*So this is a new version of the original story. For those of you who have already read it you will notices some changes from the very start. I hope you like this version as much as the original.

Chapter One

I reread the text from Cole for the fourth time before I toss my phone on the dresser and plop down on my bed. Well now what am I suppose to do?

I sit up in bed and snatch my phone off the dresser. I open my contact list and tap on my best friends number. I wait patiently while it rings.

"Now why are you calling me when you should be out celebrating your six month anniversary with Cole?" Allison's voice fills my ear.

"He got called into work so he's going to take me out tomorrow. Now I have nothing to do, that's why I'm calling you." I explain to her and fall back on my bed.

Allison scoffs, "that sucks. I can't believe he got called into work on your anniversary."

"I know right! So you want to hang out?"

"I can't hun. Riley is taking me out. But. You wanna know what you can do? You can wait at Cole's place and surprise him with a nice dinner"

I sit up again, "that's a great idea. I know where he keeps his spare key too. Thanks Ally, you're the best."

"I know I am. Let me know how it's goes."

"I will." I promise.

I hang up the phone and climb out of bed. I grab my purse and slip on my black heels I stop at the full length mirror on the back of my bedroom door and double check my appearance. My long wavy blonde hair is curled and hanging loosely down my back. The light brown eyeshadow and black eyeliner makes my blue eyes pop. The white dress hugs my body, showing off my curves and the black heels add about two inches to my five foot four height.

I grab my purse off of my wooden dresser and walk out the door. I start up my car and head over to Cole's apartment.

The drive is short and I make it there in about ten minutes. I park in a visitor spot and make the short walk to his apartment. I reach into the little potted plant by his door until I feel the cool metal of the key. I unlock his door and push it open.

I stop dead in my tracks and stare at the sight before me. Cole's hazel eyes are opened wide in shock. The half naked girl on his lap is just staring at me, her hand still buried in Cole's dark brown hair.


I'm out the door before he can say anything else. I race back to my car and don't waste time sitting there. I immediately start it back up and pull out of his apartment complex. I speed all the way home and park my car next to Ashston's black Harley Davidson.

I get out of my car, slam the door shut and stomp my way to the front door. I unlock it and throw it open. I slam it shut and head straight for the kitchen. I grab one of the giant black trash bags then reverse my course and head for my room.

Ash's six foot frame blocks my path to my room. His light, shaggy brown hair is messy like usual. His chocolate brown eyes are questioning.

"I'm not in the mood Ash." I say and push pass him.

I slam my bedroom door in his face and lock it. Ash starts pounding on my door and calling my name but I ignore him and look around my room for a second.

With a shake of my head I open up the trash bag and throw all of the stuff that Cole either left here or gave to me. I double check to make sure I got everything then tie the bag shut. I open my bedroom door and Ash freezes mid-knock. I walk past him, bag in hand, without saying a word.

"You know it's rude to ignore people Sammy." he calls after me.

I turn on him and glare, "I wasn't joking when I said I wasn't in the mood."

Ash crosses his muscular arms over his chest, "yeah I can see that. So who's ass do I need to kick to put smile back on that pretty face of yours?"

I couldn't help the small smirk on my face. Ash smiles at me, "it's a start. Now how about showing me the rest of your smile."

Ding dong!

The tiny smirk fades off my fast 'Cause without a doubt I know that it is Cole at the door.

I turn away from Ash and walk over to the front door. I open the door and hold the bag out to Cole, "this is all your crap. Take it and go."

"Come on baby don't do this. Lets just talk." Cole pleads.

I scoff and toss the bag at his feet, "sure Cole lets talk. Lets talk about how I just caught you cheating on me on our fucking anniversary. Lets talk about how you just through six months out the fucking window for some cheap piece of ass!"

"Clover is not some cheap piece of ass!" he snaps at me.

I cross my arms over my chest, "I really don't care Cole. Just take your stuff and go."

He shakes his head and grabs the trash bag, "you know what fine I'll go, but you're gonna be begging for me to take you back in no time."

I shut and lock the door behind him. I turn around to a very pissed off Ash. His jaw fist are clenched at his sides and his jaw is set.

"You have no idea how much I want to go out there and beat the living fuck out of him." he grounds out.

"Just let it go Ash." I say quietly.

"Let it go? Are you insane!? He's lucky he's still breathing for what he did to you!" Ash tells me.

I walk pass Ash and into the living room. I sit down on the couch and turn on the TV. Ash takes the remote out of my hand and shuts the TV. Back off then sits down next to me.

"I really don't want to talk about it." I say without looking at him.

"And I really don't care. We're going to talk about this Sammy. Besides I thought girls always want to talk about their feelings."

I roll my eyes and scoff, "you're such a dork. How am I even friends with you again?"

Ash smiles at me, "'Cause I'm your brother's best friend. Not to mention your closest guy friend."

"Psh, or so you think."

Ash fake gasps, "are you trying to say I'm not your closest guy friend? Why you got to hurt my feelers Sammy?"

"Your feelers? Really?" I can't help the giggle that slips out of my mouth.

"Is that a laugh I hear?"

I shake my head, "nah I think you're delusional."

"Oh really?"

I nod and smile at him. Ash smirks at me and there is this spark in his eyes. Before I can do anything he lunges for me and starts tickling me. I try to roll away from him, but he climbs on top of me and pins me down. I can't stop laughing and he won't stop tickling me.

"Okay...You...Win" I gasp out in between laughs.

Ash stops tickling me and stares down at me, a smile on his face. He brushes the hair out of my face and I can feel something change in the air.

His smile slowly fades, but he doesn't look away from me.

"Ash." I whisper.

He leans closer to me and then the warm pressure of his lips are on mine. My eyes drift shut and I deepen the kiss. Ash moans deep in his throat and that's all it takes for me to lose it.

I sink my hands in his soft hair and pull him closer to me. He runs his tongue across my lip and I eagerly open my mouth. The moment his tongue brushes against mine I moan.

I wrap my legs around his waist and he carefully get up from the couch with me wrapped in his arms. I kiss and nibble on his neck while he walks to my bedroom. He opens the door and tosses me down on the bed. Ash shuts and locks the door then slowly walks back over to the bed.

He pulls off his shirt then climbs into bed with me. He cups my cheek in his hand and kisses me. I run my hands up and down his back and kiss him back with everything I have.

He breaks the kiss and trails his lips down to my neck. He nibbles and sucks and I arch against him. His hand slowly slips up my shirt until he palms my breast. He teases my nipple through the silky bra and I moan.

Ash pulls away from me long enough to pull my dress off. He tosses it on the floor and quickly strips off my bra and thong. His eyes scan me from head to toe and I shiver in anticipation.

Ash leans over me and sucks one nipple into his mouth. I whimper in pleasure and hold his head to me. He runs one hand down until he reaches my pussy. He runs a finger over the sensitive flesh and I shiver. Ash sinks a finger inside of me and I bite back a moan.

"You're so wet." he whispers almost to himself.

I rub against him and he slowly fingers me while he rubs my clit. I grab his face and bring his lips back to mine. He moves his fingers faster and I break from the kiss, panting. I bite down on his shoulder and he moans.

He kisses his way down my neck, stopping to suck on both of my nipples before continuing down my chest then down my stomach. I cry out when he gives my pussy one long lick. His mouth replaces his fingers and it feels so damn amazing. He nibbles and sucks and licks my pussy until I cum.

He climbs back up my body and gently nibbles on my ear, "condom?"

I reach into the dresser next to my bed and pull out a condom. I toss it to him and wait while he puts it on.

Ash kisses me and thrust inside of me. I moan against his lips and arch my back. My sensitive nipples brush against his chest causing them to harden even more.

Ash slowly thrusts in and out of me. I wrap my legs around his waist, "harder" I beg.

He pounds into me harder and faster. Each thrust ripping a moan from my throat.

Ash bites my neck and sends me over the edge. I scrape my nails down his back and cum screaming his name. He bites down harder and thrust one last time.

After a few seconds he rolls over onto his back. I lay next to him panting and completely satisfied.

Ash pulls me into his arms and I snuggle against him. I feel my eyes star to drift shut and instead of fighting it I give into the urge to sleep.