With long arms to wrap around me, his hand holding mine

Pull me closer with those eyes and shield me from the chill

I'll keep you warm, till you see what I desire. Fires burning

Let me devour that shivering smile, kissing every spot until

You know me and I you, all the personal explicit fantasies

All my secret thoughts and dreams, only whispered to you

No autumn day shall chill you, nor shall winter wind break

This time together, it's so fragile. But still nothing I can do

Let this moment never end, please. Just hold me closer still

I want to hear your heartbeat, feel your breath on my skin

That warmth and light you bring, so better than my dream

This must be real, it has to be! Maybe it's a fantasy I'm in

And all the lust and love I see, maybe there is nothing here

Maybe I am still alone, forever watching as you disappear