Now I will admit that I literally hit a road block with this story, but I'm trying my best here! Hope you'll still read it!

I was aroused from my slumber by the pain that I tried to mask. A quiet moan slipped from my mouth and I carefully stretched my arms over my head. The first thing that I noticed was the fact that I was not cold and the bed was so cushioned that I was sinking into the mattress. My eyes fluttered open and I was greeted with the sight of some very lavish, very old-styled furniture... almost... Victorian if you ask me. The furniture itself was a deep red and anything covering it (i.e. curtains, place mats, blankets, etc.) was black. Sitting up, I rubbed my head and winced slightly at the pain that coursed through my whole body.

I debated whether I really wanted to get out of this comfortable bed... and then my stomach growled... Yeah, I want to get out of this bed... and find a change of clothes... The gods only know where the hell my clothes went, but I had bandages on, so someone was probably taking care of me. It would have been nice if they at least put a pair of underwear on me though; did they really have to leave me stark naked... Wait, where the hell was I and who exactly was 'they'? Was this the home of that man in red? I wasn't dreaming that he paid off my debt? It was all real?! Holy crap... The big question is 'what now' since I still haven't a clue why that man bought me... I really need to figure some things out... I mean, the whore house doesn't own me anymore... but this man in red does now... so, what is my new purpose?

Slowly, I moved towards the edge of the bed and put one leg at a time over. When my feet were firmly planted on the ground, I took a deep breath and pushed off of the bed. I would be lying if I said I was surprised that I collapsed onto the ground the moment I stood up. Fuck that was a very stupid move! The pain was intense, even with red carpeted flooring, but after a few breaths I got it under control... and then I got to the task of trying to stand up again.

I was in the middle of lifting my heavy body up when I heard a door open, "What in bloody hell are you doing out of your bed?! You should still be resting!" a woman with a British accent cried out in surprise.

I looked over my shoulder and sure enough, a woman, who looked to be in her late twenties with blonde hair pinned up in a bun, was running towards me wearing a flowing white summer dress (in this weather?!) that ended at her knees.

I felt myself falling again and I reached out to grab ahold of something to stop me... It would be my luck that I just so happened to miss the firm bed and grabbed onto the blankets instead... So I went crashing to the floor once more, but at least I had some blankets to cover up my naked body... the carpet still hurt though. When she approached me and reached out to help, I flinched heavily and shied away from her touch. Fuck! What's wrong with me?! I shouldn't be flinching like that! It'll only serve to get me beaten! Oh dammit I'm so going to get my ass beaten for sure if I keep acting this way!

"Oh dear... I'm not going to hurt you, I'm here to help you..." she pouted and held out her hand slowly, "Trust me."

It took me a moment to reach out and take the woman's hand. She lifted me up carefully and made sure to keep her deep ocean blue eyes trained on mine, most likely understanding how embarrassed and scared and confused I felt at that moment. She helped me sit back down on the bed and held up a finger, "Now I have clothes for you in another room... Don't get up and try to move again. I have to get back to cleaning but I will send Silas and Kaleb to take care of you..."

She was about to walk away but I called her back, my voice slightly raspy and hoarse, "Who is Silas and who is Kaleb? Who are you?! Where exactly am I?"

"Oh I am terribly sorry, I am!" She exclaimed, her hands holding her cheeks as she realized I was still a confused mess, "My name is Cali, dear, and I am the maid of this mansion... I take care of Master Sven's home for him." a big smile erupted on her face, "Master Sven brought you here after he saved you from that wretched place you were forced to live and work in."

Master Sven...? Mansion...?!

"So... that guy that was dressed in red... his name is Sven...? Okay... now, who are Kaleb and Silas?"

"Kaleb is the one who drove you and Master Sven home and Silas is the one who tended to your wounds when you first came here... oh, but you were already sleeping at the time... Oh well, you'll meet them soon enough."

"... Where is Sven now?" I asked timidly.

Cali frowned slightly, "I think the Master is in the basement right now..." she smiled again, "Well, I'm off now. The boys will be here in no time to take care of you, okay? And I promise that when Master Sven comes to see you again, you'll get some more answers... For now, just trust us because we are here to help you and take care of you..."

Cali pats my head before walking out of the room. I pulled the blankets over my lap and listened to the British maid calling out for the two men she named before. I was left sitting on the bed and wondering what the hell Fate had in store for me. I randomly wake up in a lavish mansion and meet a wonderful maid and learn that my new owner is most likely a merciful one, here to take care of me for the rest of my life... I kinda like this route that Fate has nudged me down if you ask me... But that doesn't mean I am not suspicious... because all nice things come to a brutal end... or a hefty price... I've learned that the hard way...

My thoughts were interrupted when a gentle knock sounded from the door. I looked up to see a man who looked a few years older than me waiting for me to allow him to enter. I found it odd how he waited for me to quietly say it was okay to come into the room, seeing as I was never shown any kind of gratitude or courtesy in my entire life. I observed him as he approached me. The man was quiet, shy almost, with short, neatly kept black hair and calm dark brown eyes. His light bronze complexion was flawless and beneath the tight black muscle shirt he had on I could make out the lines of his toned body. The man's neck was wrapped in medical gauze and it had me wondering if something happened.

He was staring at me as well, taking in my current state. The raven sat down next to me on the bed and opted to remain silent. I raised an eyebrow, but I didn't say anything. He seemed to like the silence more so I decided not to make him feel uncomfortable. I immediately understood after a while of this man not moving at all that we were waiting on the other man that was supposed to come and take care of me as well. The silence was deafening to me and just when I was about to ask the raven his name, the other man came waltzing right in with a huge smile on his face:

"Ah Silas, you're already here! Wonderful!"

So this tall and handsome green eyed man with short, curly dirty blonde locks must be Kaleb... He was definitely older than Silas, but I could tell that he was younger than Cali. Around his neck was a white choker, but I could just make out the fabric of what could only be medical gauze, which was probably wrapped around his neck as well... Come to think of it... I think Cali might have had gauze on her neck too... was it some weird uniform or something?

Silas stood up from the bed and backed up slightly; it was then that I noticed he was holding a bundle of clothes in his hand. Kaleb dropped a medium sized tin box onto the bed and reached for my hands, starting up the conversation almost instantly, "My name is Kaleb and this silent beauty is Silas. He doesn't talk at all so if he seemed kinda cold then please excuse him, but he isn't used to people being around here."

I was standing completely bare now and I felt my cheeks heating slightly as Kaleb examined my body, "Well, you're healing well that's for sure... And you're standing up pretty well too... I think one more night with the healing salve and the bandages won't hurt." The dirty blonde got to work immediately, spreading a cool, clear liquid onto the bite marks or long gashes left over from Credo's abuse, "You know Sybelle, I feel horrible seeing you in this kind of condition... Something like this should never happen to anyone, least of all to kids your age..." he hesitated slightly and backed up a step, "Um... could you just, lie down and, uh, spread your legs... you have tearing in your rectum and I need to take care of it... I promise I'll be quick." Kaleb waited until I nodded slowly and Silas helped me lie down properly in order for the dirty blonde to continue the procedure.

I closed my eyes and tried to put my mind elsewhere to a better place, but at the same time, staying aware of the situation, "It's okay Kaleb," I stated quietly, "I've sort of grown used to this kind of lifestyle so, it stopped bugging me a long while ago..." I cringed at the feel of Kaleb's cool, slippery finger sliding inside of me to quickly rub the ointment in, "Nothing bothers me as much as it used to." I sighed again when Kaleb's finger retreated, "I try not to let it bother me, at least... so it's okay."

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Silas seemed a bit... disgruntled about how easily I waved the situation away... how I was blowing off the problem with little more than a grunt... I mean, it really isn't such a big deal when you live like that for more than eight years; you get used to the lifestyle... eh, who am I kidding... this shit lifestyle sucks like hell... worse than hell actually... but what can I do with the situation I was in and who really cares about what really happens to someone like me?

... But... apparently someone does, "It is most certainly not okay Sybelle..." Kaleb hid his disbelief a little better than Silas as he rewrapped the medical gauze, "You shouldn't have had to... do... things like that... You never should have had to deal with that at all when you didn't want to... You should have never been forced to go through it at all!"

Kaleb finished dressing my wounds and stepped back slightly so that Silas could help me get changed. I was going to tell the raven that I could dress myself, seeing as I was feeling slightly better now, but the look in his eyes as he pulled on my underwear and cotton black trousers told me otherwise and I kept my mouth shut. As Silas began to dress me, I let out a heavy sigh and spoke the truth, "In some cases, it hurts to think that way Kaleb... I've been doing it for so long that I've trained myself to look at it as a way to gain money and pay of the debt that wasn't even mine to begin with... When you don't look at it as being forced into sex, it kind of makes the situation seem a bit lighter, even just a little bit... I would rather look at the situation in a nonchalant way then torture myself over it..."

Silas worked a silky white peasant shirt over my head and after the material was situated on my body, the raven placed a gentle hand on my shoulder... His eyes held something akin to understanding... something I didn't understand... When he noticed my confusion, Silas looked back to the dirty blonde.

Kaleb approached us and wrapped his arm around Silas's waist, explaining what I believe the raven was trying to get through to me, "Master has saved all of us from unfortunate situations... and he saved Silas from a position similar to yours about three years ago... he was abused too..."

Ahh, a fellow victim of the cruelness of the world... "... It's a horrible thing to go through..." I stated softly as I looked up into Silas's pain-filled brown eyes, an expression I'm pretty sure I was wearing as well. The raven smiled sadly... he was closer to me than I thought... maybe I'd find a way to talk to him like how I can talk to Kaleb and Cali... we have a mutual base of understanding after all... it might do me well to converse with him...

Silas suddenly took my hand and began to pull me forward. My steps were shaky, slow, and careful, as I followed Silas and Kaleb out of the room. Silas held my hand tightly as he led me around; he was sure to stay close in case my strength gave out. When he came up to a grand staircase, Silas stopped. Kaleb, who had been walking behind us the whole time, stepped in front of me and started down the stairs.

"So, we're going to go downstairs where I hope Cali has started some breakfast." The dirty blonde smiled cheerfully despite the melancholy atmosphere that we had just shared in the bedroom. I couldn't help but smile at his attempt to keep the mood light and airy with happiness instead of heavy and damp with depression.

With both of their assistance, I was able to get down the stairs in one piece and with the minimal amount of pain. Kaleb informed Silas that he was going to go and check on Master Sven before leaning forward to place a tender kiss on the raven's cheek and disappearing deeper into the mansion. Hmm, were they together?

I decided it would be rude of me to ask such a question when we were barely acquainted so I simply stared up at Silas, who had his eyes trained on the area that Kaleb disappeared. When Silas realized I was looking up at him, he gave me a sheepish smile before taking my hand once more to lead me to the kitchen. On our trip, I wanted to try to speak to Silas, start a conversation with him... but I just didn't know how. I didn't have to stress for much about that little issue when we came up to the kitchen.

Cali was hoping around going from the stove to the sink to the counter where various ingredients, bowls, and dishes waited to be tended to by her hand. The succulent scents of breakfast reached my nose and caused my mouth to water; I've never smelled anything so delicious before!

"Oh, there you are!" Cali trilled. She skipped over to where Silas and I stood and grabbed both of our hands, pulling us through the kitchen to where there was a cherry wood dinner table with plenty of food already piled high and waiting to be devoured, "The food is still warm boys, now dig in and enjoy! I put my heart and soul into this and I would hate to see it go to waste!"

I stared down dumbly at the mountains of food, "You want us to eat everything?"

Cali held up the peace sign, "Every last crumb! You need to eat to grow up healthy and strong!"

The blonde maid left us alone and I looked up at Silas, "Is she seriously expecting us to eat everything?"

He gave me a smile and nodded before picking up a plate and piling it high. I found myself doing the same thing and in the middle of both of us getting seconds (I couldn't believe I was getting seconds after eating such a big first but damn was Cali's food great and I was starving) Kaleb came walking into the kitchen... actually... he seemed to be... wobbling slightly... and he seemed slightly... pale...

"Kaleb," I swallowed the food in my mouth, "Are you okay?"

He was the complete opposite of how he was acting when I first met... and yet, the moment I asked him if he was alright, he brightened up significantly, and sat down immediately, "Oh I'm fine Sybelle. How's Cali's cooking?"

I didn't want to drop the 'I know you're faking' bomb, as I've pulled the 'I'm okay when I'm really not' act plenty of times, so I dropped the subject instead and answered Kaleb's question, but I let the reluctance seep into my voice, letting him know I didn't really want to drop the subject in the first place, "Her food is delectable... I've never eaten anything so mouthwateringly delicious..."

Cali appeared next to the table and set a plate full of food down in front of Kaleb along with a big cup of milk. They smiled at each other and Cali ruffled his hair gently before sitting down to eat as well. Kaleb, after eating a little bit, began to get some color back to his skin and he also began to converse a lot more. He seemed more like the 'him' I first met not an even an hour ago; it made me feel a bit better knowing he was okay.

It was mostly Cali and Kaleb who talked and I would occasionally speak up and Silas would smile. The table was soon clear of food, a shocker to me, and Cali was shooing us away, claiming that she didn't want us helping with the cleaning. Kaleb and Silas led me back upstairs and had me sit down in the room I had awoken in. While they were helping me up, I couldn't help but feel guilty about leaving Cali to clean up the mess... even if she said she didn't want any help, "Shouldn't we help her? I'm sure the kitchen was probably a mess..."

"You shouldn't be cleaning. You need to rest," Kaleb was telling me as he and Silas tucked me in, "And I assure you that when you wake up again, Master Sven will be able to come and see you and you can talk."

"But I don't feel tired..." I snuggled under the blankets none the less.

Silas suddenly plopped a book on my lap and Kaleb laughed, "That means read and enjoy..."

"So... I have to stay in here?" I asked as I read the back of the book, ooh, it sounds interesting...

"I would let you sit downstairs, but Cali is going to be going on a major cleaning spree. And Silas and I have to go out to town. Plus, you need to try to rest up so that you'll be healthy again."

"I understand..." I nodded, "That's fine then... I guess I'll just wait for... uh... Master... Sven... to come up here then..."

The two men smiled down at me before leaving me alone. The moment they left, I got a heavy feeling in my stomach. I was sitting in a bed waiting for a man to come and greet me... That simple phrase kept circling my head and it only stressed me out so much more. I know that everyone here that I've met keeps saying that I am not going to get hurt anymore... but... I just... have this bad feeling... This scene is just all too familiar now...

I set down the book that Silas gave me, no longer able to concentrate long enough to read it, and cowered under the blankets until my fear exhausted me and I fell asleep once more.