The Golden Sari Intro

Sarah Gold lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling of her room; warm, handmade quilts tucked comfortably around her.

She had no motivation to rise just yet; there were too many things on her mind.

Her thoughts wandered back to about a month ago, when she had accidentally become her city's protector.

Yes, accidentally, as in, not on purpose.

Sarah is not, in any way super hero material; tall and willowy with long raven hair cascading to the small of her back, a pale, pinched face, and wide, pitch black eyes that shine with insecurity and worry.

You see, on her fourteenth birthday her grandmother had given her a puzzle box.

It was an intricate thing about the size of a thick, hard cover book, made of sanded rose wood and inlayed with gold plaiting.

It had taken Sarah two weeks to figure out how to open it.

Inside had lain a pretty chocker necklace made of woven strips of cloth; with a single golden flower in the middle, a button in its center.

This necklace, an ancient thing, gave her super powers; emblazing a golden sun onto the back of her hand that would shine whenever she was needed.

Of course, she was not the only one that had such a job.

In her thriving city of Kingstree, there were many heroes and self-appointed leagues.

But, unlike Sarah, They were all in it just for the glory and money given by the state.

Let's just say they were pretty thrown off when she arrived, getting the bad guys then disappearing before any reward was even offered.

The city began to call her "the Good-Girl."

…Yeah…Sarah didn't like that one bit.

One day she just got tired of it, and, after saving a shopping mall from being ransacked, she stuck around longer than usual.

Now of course this thrilled the press to no end, they swarmed around below her perch upon the building, screaming questions and trying to climb up to meet her.

Gathering her courage, she cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted for quiet; the crowd shut up right away.

"First of all," she said, pacing on the roof, "this 'Good-Girl' business is not going to work. I have a different name, you know."

"Oh yeah?" asked one of the reporters. "Then what is it?"

Sarah stopped for a moment, thinking.

"You can call me…I am…" another short period of silence, then a strong reply.

"I am The Golden Sari."

And then, the golden sari was then officially born, (though technically she wore a kind of cloak, not a sari…Aw well, it still sounded good, and the name stuck.)

Jerking back into the present, Sarah sat up and glanced at the hand drawn poster hanging by her bed.

The Golden Sari…yep, that's her alright.

Her friend Poppie had drawn it for her, Poppie Rozzy (what a nickname…) was an aspiring reporter and had dirt on every one…well, everyone except for Sarah.

That's part of the reason they were such good friends... Poppie trusted her.

With a sigh Sarah stood up, the blankets falling to the floor as she hurried to get ready for school.