Guilty Pleasure

"You're a cold bitch," Dominic said with seething anger.

"You're a heartless bastard," Kendra shot back.

This type of exchange had been par for the course since Dominic had set his sights on seducing her at the beginning of the last school year, and she had repeatedly rejected him. She wasn't the only girl who had ever rejected him, but she was the only one who hadn't eventually caved to his seduction. He had put on the charm at first, using his smooth as silk moves on her as he tempted her with the thrill of having all of his attention focused on her. She had seen him play this game before, though, and she knew that he was always the winner. He would come on all hot and bothered until he got what he wanted. It amazed her that girls continued to fall prey to his charms even though his reputation was well known.

Once he realized that she wasn't responding to any of his tricks, he had showed her the ugly person she had always known was lurking beneath that gorgeous face and fantastic body. He seemed to make it his mission to annoy her for the rest of the year. Her hope that he had forgotten about her over the summer had ended as soon as she saw the vicious glint in his eyes when he spotted her in the hallway.

He had sauntered up to her with an obnoxious smirk on his perfect face and leaned his six foot frame over her as she tried to ignore him while testing out the combination on her new locker. "Kendra, my love. How was your summer? Did you miss me?"

"Like a bad case of syphilis," she responded in an offhand manner.

He laughed. "Such an old-fashioned girl. You're so quaint. That's why I like you."

"You don't like anyone except yourself," she said in the same bored tone.

"Kendra, you wound me. You really do." He gently took hold of her hand. "Why don't we start over? You know that I'm into you."

His falsely caring voice was already grating on her nerves, but his touch was what really got to her. "Cut the crap," she hissed and yanked her hand out of his grasp.

"Kendra," he continued in his smooth voice. "You're all grown up now. Don't you want to know what it feels like to be a real woman?"

She didn't take the bait and lecture him about how a woman was more than body parts. He had goaded her into enough rants last year that she knew he just enjoyed getting her riled up. Looking straight into his midnight eyes, she spoke slowly and clearly. "I'm not interested in you."

The friendly mask had slipped from his face, and he had lashed out at her with the bitch comment. He hadn't taken three steps away from her before a flirty girl in a miniskirt had flounced into his path. "Dominic! How was your summer?"

"Lisa." He whistled at her. "You're looking good!"

She flushed with pleasure at his compliment. "Thank you."

Kendra's heart sank as Dominic walked off with Lisa. She was a nice girl, and he would break her heart. Kendra guessed that Lisa had lost about twenty pounds over the summer. Her new-found confidence was wasted on Dominic, who would use her and discard her just like every other girl he got into his bed. She hoped that Lisa would hold off on sleeping with him and come to her senses, but the way she had approached him didn't bode well.

Kendra was glad that this was her senior year of high school. She fervently hoped that she would never see Dominic again after graduation. Not only was it depressing to watch him cut a path of destruction through the hearts of the female population, but he was also an academic threat. Her relief was immense last year when the principal announced that there would no longer be a valedictorian beginning the following year. They were changing to the system used by colleges which distinguished students with Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude. Kendra no longer had to worry about the humiliation of being academically bested by that oversexed jerk. How he found time to study in addition to his "extra-curricular" activities was beyond her. His intelligence was just one more thing on the list of unfair advantages bestowed upon an undeserving person. She could more easily dismiss him as a loser living out his glory days if he was stupid. Kendra could have at least consoled herself with the thought that his looks would eventually fade. It wasn't fair that such a despicable person might actually have a brilliant future ahead of him.

Her day improved tremendously when she discovered that he wasn't in any of her classes. She wouldn't have to suffer through another nightmare like last year when he was her partner in Chemistry. He wasn't even in the same lunch period with her. Now she would only have to deal with him for short periods of time when they happened to pass in the hallway. Or when he decided to seek her out by her locker before or after school, she amended. That wasn't a consideration today, because she had no reason to stop by her locker at the end of the first day of school.

She was walking toward the exit with her best friend when Dominic fell into step beside Caroline. Kendra continued what she was telling her about the field trip to France at the end of the year.

"That sounds like fun," Dominic commented. "I'm taking Chinese myself. It's more useful in the business world."

"Why'd you quit Spanish?" Caroline asked. She glanced nervously at Kendra, knowing that she frowned on engaging him in conversation.

"I didn't. I already got a decent base in it the first year, so I continued studying it on my own at home," he explained. "Chinese is much more difficult to master."

Caroline grimaced. "I couldn't deal with that. It's too hard."

"Just because something's hard doesn't mean that you should give up on it." His eyes were on Kendra as he spoke, but he didn't address her directly for once.

"I know," Caroline agreed. "I'm just starting to get burned out on school. You know?"

"Yeah, but you can't slack off until you get your college acceptance letter," he advised her.

This was why he was such a heartbreaker, Kendra thought. He could act like a decent person when he wanted to and have a normal conversation. She was grateful that he had spared Caroline from his advances. He was always uncharacteristically polite and respectful toward her. Dominic stepped aside as Adam walked up to put an arm around Caroline. She looked back apologetically at Kendra as her boyfriend talked nonstop while walking her toward his car. Kendra smiled and waved at her. Her smile faded when Dominic followed her to her car. She ignored him as she clicked open the lock.

Dominic stepped closer to her and spoke low in her ear. "I don't know why I feel this way about him when I know what he is, but it's only my body that wants him."

Kendra froze in shock at hearing those words come out of his mouth. It was impossible! That was from her private diary, and it was at home in her desk. There was no way he could have read it. Yet what he said next proved without a doubt that he had.

"I undress for him while he watches me the entire time with his midnight eyes. Then he starts to—"

"Stop!" Kendra pleaded.

"But I was just getting to the good part," he breathed in her ear.

She stepped away from him and tried to steady her breathing as she desperately thought of a way to salvage her dignity. First she had to find out what had happened. "How did you—"

"Your sister gave it to me," he informed her.

Kendra gaped at him. Veronica! She was going to kill Veronica!

"I don't think she knew what it was," he defended her. "She's a sweet girl, but she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. I asked her for a piece of paper, and she gave me the entire notebook. Helpful girl that she is."

Even as she was reeling from this betrayal, she wondered which class Veronica could possibly have with Dominic. He was in advanced classes, and her sister certainly wasn't. It had to be study hall.

"Pop Culture," he supplied as if reading her thoughts.

It was a fun elective class, which was the only kind her sister would enjoy taking. The information he had provided gave Kendra an idea. "Wow, I can't believe she gave you her diary."

"Nice try, but Veronica wouldn't use words like smoldering or insatiable. Thanks for that, by the way. Also, you attributed your sex dream about me to subconsciously hearing the sounds of Veronica and her boyfriend fucking in the next room." He said all of that in the most matter of fact tone of voice imaginable.

It gave Kendra a sliver of hope that he would be reasonable. "Please give it back to me." Despite her humiliation, she kept eye contact with him and spoke in a strong, steady voice. He would use any sign of weakness against her.

"I will after you do what we both know you want to do."

He made no move to touch her, but she was trapped by his dark eyes. "I'm not going to have sex with you," she told him in a less steady voice.

"You finally admitted that it's what you want. Was that so hard?" His tone was ever so reasonable. It hid so well the monster underneath.

"I said that I'm not going to—"

He cut her off in a haughty manner. "Then I'm not giving you your diary back."

"You can't keep it," she protested, even though she knew it was useless to argue.

"It'll provide great masturbation material until you change your mind. I have to tell you, I'm impressed by what I've read so far. I had no idea that you have such a dirty mind. I guess it's true what they say. It's always the quiet ones." Instead of his normal infuriating smirk, a slow, sensual smile played over his lips. "I take back what I said. You're not cold at all."

"You're still a heartless bastard," Kendra spat at him while she struggled not to cry from frustration.

"Actually, it was sexy bastard, as I recall." With that, his cocky smirk reappeared, and he walked away and left her to have a meltdown in her car.


This story was inspired by The Good Girl's Secrets by happilyeverafterfailed. I've been waiting for an update, and I hope the story hasn't been abandoned. It's on my favorites list if you want to read it. Maybe there will be an update if more people review.

My bad boys in my stories are never really bad, so I'm trying to write one who is. Anyway, even though I completely stole the premise from the above mentioned story, I hope it's different enough for both to exist.