For clarification: A chimera is a term used for any creature composed of other creature's parts. A lion-goat-snake thingy is most famous, but this poem will focus on my own original character who is made of who knows how many animals. I just uploaded a cover for this, and I realized the creature looks creepily like Discord from MLP. What the cluck? That was not intended)

A Chimera

If I could go back to that time

To when my good soul was untethered

I would not choose this to be

Anything other than me would be better

You see, an eagle soars high

You see, the lion is always respected

And the dragon is fiery and fierce

And the horse calm, recollected

But when combined, these good beasts

A tragedy does come of the mix

A chimera, a mismatched soul

A messy beast no-one can fix

I would not be this monstrous stew

If I had the chance to decide

Why, O fate, am I doomed

Will I ever knew what I am besides

A frazzled, unlovable thing

I came down from the highest peak

I'm sure that you have heard

A better place, I then did seek

Honest, no harm was intended

But they screamed and they fussed

Those humans, those fools

For violence and death they all lust

And from this serene view I was driven

But what a loud way I did go

Screaming and roaring and screeching

Honestly, it was just for show!

Now the tales they tell to their offspring

How they paint my name with blood

How they tell of this terrible monster

Who devours all below in the wood

Is this what they want me to be, then?

Is this what fate has decreed?

Why must it be the innocent one?

Why must the monster be me?

Inside I am always conflicted

Those humans, if only they knew

How easy their lives of harmony

They do not know how or why I rue

In my heart I am fierce, I am placid

From within I have thunder and song

In my gut I feel bloodlust and passion

And my legs...and my legs are too long!

What is the path of such a creature?

I don't know what to do or be

Am I reptile or equine or avian?

Or am I the only existing me?

Let them shriek and cry in terror

Let them be immersed by conceit

If I am destined to die undecided

Let them have their angry beast

I've waited years to see this day

I've finally found my one skill

I shall not fly or gallop for fate

I am a monster, I will kill