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Hobbling awkwardly, I slowly made my way down the dusty road towards the market. Cursing slightly when I stumbled over a rock, tears stung my eyes. This was to much! Heading to the side of the road were a small patch of grass was I carefully sat down and cried my whole life story.

Every nasty word, name, beating and lastly but not least, this life period all seem to fade away even if it was for a moment. For a moment I wasn't a girl beaten in submissive,No! I was a strong willed girl who handled her own! One who ruled her own life.

Bitter laugher escaped my mouth as I wished all that was true. It would never happen as I my prayers for a different life fell on the deaf ears of the gods, though they went unanswered it never stopped me for wishing still every night.

Drying my swollen eyes, I continued back to my task of reaching the market before I received another beating for taking to long. A beating I didn't need while I was still recovering from the last.


The black bird stared at me with its small beady eyes as it tore another piece of my lung out and gobbled it. Groaning I waited the moment the sun appeared and theses damn birds left. Tortured all night can do things to a man but after a while you only wish to get sleep before the demon birds came back.

Staring at the clouds I counted down the seconds before the sun would appear only to be disappointed when it remained dark with heavy clouds. Sighing I knew then, that Zeus and the others were watching me and wanted my punishment to last longer.


Juggling a batch of freshly baked bread, along with a basket of just picked vegetables. I hurried as I noticed the angry storm clouds settling in. I was in need of one last item which happened to be ma'am's dress. Cursing I picked up my step even more as the first drops of rain tapped my cheek. No oh no!

Merchants began closing their shops as drops of rain began to grew fatter. Cursing I speed up towards the dress maker's shop before he closed. Turning the corner, I noticed a child sitting besides the wall crying.

Walk by, walk by, I yelled at myself. You can't do this again! You can't risk another beating! Even with that being said I stopped dropping my stuff and went to the child wondering what was wrong.? Was he lost? Or homeless? My heart reached out for the child as I reached for his hand.

"What's wrong little one?"

"Mama and papa are gone." He sobbed as crystal tears traveled his cheeks. His brown hair curling in a wet wisps as his brown eyes stared up at me.

"Oh little one, I'll help you look for them." Instead of his eyes lighting up he cried even more. I was missing something but I want sure what it was.

"Little one?" He took my hand as he stood up and tugged me along after him. After a couple of turns he paused in front of an dark alley. Pointing he said no words.

Walking forward, my hand slipped from the little boy's. Looking back, the boy still pointed. I continued on when my foot hit something, causing me to trip. I landed on something soft, lifting up, something wet covered my hand.

Looking down, I blinked a few times before my mouth and brain connected. Screaming I jumped off the body only to land on another.

Standing i moved away from the bodies, glancing back to where I left the little I saw him just standing there.

"What happened?" I asked. Panting heavily I moved towards him wiping my hands on my sad excuse of a dress.

"It's time." He answered in a deep voice ,a too deep for a child of his age to possess.

"It's what-your-"
He child
"HELP! HELP! HELP ME!" He cried out. The sound of multiple feet running followed as he continue to cry out.

"HELP ME! SHE KILLED MY PARENTS AND SAYS I'M NEXT PLEASE HELP ME!" He cried into the chest of a woman from the group that now surrounded him.

Backing up, I handle up my hands pleading I was innocent. "I have done nothing to the child. He sobbed behind a building and I merely tried to help him he is continued!"

"Then why are you covered in blood!" A man cried. He pointed at my dress where multiple stain dropped my dress where I had wiped the blood I fell in on.

"I asked him where his parents where and he brought me here. Pointing into the alley, I went in and fell over the dead bodies. Please I didn't kill anyone." I cried as tears streamed down my face.

"She's lying!" The little boy yelled."She killed my parents while forcing me to watch! Please help me! Please don't let her kill me!" The little boy cried. Grabbing onto the woman even more he pressed his head into her breast.

"He lies." I cried. Falling to my knees, I brought my blood stain hands.

"How dare you call a child a lie, you wrenched whore!" The woman holding the child yelled. She stepped forward, whipping her hand forward.

My mouth hung open as my brain caught up. She had slapped me, but in stead of fighting back I just sat there as I had learned, the beatings end early if I did nothing.

So as the woman came forward to slap me again, I closed my mouth as the stinging slap hit my other cheek.

"Beat her" the woman, nodded towards the men "and drop her off on the mountain when your though."

Leaving she tugged the little boy behind her as the men surrounded me. The instinct to run was so great though I just sat there.

"Well, well darling seems to us we're going to have some fun." Grinning a man dressed in black came forward.