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By the way, Tsuki Ga Terashiteru means something along the lines of The Moon Illuminates Us

Warnings for: Vulgar Language and It Is Immediately Placed Under Rated R so... yeah, you get the idea

Despite my parents selling me for drugs and alcohol... I still want them to come back... I'd rather be begging for money with them then live in this hellhole... You know, I heard from somewhere on a kid's show that 'Grown-ups always come back'... heh, well, they sure as hell do come back... but it's always the ones that you hate that return... The grown-ups you truly wish to see again sometimes never come back...

Speaking of grown-ups that you don't want to see... here comes the bastard now...

"... Now I'll give you a discount because you happen to come so often for him... how does that sound Mr. Credo? And you can bring him back in three days." I could hear my master bargaining with the disgusting creep. The door to my jail room opened and my master walked in first. I couldn't help but scoff at how his round, midget ass had to basically wobble around the whore house. His balding head and wrinkly body made me laugh inside. He looked so ugly... revolting... pathetic... and he captured the women and children who looked so much more desirable than him... made us in debt to him and had us repaying like this... getting rich off of our misery... and we could do nothing... with us so malnourished we wouldn't have the strength to fight back and he knew it... the sick bastard...

My 'friend' walked in behind my master, a sick grin in place. His oily brown hair glinted in the dim light of my room. His suit was crisp and he looked like he was ready to go on a business trip... oh crap...

"I would love to take little Sybelle with me on my trip. Thank you for cooperating with me Mr. Jonson. I will make sure to take very good care of him..." Credo scrutinized my attire and that sick grin of his grew.

Of course he had to come to buy me for three days when all I had on was a pair of seriously tattered jeans. My body was almost completely showcased for him to observe... and I glared at him lazily from where I lie on my too-small bed under my barred window. Credo motioned for my master to leave for a moment and he smiled at me, mouthing out 'be good' before shutting the door.

Credo approached me and I remained still and impassive. I was stretched out, my legs hanging off of the bed, with my head propped up on one arm and the other rest along my side. He admired me from where he stood before he leaned over to run his hand through my layered, unusually white hair. His brown eyes met my hazel ones and after a while I broke the eye contact.

I moved so that I could sit up before mumbling out, "So... three days?"

Credo nods. I close my eyes when I feel his hand graze my chest and stomach, "Two nights in a hotel could be very lonesome for me... I wanted to have my favorite friend for company..."

I let out a shuddered breath, wishing he would just stop running his hand over my naked torso, "How much did you pay for me?"

"I was able to receive a discount my little puppy... I only paid $500 for you for two nights out of the city."

Heh, that wouldn't even leave a dent in the debt I have to pay back. My parents must have screamed out in joy when my master gave them so much money for their 'little feminine boy's soul'. I refrained from letting out a sob – I couldn't let my weakness and despair show... that is what my master craves- and instead I stood up, "When do you leave?"

"Right now..."

I swallowed thickly before nodding. I snagged my tattered button up shirt and threw it on, not bothering with the buttons. Credo put a hand on the small of my back and started to push me forward. As I made my way out of my room, I noticed the other whores staring at me... I was the king of prostitutes among my age and among my gender overall in this miserable place... I was the one that people paid the most, fought over, and called on the most... so many people were always watching me whenever I left with my clients, wondering how I got to become so popular... wondering how deep in debt I must be in despite how many people paid for me... wondering how I fell into this life... and some even had the guts to come and ask me how I live this way period, in such disgrace...

My answer: A death glare and the cold hard truth; I would never pay off my debt until many years pass... I would never escape... so I work for my freedom... and I finally don't give much of a damn anymore...what else can I do?

Sounds pitiful right? Well no one gives a flying shit when this is your life... so why should I give a shit anymore when no one else would give a shit... damn that just sounds repetitive... maybe I am just trying to make myself feel better because I know I'm going to be overused for these two days to come? I have a feeling Credo is going to enjoy himself... and I'm going to visit Hell for a little while...

Soooooo, what do you think? Did you like?