."

Craiger spoke up for the first time. "As you can see here, your individual skills, as well as your teamwork is excellent. You are by far the best unit we have in this program." He activated a large TV screen with a remote in his hand. It showed a large picture of me, doing my superman down the stairs. It was paused so we all got a good look at it before he changed it to my bicycle kick, then he changed it to an old picture of Jack doing a flying leap, with a roll at the end, killing two people in the air, and two more in the roll.

"We will be watching your boys very closely for the remainder of your training, keep up the good work. Dismissed, Craiger, would you please drive them to down time."

"Sir!" Craiger shouted, and beckoned us down the stairs back out to the truck. Down time is the name of the cafe.

Five minutes later Craiger dropped us off at the steps of down time, and we walked inside. Every one else was already seated, and some people were already done. Down time is a large cafe, where we can order any thing we want to eat or drink, with limitations of course, but we don't have to pay anything. There are card, chess and checkers tables. They teach basic strategy, and keep us on our toes.

We all ordered a meal and sat down.

"Well gentlemen I propose a toast," he said, raising a bottle of soda, "To the best goddamn soldiers that ever went through this program."

"Here here!' We all said together, as we chinked out bottles together. I drank deeply, my throat was dry from Matt and mine's running excursion in the first battle. The rest of the meal went by with out much chatter, we were all too busy eating. It would be along time between meals.

After we were finished, we grabbed a deck of cards, and played some furious poker, which I dominated. Jack was in second. Then after what seemed like a very short time Craiger entered the cafe.

"Your hour is up, report to the school at once, you will receive further instructions there." We all got up, collected our equipment, and walked back onto the field.

The school is a large almost finished school building that is on the grounds of the compound. There is only a small section on the second floor that isn't finished. The halls are complete with lockers, and some of the classrooms even have desks. But for some reasons, most people think it was taxes, or funding, but whatever the reason, the construction stopped, and it sat abandoned, for a little bit. Until it was commandeered by us. Now instead of teaching math, science and stuff like that, it teaches battle tactics, and killing methods.

After a short walk we waited outside the main door of the school. We were waiting for Craiger to arrive, and give us our instructions.

"What do you think we're gonna do?" Matt asked.

"Don't know." Scott answered. The answer came soon enough. Craiger arrived, and yelled for every one to hear.

"We're going to try that again. See if you guys can save some of your dignity." He looked at the other three units. "Divide into the two groups, and the game will start in five minutes."

We moved to our different ends of the school, and waited for the game to start.

"We definitely need a good strategy, this is a whole different place." Scott said.

"So what do we do?" Asked Rossi.

"Yea come on Scott, your the military genius, think of something." Davis said.

"Well...," Scott began, "We can safely assume that there going to split up, so we can ambush each group of them separately, when our numbers are even, not drastically outnumbered."

"Works for me." Davis said.

"But how can we assume that they are going to split up." I asked.

"Well look at how well we work together. I mean the other SWAT team just running off with out even asking what we were going to do, they will split up, trust me. Plus, if they walk around in a big, huge group, they won't be able to find us." Scott replied.

"Think of it this way." I said, "If we get in a fire fight with a group of six. There's a fifty fifty chance some of us are going to catch it. But they have the advantage even if we kill all of that team, because there is still two more groups out there, and we might be at half strength."

"Works for me." Rossi said.

A few minutes later, the game began with a gunshot piercing the air. We filed into the school, in two lines of three. the one on the right went, me, Matt, Davis. The other went Scott, Jack, Rossi.

We walked down the hallways, my line against the right wall, Scott's against the left. As we came to each classroom, we kicked in each door, and cleared each room. After a little while of traveling in this fashion, we neared the end of the hallway. It came to a T junction.

I positioned my self on the left side of the last door in that hallway, but before Matt could even get on the right side, there was a flicker of movement in the corner of my eye. I turned, and saw one of the enemies, lean in at the end of the hall, and fire.

"Hit the dirt!" I yelled. The first shot missed all of us, but I swear it grazed Davis's hair.

In a flash I got to my feet. I rammed my shoulder into the door on my right, and threw myself onto the floor of the classroom. There was only one problem, there were already two people in that room. I realized it as soon as I opened the door, because paint began to fly at me from behind some desks.

Luckily when I dove into the room, I landed behind the teachers desk. Shots began to slam into it from the other side of the room, splattering me with paint. I looked around the corner of the desk with one eye. I could see the two people behind the desks, the room appeared to be empty other than them, but I could hear furious fighting going on out side in the hall.

I jumped up, and fired a few rounds, then ducked as their return fire came my way. I repeated the process several times, but each time it was the same, no one could hit each other, because as soon as the rounds began to come at us, we all ducked. I had some close calls though, when the second person behind the desk got brave, and took the chance that I wasn't shooting at him, and at his partner, and he fired at me, just missing me.

"Try this!" I said to my self, as I rammed my gun barrel into one of the desk drawers pushing it out backwards. I put my gun into the hole now in a direct line with the two guys, and sprayed fire at both of them. The first one took a round in the face, the second ducked back behind the desks.

At that moment I heard a great shuffling of feet, and a voice I recognized as Scot's yelling "Retreat! Retreat!" I heard even more footsteps as many enemies pursued them down the corridor. I had to get rid of my opponent behind the desks, and the situation presented it self very soon.

He lobbed a grenade over the desk. But as usual, he forgot to hold it. I dove on the grenade, and threw it as hard as I could at the floor. It slid across the floor, and right under the desks. It slammed into his leg, and went off. Since it went off practically in his hand, he had no chance.

I stood up, and walked over to the door, and poked my head out. I couldn't tell exactly what happened, but I had a pretty good idea. When the rest of my team retreated, they found a solid wall of people blocking the way. So they did the only thing they could, they ran into one of the class rooms. But no matter how good we are, we couldn't escape a trap like that with out losses. I could see a form I recognized as Rossi lying in the middle of the hallway. Now I could only assume that what remained of my unit was garrisoned in one of the classrooms. There was a great deal of people crowding around, and shooting into the door near the end of the hall.

There are three ways to get into every classroom. The main door, attached to the hallway, and the two fire escape doors that lead into the adjacent classrooms. I was pretty sure that there was a full unit guarding each doorway.

"Well, time to save the day." I said to my self.

With a flying leap, I leapt up and pulled the grating off an air conditioning duct. It hung open on a hinge. With another leap, I jumped up and grabbed the lip of the vent, and pulled my self up. It was a large air conditioning duct that I was able to fit in very easily. I crawled for several feet, until I was above the six people guarding the doorway to the classroom where my friends were holding out. I was looking down a grate at the heads of the other unit.

"Well now, how do you take out six enemy's at once," I whispered to no one, as I pulled the pin on a paint grenade, "Like this." With one hand I pushed the grating open, with the other I dropped the grenade down onto the ground in front of the six enemy's. I ducked back into the vent to avoid getting hit by the blast. And when I looked down again, all six of them were lying down, covered in paint.

"Saves the day again." I said to my self. I sat there contemplating my next move when I heard a distant gunshot, signaling the end of the round. I dropped down from the vent, and joined my team as they walked out onto the field. When every one arrived, Craiger yelled.

"Today, we'll be ending a bit early. I suggest you spend this free time in your racks, we'll be picking it up again tomorrow. Dismissed!"

Before we all went back to the room, we all went to down time for some food. Seated around a table, a plate of food in front of each of us, and a bottle of soda clutched in every ones hand.

"Gentlemen, need we even vote for the MVP?"

"No!" Every one said at once. The picking of an MVP after every day of paint ball was started by Jack. Every one votes for who they think did the best.

We all chinked our glasses together, and I got several slaps on the back. After a hearty meal, and combat simulation all day, we retired. And I for one fell asleep instantly.