You turned to look

Seconds flew by like birds

My hands grew cold

There was once a tale. A tale so beautiful and sad that it was left unfinished in fear of angering the gods. The gods, who made this story sad, were angry at this person for going behind their back and delivering something that wasn't meant for the people the person delivered the thing to.

I sat behind the cracked wall, listening to my mother as she told the story over as she did nightly in her soft sweet voice to my little brat of a sister. Through it was never told to me, it had become my favorite out of the entire non-sense mother sprouted.

The tale of The Great Prometheus, who fell from grace because he delivered fire to the humans Zeus, created. But the humans were suppose to remain simple, unintelligent and worship Zeus and the other gods, though when Prometheus brought fire, the humans turned against the gods for keeping from them and thus praised Prometheus. Angered, Zeus tried Prometheus to the tallest mountain in hopes of the humans worshipping him again.

"Special! Is that you peeking around the corner?" Mother's voice thundered around the room. Slipping back farther in my hiding space, I clinched in fear. If she found me here I would surely be beaten and I still hadn't recovered from the last one!

Hobbling away as fast as I could with bruised thighs and a twisted arm, I snuck back into our small kitchen where the other servants were.


Tried to the ever growing mountain, I tried tugging on the thunderbolts that strung me to this monster of a rock and found it was as strong and tight as had always been. I cursed myself for how stupid I had been, for how a fool I was. I should have known Atlai was after my position with me being so far up in rank.

Though I couldn't help but thank him a little also, it felt nice to be without responsibility and constant worry of war with the other gods, but that didn't make this rock anymore comfortable as the sharp points pierced my skin. Drawn blood streamed down my sides and back only to dissolve a moment later. Oh an lets not forget those damn birds that come to pick out my organ as punishment also.

Staring at the sky I wished my fate was different. I wished to have a life of that of Zeus and of the people down below. A life with a wife and children that solely only needed me. I wished knowing that my fate had already been sealed.

The beautiful blue sky filled with beasts that raged on me daily, sighing I awaited my torment.


"Special, what do you have in your mouth?!" Mother screamed from where she stood by the kitchens door.

I gulped as I tried to finish the small piece of apple I still had lodged in my mouth. I knew I shouldn't have taken the risk but I was hungry, I hadn't eaten since last week and water only went so far.

"Mmmm nothing, m-ma'am." I muttered sticking the unfinished apple under my tongue.

"Open your mouth!" I prayed the apple piece wouldn't fall out. Opening my mouth I pressed my tongue down on the apple as mother inspected me.

"Hmmm, say ahh!"

"Ahhhh." I struggled out as I felt the apple moved.

She nodded her head as she began to walk away, before suddenly striking me in my stomach. The apple piece came flying out.

"I knew you where lying bitch.' She smiled. 'Go get the whip." I cringed in fear.

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