I am about to say something about Disney Princess Syndrome that will seem radical. You may be offended and please note I am not writing this to offend. I merely desire to express my opinion. If its wrong PM me.

Let your daughter watch the stupid princess movie. Let her dress as a princess and let her play pretend. Just explain to your daughter whats wrong with the stupid movie. Most kids will understand its pretend anyway.

When I was a kid I LOVED Snow White. I had dress up clothes that looked like hers.

I was girly. I watched almost every princess movie by the time I was 10.

And I have no issues with body image. None. Zilch.

Because my parents assured me I was beautiful no matter what I looked like.

And kids who have never watched TV before in their life have eating disorders.

By the way why isn't there a 'Disney Prince Syndrome'? Don't the princes give unrealistic expectations to boys?

Is the Disney Princess Syndrome Sexist?