Sonnet 1

by v_voltaire

:I was bitten by the poetry bug late one night. It occurred after I saw Dorian (brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!). I just woke up at 3:30 in the morning and began to write. These are written in the Spenserian form (abab, bcbc, cdcd, ee). Why? Because it's the most difficult rhyme scheme. Call me a masochist, this is the only form I found I could write in. And the funny thing is, I hate poetry.:

I could not bring myself to speak

To tell you of my hidden love

For fear my words would come out weak

Or tell all I am thinking of

Your face: a gift from up above

Your voice: sweet songs, oh soft and clear

Your soul: as airy as a dove

My heart: so frightened when you're near.

I could not say how you are dear

For while my words would make you stay

The silence after, full of fear,

Would make you swiftly run away.

I could not speak past love as friends

For fear these words would never end.