A/N Hello and welcome to my first story...or well it's actually a poem. Okay bye.

I thought we were friends.

I thought you cared enough to not stab me in the back.

I thought I was more than simply convenient .


You proved me wrong.

I asked you straight to your face.

But your reassurances were empty.

And we both knew it.

You can always tell when someone's lying.

And I guess I should have expected this.

Should have kept it to myself if I wanted a different answer.

Isn't that what you told me?

Told me what you really thought of me.

Let's be honest, you said.

But your honesty was cruel.

Was it your absolute need to be honest that drove you to crush me in a fruitless endeavor to boost your own self-esteem?

Was that need so great that you granted yourself the okay to use all my flaws, insecurities, and secrets that I trusted you with against me?

But never mind.

I don't care.

I don't care and I am done with you.

I am done with your lies.

And your manipulation.

And completely done with your self-assured, "better-than-thou" attitude.

I am done with the way you think you are better than me.

And maybe you are.

But now it'd my turn to be honest.

And honestly I was glad for you.

I was happy you were confident in yourself.

And I was content to boost you up when you were feeling down.

Too bad you could never do the same to me.

Too bad that instead you put me down, mocked my intelligence, and made me feel like I wasn't good enough to be your friend.

Because after everything you put me through,

I think it's you who doesn't deserve to be mine.

And even if you were better then,

I'm a much better person now.

Thanks for reading:)