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The window of time watched over the Book Of Fate as it continued to play events all over the world from every time period.

Hundreds, no thousands of words filled the dusty worn red velvet book with futures and pasts from all whose who lived and died. I leafed though the pages searching for the moral girl, something wasn't right. And when things aren't right, there is no balance and no balance leads to war! A second war which wasn't needed especially if I was ever going to repay my debt to that bastard Zeus.

Running my hand though my hair, I blew out a frustrated breath. The page with the moral girl' life written on it was no longer there. Looking through the pages again I noticed for the first time the small torn strips of paper in the book. The book has been tamped with.

Gulping I stepped back as I stared at the remains of the page. Someone had currupted the book,moving toward the door, I one fate was was missed with who else's, fates came in pairs, soul mates.

Once again reading through the book, I noticed another page ripped. Eyes wide I could not believe what was in front of me.


Stars lined the sky to greet the ever shy moon, though they smiled beautifully I couldn't help but think they mock me after my weak attempt to finish the job those men didn't. Two nights had I lived after the beating from those men. On my first night, I notice after a while the pain faded a little but I wasn't dead yet so moving to the ledge, I spotted,I aimed to jump but my feet would not move me. I stared down into the dark abyss and could not do it. I wanted death but not by my own hands.

"To live"That was what I really craved, to finally live a life were I wasn't a human punch bag where I could be loved! Sighing I had moved back against the rock and thought how I was going to escape this mountain.

But then cries of pain rang throughout the air. Confused, I listened as a fresh set of cries echoed. Excited bubbled though me. A person! Someone else was here with me! And they were in trouble racing up without a thought to the pain or wounds I followed the noise. It was so heart breaking to hear those screams.

The screams sounded as if they were empty, as if they held no life to them. An that scared me what if the person was dead when I got to them. What if I was then left alone again. Running as fast as I could go i listened for the calls but they had suddenly stopped.

"Hello?" I called out. I listened for a reply, but only silence answered.

"Please if your out there answer me!" I yelled out. " I can help!" What a lie I thought. How could I help someone when I couldn't help myself!

Leaning against the small stub, the first night hadn't gone so bad. Though I wished to know where those cries had came from and if the person was ok. Closing my eyes I allowed sleep to drift over me when, cries of pain again rang though the air.

'The person was still alive.' I yelled. Smiling I raced towards the screams. I wasn't going to lose them tonight! Running over rocks of every size and sharpness, my feet bleed as I continued towards that voice. I need for the sake of living and my conscience to make it to that person.

Running then walking then running again, I followed the cries all night until I reached a small clearing that held a giant rock so tall and high I wondered if the mountain was still growing! But after taking notice of the rock the cries had of pain had stopped, shaking my head I fell on the soft grass and cried. I had lost the person this time for good. I mean no could survived a night of torture .

Crying till the sun fell over me I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. Though not before I called out once more.

"I'm here, please answer me!"


The birds were even more aggressive this past two days tearing at me so viciously, that cries left my mouth. This pain was so intense, yet I felt a change in the air. The birds were acting strangely for a reason and I wanted to know why.

And on the second night I found out why. A woman not must older than 18 raced towards me with a frantic look in her eyes. She looked around having not noticed me. Biting back the cries threatening to escape my mouth, I watched as she stood still and a look of despair crossed her face.

Not knowing why, I desperately tried to get to her. This beautiful creature drew me to her and I wanted nothing more than to comfort her. Pulling on the thunderbolts, I felt a little give and with all my might pulled on it, but still it didn't break. The birds sat on the side of me eating and staring at me curiously. And I had to admit I had never acted this aggressively protective towards anyone, but even then I didn't care I just needed her.

Turning my attention back to the woman, crystal tears streamed down her cheeks. Pulling some more, the bolts still didn't give. I needed to get to her. I desperately needed to know what affected her so.

Crying till she fell asleep, I struggled to free myself. The need to be by her intended every second I wasn' sun rose over and the birds left. Pulling again with everything I had left the bolts broke and I rolled down the rock next to the woman.

Pulling her to me, I checked her over taking notice of the wounds and where they were before I mentally made a note to kill whoever did this to her. Running my fingers though her hair, the softness of it reminded me of clouds on a sunny day. I traced a finger down her lovely dirt covered face as I stared at those tempting pink lips. I wanted her but I wouldn't take her like this. I would get her to crave me, want nothing but me.

Smiling,I rolled her into my arms, wrapping them tightly around her. Moving, she curled up against me,burying her face into my chest, she sighed and slept on. Sighing I curled into her when she threw her leg over me, I watched as that secret place was revealed to me, groaning I struggling to keep my hands to myself.

If she was affecting me already like this, then I would enjoy the moments to come when I finally made her mine. Smiling at that I followed my angel into sleep.


Warm so warm, curling into that warmth I sighed in happiness,this I could get used to,never had i been this comfortable.A slight breeze had me moving more towards the warm source when a arm tightened around drawing me closer. My eyes snapped open to come face to face with...

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