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Hot, Eventful & Naughty

"Please," she whimpered, her chest moving up and down in time with her rapid heartbeats and breaths. "Don't...stop..." She grappled for his shoulders, her nails digging into his skin as she tried to bring him closer to her. He grunted as he pounded into her, the pressure building with every thrust. His hands were on her hips, pulling her closer to him. No matter how hard he thrust himself into her; no matter how close he pulled her to him, he simply couldn't get enough of her; couldn't get close enough to her.

Soon enough, both of them climaxed simultaneously and he collapsed on her. With heavy breaths, he stuttered out, " something's missing." Rolling off her and to his side, he stared at her. "You looked beautiful." She looked away as she blushed.

Not meeting his eyes, she whispered, "I want more." Feeling, rather than seeing his smile, she blushed even further.

"What else do you want to do?"

Smiling a mischievous smile, she said, "Get out of bed. Let's head out."

"What?! At this hour? What do you have in mind?"

"Come on! Let's leave this room," she tugged on his hand but he didn't move. In fact, he was just staring at her breasts. He licked his lips as if he wanted them in his mouth. She blushed even further and tugged on him harder, effectively snapping him out of his haze.

"Wh-wha-what?" he stammered causing her to giggle. He growled, "Where do you want to go?" Gripping his flaccid manhood in his left hand, he said, "I have yet to recover." Despite that, the hunger for her body was evident in his eyes; his pupils were dilated to the point that it almost seemed to her as if he didn't have the white part of his eyeballs. Whatever it is called… retina? Bleh whatever.

"Just come," she winked and tugged on his hand. Finally he relented, picking himself out of the bed, he reached for his jeans. She giggled, "No, silly. Just walk with me in your birthday suit." A frown graced his face as he noticed the inequality. She had draped the thin material of the white bed linen over her body, sari-style. And damn does she look ravenous. He growled even further. He slid his hand across her back to rest at her right hip. Sensing what he wanted to do, she turned to him and tutted, "No baby. That isn't happening. Not now. It is cold." Shrugging, he pulled her even closer to him and licked the underside of her left ear. She giggled and grounded her tight ass on his dick. The blood was slowly but steadily rushing down there. Feeling that, she got out of his grip and ran a few steps ahead from him. She turned back and crooked her finger at him as she winked. She walked out of the bedroom and into the balcony of the suite they were sharing with the other couples, who, from the sounds of it, were already knocked out.

Fucking pansies, he thought. He widened his strides to catch up with her. She had disappeared from his sight and he already missed the view of her tight ass and shoulder-length hair. The view he was rewarded when he entered the balcony was enough to make him feel lightheaded due to the fast rate at which what felt like all the blood in his body was rushing to the appendage at his pelvis.

She was hunched over the railing of the balcony as if she was just looking over the highway below. The railing was low and this caused the jutting out of her butt – the same butt that was now wrapped so tightly in the bed linen that it looked like any widening of her hips would tear the cloth – behind her. She had now arranged the cloth over her body in such a way that everything under the curve of her ass was exposed to him. From where he stood, he could see the swell of her breasts and the crest of her hard nipples. Hearing the intake of breath, she turn her head and looked at him. This caused her spine to twist, bringing her left breast and only the swell of the right breast to his unobstructed view. Her right hand was between her thighs, rubbing lazily at her labia. His breaths came in faster.

Smirking slightly, she flirted, "Like what you see?" She then slowly raked her eyes down his body – from the pout of his lips to the hard planes of his abdomen and then to the steel rod at his crotch. She rested her gaze there for a while and rubbed herself harder, throwing in a sexy moan while arching her back. She never let her gaze wonder from the steel rod of his dick as she did that. She was rewarded when she saw the appendage swelling further and his knees quivering. Satisfied with what she saw, she moved her gaze lower; down his right leg to his feet – his sexy feet. She didn't understand why she found them sexy but just looking at them turned her on. As horny as she already was, she got moister between her legs. Beads of sweat trickled sensuously down her cleavage. Following the path of those tiny droplets was his lusty gaze. He licked his lips as if wanting to follow the trail of sweat with his own tongue.

With husky voice evidently filled with desire, he commanded, "Come here." She snapped her gaze to his, the corner of her mouth tilted a little upwards and she shook her head no. Bringing her right hand to her mouth, she slowly sucked on her index finger, releasing it with a 'pop' sound.

"You, come here," she breathed and continued by sucking on her middle finger. Here, she spent a long time, knowing that he found her middle finger a turn on. Just like she predicted, when she was in the process of sliding the middle finger out of her mouth, he rushed up to her and grabbed her hair, effectively causing the finger to slide back in her mouth. Pressing her to the railing of the balcony with his bulge against the cloth above her core, he forced her to suck on her middle finger and his at the same time.

"Bitch, you look so sexy and so hot, I just want to fuck you senseless here," he growled in her ear.

She shivered visibly and replied, eyes locking with his, "I'm not stopping you." She then proceeded to trail her wet fingers down his Adam's apple and to his left nipple, where she circled it with the pad of her middle finger. Ever so often, she would pinch his nipple and moan at the same time. It was driving him crazy. He slid his right thigh between the both of hers. It was a tight fit. She felt the fabric straining against her hips. She loved the tightness and she could see that he loved it too. He kissed his way down her jaw and to her neck, where he peppered her skin with bites of various degrees. All of them stung her skin but he licked them and sucked on them, especially the hollow at her collarbone. It felt amazing. Her knees were buckling with pleasure.

"God, I love foreplay," she moaned, tilting her neck bad and arching her back, pressing her crotch closer to his. At her announcement, he moved his right hand from the outside of her left thigh to the inside of it. He walked his fingers up her thigh to her dripping core and smirked against her skin. Her hands, which were trailing down his hips to his dick, halted suddenly when his fingers dipped into her. She screamed out a moan and dug her nails painfully into his skin, scarily close to his dick.

"You'd better not claw at my cock or I will…" He bit into the swell of her right breast, garnering another scream out of her. He finger-fucked her hard, each thrust bringing her closer and closer to the paradise Bruno Mars was referring to in his song. When she crested, he swallowed her moans with a fervent kiss to her mouth. The left hand that was at her hip, gripped the bed linen tightly, trying to rip it off her but in wouldn't budge.

Coming out of her orgasm-induced haze, she laughed softly, "That ain't gonna work, big boy." This elicited a growl from him. She grabbed his dick, pulling him even closer to her and pushed it under the sheet to her core. His swollen tip entered her. Barely. Letting go of him, she curled her arms around the railing under her, pushing her chest further into his face.

Looking at him from under the mess of hair that was whipping in front of her face due to the breeze, she challenged him, "Fuck. Me. And fuck me hard like a man." She emphasised by shoving her hips upwards towards his crotch. The aggressive action shoved his dick further into her folds. To accommodate him, she had to widen the gap between her thighs but the cloth restricted them both. Nonetheless, the friction that the both of them experienced was a major turn on. In the quietness of their surroundings, only the occasional traffic, their loud breathing and the slapping of their skin against each other could be heard. The thrill of getting caught, just drove them crazier.

Within a few thrusts, he was already shooting his hot juices inside her. He grunted against her left breast – the same breast that was filling his mouth just seconds ago. Right before, he finished releasing his come into her, the walls of her pussy clamped down on him. They were milking him like he imagined milk maids milking cows for their milk. This drew out his orgasm for a long time.

They were spent by the time both of them were finished. They almost didn't make it back to the room because of how drained they felt. Stumbling into their room, they collapsed on the bed immediately. He tried stripping the makeshift sari off her but he had no energy to do so. She had pulled his head down to her chest and draped her right leg over his left thigh, hugging him like a bolster.

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Word Count: 1736 words

Author's Note: Just in case you were wondering, I was referring to Bruno Mar's Locked Out of Heaven up there.

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