Stay there forever, forever and always .
Through the good and the bad and the ugly .
We'll grow old together, and always remember .
Whether rich or for poor or for better .
We'll still love each other, forever and always .

-by Parachute.

Raina walked favorite coffee shop and waved at the shop owner who smiled towards her in return. The smell of freshly baked cinnamon roll and strong coffee invaded her senses as she looked around for an empty table. Sitting on the comfy black chair she placed her bag on the chair next to him. Then, she glanced at her silver watch a present from her fiancé and frowned.

He was late.

A waitress came to her to take her order which she ordered her usual, a plain cinnamon roll and a cup of warm black coffee. Raina thanked the waitress who so kindly brought her the simple cinnamon roll and hot coffee. She sat on the table and waited patiently for her fiancé the savior of her life.

Looking at the swirling liquid Raina smiled to herself as the memory of a distant past came into her mind.

Once again she sat at her favorite coffee shop trying to control her tears as she sipped on to the orange juice she ordered and grimaced. The drink itself was ice cold and the falling snow outside wasn't really helping the situation. Raina stared at the piling snow as the feeling of sadness flood throughout her entire being. Her father had came back drunk that night and started screaming at her mother .

She never understood why her mother could seem so happy staring at the screaming man as she ushered her daughter out of the door. Raina stood outside the door and allowed the fight to unfold . It was the same old story, her father accused her mother of cheating on him and her mother continue to beg him to trust her, that she did no such thing .

Once the screaming stopped the beating started.

It was the same old routine but she could never do a thing except to cry and ran towards the coffee shop to streets behind her house.

She was weak and pathetic, that she could never denied .

" Drink this it will make you feel better " . At that time he had smiled at her and gazed at her with those brilliant blue orbs that makes her felt warm and tingle. She glanced at the black drink and frowned .

The boy chuckled " Hey don't look at it like that its bitter coffee , my favorite " He had winked at her and sat across her before staring at her intensely with a smile . She looked at him suspiciously, while he merely smiled at her and gestured at the drink.

Reluctant she sipped the hot drink and grimaced.

"Wakes you up doesn't it? " The boy stared into her own dull gray eyes and chuckled.

"Why are you doing this ?" At that moment the boy looked uncomfortable as he glanced around avoiding her eyes and sighed.

"You always run into this shop IN the middle of the night looking so sad and broken." He was still looking at the design of the table avoiding her eyes as he continued. "It was thanksgiving the first time I saw you and I just know that if I can I wanted to make you smile ." This time he looked up and gave her a nervous smile.

"Just to say I am no stalker, the name's Julian." He took out his hand for a hand shake as Raina looked at it with hope and pain . In the end she took it and that moment she knew that she will be saved by this sweet boy with the name Julian.

Ever since that day he pestered her every day until she finally had the courage to push both her parents to counseling. In just two-year time her parents got over their differences and were expecting their second child.

She smiled at the though and took out her phone checking for missed calls.

The hour was getting late as her smile faded , he was supposed to be here and if they were an emergency she was sure that he would have called . The nerve was eating her up from the inside while she continued to look at the driveway in a hopeful manner.

He wasn't here.

She waited a little longer, ate the hard cinnamon roll she ordered and drank her black coffee in one gulp. Unable to help herself she glanced at the driveway of the coffee shop but there was no one there. She looked away disappointed and took out her phone once again to call his parents house. His mother Adela had picked up the phone but no one said they have seen him.

She put down the phone with a heavy heart. She looks back to the window thinking of the boy she loved who wasn't here. Where was he?

Suddenly her phone rang she glanced at the screen and saw Julian's name flash across the screen, with a sigh of relieved she picked up her phone. Ready to give her fiancé a good lecture for being two hours late.

"Raina… is Aunty A-Adela." Adela voice was soft and shook with a timber . "Julian h-he " Adela sounded as if she was crying as Raina pressed the phone closer to her ear. " Please just come to S-Saint Cross Hospital n-now." With those word Adela put down the phone leaving Raina in shock .

She paid for the bill with shaking hands and rushed to her car. When she was about to drive away she saw her pale hand shaking as she fluttered her eyelids shut willing herself to calm down . It was probably nothing maybe just a small accident. She held her shaking hands together and tried to find a memory to calm herself down.

Her mind goes back to December.

"Julian?" Raina waved her hand in front of the distracted Julian as he startled awake from his dream land . Julian gave her a nervous smile and grab onto her hand before shaking his head and called the waitress over.

" Can you serve us the desert now? " Julian asked and smiled charmingly at her. The waitress looked at him with sparkling eyes and nodded before glancing at me with a soft smile. I glanced around the restaurant and saw the other customer glancing at our table and giggled among themselves.

That is just plain weird.

"Julian is it just me or is everyone in this restaurant acting weird? " Raina asked and sipped on to her ice lemon tea. Julian laughed nervously and shock his head before releasing her hands and stood up.

Suddenly the lights turned off .

Raina looked around in shock. "Julian ?" She asked Julian but the seat in front of her was empty Julian clapped and suddenly a spotlight lighted on their table.

Three months back she thinks of when he bent down on one knew and smiled so gently towards her that made her heart flutter with love. Then he said in his rough yet gentle tone.

' I want you forever , forever and always through the good and the bad and the ugly
We'll grow old together ' He paused for a moment took out a simple silver band and muttered those words that I wanted to hear so much .

' Forever and always '

Even at this moment she could remember the shining love in his eyes, the tone of his voice that was filled with happiness. She titled her head back on the seating rest and allowed a tear to escape, once again she repeated the mantra. She willed herself to be strong and drive towards the hospital.

He have to be alright .

She pulls up to the entrance of saint cross hospital as the cold air conditioner hit her petite frame. She ignored the chill that ran up her spine and the smell that reminded her of the death and walks right to the front desk. The nurse asked for the name of the patient with a few clicks looked up at Raina with pity in her eyes.

The look made Raina heart stopped for a beat.

The nurse called a doctor that was standing nearby as the lead her down a million halls. A maze that's never-ending. They talked about what happened to Julian the horrible car accident he was in but she can barely hear them all she know is that she have to see he wouldn't leave her all alone in this world. When they reached the door of Julian's room she staggered back.

She could hear the sound of his crying parents and siblings as the nurse rushed into the room and the doctor gave a her one look and walked into the room. She tries to keep a straight face as she walks into the room. His parents looked at Raina and her glassy eyes as they nodded and walked out of the room.

On the bed lay the love of her life, he was wrap in bandages with machines around him supporting his life. She took in a shuddering breathe and sat by his bedside and tucked a piece of his blonde hair behind his ear. Suddenly his eyelids fluttered open and brilliant bright green eyes stared back at her.

A tight smile graced her pale pink lips as she choked in a sob and held on to his hand tightly giving him her best smile.

"Julian, r-remember how you asked me what we are going to name out s-son ? " Raina said trying to control the sobs that were clog in her throat as Julian looked at her with loving yet tired eyes.

"I was thinking i-if it was a b-boy we can name him A-aki it means a-autumn in j-japanese your f-favorite season ! " She exclaimed watching his tired eyes as she continued "I-if it's a girl w-we can n-name her A-aoi you know what that means r-right? " She asked wanted to hear his voice, wanted to know that at this moment he was with her still alive.

" Blue." His voice was so soft that she have to strain to hear him but she nodded at his answer and forced out a chuckle.

"My m-mother would b-be so happy to hear t-these n-names since she is a j-japanese h-herself." Raina felt the tears slip as she covered her mouth to contain the sob for a moment . "D-dad wouldn't m-mind e-either even though he i-is French descendant since h-he is s-so in l-love with my m-mother thanks to y-you." She saw his smile that resemble a smirk and chuckled with tears running down her face.

"I want a house on the h-hillside." Raina said randomly unable to stand the sound of the heartbeat machine that was starting to get softer . Julian looked at her with love and nodded causing her to lay her head on his bedside as wracking sob tore out from her mouth.

"I-I love you." Julian said as she felt him grip her hand back weakly . Then she gets an idea and called in the begged his parents, the nurses and the doctor with tears streaming down her face to bring a chaplain here. All of them had looked at her with bewildered looks.

"Please even if it's not official I want to be his wife. To f-fullfill our promise t-together." When the look of doubt stayed on their faces, Raina looked at the door of Julian's room and got down on both her knees. The doctor gasped, the nurses tried to drag her up as his parents cried harder and muttered a soft yes.

The chaplain came in five minutes the middle-aged man looked at my thankful smile and Julian's broken form as he muttered a soft god bless. I smiled at the chaplain and glanced at Julian's broken form. One of the nurse with fire engine red hair and bright blue eyes came into the room running.

"I borrowed some rings from the couple next door! " Her hair was out-of-place but her smile was bright as she handed me those rings and hugged me tightly and whispered."My name is Melody and I wish you all the happiness in this world." I looked at the nurse and bit on to my lips and muttered a soft thank you.

Everybody was laughing as the tears fall on the floor, she looks into his eyes and she said those words that he said three months ago. Looking into his forest green eyes and smiled as the words poured out from her lips.

"I want you forever, forever and always. Through the good and the bad and the ugly We'll grow old together "She smiled as a single tear slipped from his burning green eyes but she continues." and always remember whether happy or sad or whatever we'll still love each other, forever and always " She ended her speech and held on to his hand as the muttered a single phrase together.

"Forever and always. "

She finishes the vows but the beeps are getting too slow, as he said his vows his voice was almost too low the room fell silent . Raina heard the doctor took in a shuddering breathe and she knew what was going to happen and cried harder. Julian's hand reached for her tears and whipped them away as his hands drop back to the bed with a loud impact.

She grabbed his huge hands into her tiny one's and smiled for she knew he loved to see her smile .The smile that he had helped her to create. It was him that made her smile it was all thanks to him. She loved him more than anything in this world more than herself.

He smiled gently when he saw her smiling face and said. "I love you forever, forever and always Please just remember even if I'm not there I'll always love you, forever and always . "

With a loud scream from Julian's mother and silent sobs from the nurses his hand slipped from her grasp as she fluttered her eyelids shut and held on to the wedding rings that were on her palm.

" Forever and always "

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