we can live life on our own,

sing our secret songs and dance.

but share everything we know,

and we'll feel our lives enhance..


She came upon me,

near the ending of my rope.

the one who found me,

before hope and will had broke.

my lost ambition,

was filled by her youthful charm.

a new transition,

engaged by her open arms.

her passion for life,

out surpassed what most would fear,

as sharp as a knife,

young, yet wise beyond her years.

we spoke frequently,

of things we most desired.

we spoke secretly,

as both our minds conspired.

"this is it," i thought,

released from my awful cage.

everything i sought,

defined in her piercing gaze..



what some chaos theories show,

with all our fancy science,

from peace, disorder will grow.

don't give high hopes reliance..


yet the more we spoke,

the less i knew.

a distant approach,

within her grew.

though i was adored,

i felt suppressed.

i wanted her more,

she needed less.

"you shouldn't come close,

my time is short.

i'm different from most,"

she would retort.

but she was my muse,

she gave me life!

i had to refuse,

her harsh advice.



i once caught a shooting star,

but it fell between my hands.

so intense it left a scar,

to remind me of my chance..


i bore my heart freely,

exposing my soul.

i spoke to her sweetly,

gave warmth to the cold.

it made no difference,

she would have her way.

not from indifference,

she just couldn't stay.

her genetic defect,

spread rather quickly.

so, instead of regret,

she ended things swiftly.



in those brief honest moments,

where untold boundlessness lies,

weather friendship or romance,

our vast potential abides..


she faded away,

and not a word since.

i'm brighter today,

from just that one glimpse.

my mystery girl,

brought forth a new dawn.

her life was a whirl.

till the great beyond.




"Instant Crush" by Daft Punk

"Sally's Song" by Amy Lee

"World of Shit" by The Eels

"Preaching The End Of The World" by Chris Cornell