A/N Hello, so confession of jealousy. Do with that what you will.


It's such an indecisive word.

But for an indecisive, people-pleasing person it makes sense.

It's not harsh.

It's flimsy.

It's for insulting someone, but slightly.

It's for making excuses and evading questions.

It's for confessing the things you're ashamed of.

Sometimes I think people like her more then me.

She's prettier.

She's confident.

She's loud.

She's not afraid to be herself.

She's the exact opposite of me.

There's no question who people should like more.

Sometimes, I like her more than I like myself.

Sometimes, I envy her.

And I am ashamed to say that.

Family shouldn't be jealous of each other.

Sisters shouldn't be jealous of each other

I hate myself for it sometimes.

But I can't help but feel justified.

What am I in comparison?

Socially awkward, introverted, unfashionable, and average.

Average in everything but school.

But even that doesn't count.

Because even though she doesn't try at all and plays dumb, she's smarter than me.

People may think I'm smarter, but inside I know it's a losing battle.

But why does it have to be a battle?

It shouldn't be.

I know everything's not a competition, but sometimes it feels like it is.

Which is stupid, immature, and unrealistic.

Because I wouldn't win anyway.

Thanks for taking the time to read:)