Labored pants left my lips as I leaned back against the sharp wall of the mountain. Looking up I prayed to be taken away from all this pain. The copper taste in my mouth pooled before slipping though my parted lips. Leaning over I threw up the rest of the blood that hadn't passed though my lips. Why? I asked the night sky.

Turning a sharp piece of rock lodged into an open shoulder wound. Screaming I tried pulling it out but the pain was just too great. Tears ran along my cheeks as the burning increased, it was as if the all the wounds on my body suddenly intensified.

Closing my eyes I hoped this would be the last as I could no longer handle this. The pain and unwantedness ate at me; it just wasn't worth living for anymore. Leaning against the mountain wall, the rock pushed in more but I didn't cry out. I was done with caring,emotions and feelings. I was empty, broken, and lifeless and wished for death.


(The little boy's pov.)

I let the woman drag me to her house where she prepared to cook me a lunch. Sitting at the table from her as she moved around the kitchen, I grew tired of her rambling about the woman I accused of murdering my parents. I knew humans were stupid but I didn't know they were that stupid. Even a blind person could tell, if they went towards the bodies that they had been killed ages ago by knives which the woman didn't have and the blood she was covered in was mine.

Shaking my head it wasn't suppose to be this easy, the woman was suppose to be loved by all and the people were suppose to put up a fight against my word and hers. But instead they took mines, which lead me to believe I might have looked at the book of fate wrong.

"Can you believe the nerve of that woman?! Blaming an innocent child like you! My boys will make real sure that she gets what's coming to her."She huffed sticking the knife in her hand In the table,before scurrying over to the boiling pot still talking.

Rubbing my forehead, I grew tired of this senseless talk and grew into my true hair,arms, legs grew while my eyes changed into their mystic gold red. Shaking out my body, hair fall over my eyes. I was now Ares, the god of War.

Smiling I grabbed the knife from the table and walked behind the woman. Grabbing her around the waist she gasped and laughed saying 'hey boys did you get the job done?'and turned ,but as her eyes landed on me, fear coursed though her.

"Who are you?"

"Me?" I asked grinning."I'm the boy you rescued. The boy you believed over a innocent woman." Laughing I whispered in her ear that 'I was also the boy who would be killing her.'

Leaving the house,I licked the blood on my fingers enjoyed the copper taste as my mind replayed the screams of that woman. She was a good meal if the stains on my shirt were any indication. But now it was time to focus back on my mission.

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