A/N A commentary on the inevitable demise and lack of fulfillment in dreams.

Dreams have a way of being crushed.

There is a certain inevitability to it.

Things always have a way of working out against you,

There is no preventing it.

Just like there is no preventing the fact that everyone dreams.


And that is perhaps the worst part of it all.

From the young girl aspiring to be a princess to the little boy hoping to awaken with newfound magic.

From the child wishing for her parents to stop fighting to the the adult hoping to take his dream vacation to Italy before he dies.

From the person crippled with depression clinging to the wish of recovery to the hopeless romantic dreaming of falling in love.

And the one characteristic they have in common is that none of them will come true.

None of their hopes, dreams, aspirations, desires, wishes, none of it will come to fruition.

It's wrong.

It's not fair.

It makes you want to throw the towel in out of the utter frustration of a lost cause.

Because eventually you will lose the naivety that allows the belief in dreams.

And you will realize the pointlessness of it all.

And you will wonder why the hell nobody ever told you.

Never let you know that it was worthless and let you continue off on a wild-goose-chase for something that will forever be just out of our reach.

And another epiphany will hit you.

And as you recall time after time when people discouraged you, said it wasn't worth your time, or that it was impossible, you recognize that it was not pessimism, but practicality.

That they were trying to look out for you and block you from that inevitable disappointment.

Of course, even though they had good intentions, it was all in vain.

Because you can't save a sinking ship.

And that's what we are.

This world is the ocean floor littered with the empty shells of people; broken and hollow, taking on the suffocating waters of despair until it drowns them in its depths.


Okay I know it's not finished, and before you flame, I was stuck and wanted some feedback on how to continue? xx